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UN to warn member nations on risk of 'Flame' virus
Published: 30.05.12, 10:02
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1. Snicker
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.12)
"So far, the Kaspersky Lab team has not turned up the original data-wiping virus that they were seeking ...." Yeah, well, don't bother. By the time you found it, it had mutated into something much more lethal. But I caution everyone -- the only targets are the enemies of the State of Israel. The malware lies dormant and harmless until it is activated. Don't antagonize Israel, and it won't be activated. See? Isn't that simple? You've been warned. I assure you that the threat that Iran presents surpasses merely its loud-mouthed rhetoric and sturm und drang visited upon Israel. Iran is the greatest threat to civilization that has ever reared its ugly head. Iran is a rabid dog, and deserves to be put down. Israel is attempting to do this in as benign a manner as can possibly exist. If that doesn't work, we'll go tough. Count on it. But please do remember that Israel tried the most civilized way first.
2. The passuk stated
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (05.30.12)
that Hashem will fight for you. All I can say is Bless Hashem but the blind leaders "of the Middle East" do not have the ability to realize from where this "virus" is coming to them. Ahmadenijad, you idiot, keep up the work and, by attacking Israel, you are only inviting the wrath of Hashem and keep in mind that Egypt suffered 10 plagues; so there is more to come. Just like a Jewish singer said "It only just began"!!!
3. still proud of it?
Albrecht   (05.30.12)
4. The Eleventh Plague is the Virus ....Just like in Bible
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.12)
5. To #1
You can't be an attorney, your comments on this site are too dumb. Otherwise, everyone could be an attorney.
6. virus
larry ,   kibbutz Israel   (05.30.12)
Hey why doesnt the world appreciate all the great time and effort that we put into it?
7. no 5 - re Sarah
jj   (05.30.12)
Careful there. Sarah is an elite lawyer with a crack team of attorneys at her beck and call who is ready to wage war over teh interwebz on anyone who defames her! hahaha hey sarah, how is your litigation against those "identity thieves" going? hahahaha. let me guess: you dont discuss ongoing litigation? by the way, number 5; you can tell from her comments that she has a very detailed and realistic understanding of how computers work :-)
8. #1 You are obviously misguided as....
Robert ,   Australia   (05.30.12)
.....there have been more than a hundred instances of this virus affecting machines in Israel. (hastily deleted by ynet on this site yesterday). These tools should only be used by grown-ups. Be careful when you toss your nuclear tools around lest you destroy yourselves.
9. United Nazis
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (05.30.12)
Do you have better things to do that keep punching on the Jewish people? The Jewish people are more important than the virus in the persian entity computers that focus in the annihilation of the Jewish people. Some time I want how this u. n. is lasting more than her mother League of Nations failing 1000 times more than it. Please turn 180 degree and control the entity of ayatollahs better than warning them. Be more useful for the humanity than for the petro dollar
10. Ever been to an Iranian factory?
Steve from Raleigh   (05.30.12)
How could they tell anything was broken?
11. contradiction?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.30.12)
"So far, the Kaspersky Lab team has not turned up the original data-wiping virus that they were seeking and the Iranian government has not provided Kaspersky a sample of that software, Obiso said." so what all is kaspersky discussing in this article, something they haven't seen?
12. #5 and friends.If U could only write like Sarah B!. JEALOUS!
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.12)
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