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Iran's Ahmadinejad 'not afraid' of Israeli strike
Dudi Cohen, Reuters
Published: 30.05.12, 21:51
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1. So the little bearded monkey Grunts Out of The Side
Of his neck, if he's Not Afraid Of Israel DESTROYING iran's Secret military Nuclear program he was caught cleaning The Hudda out of his pants? As for addressing The nuclear Farce of negotiations Everyone Knows iran Can't be trusted as far as I can throw planet earth. If the world knows Israel is the problem, why then has Most of the civilized World has Sanctioned You The Pariah, Despot, self Isolated Illegal iranian regime. I think you have been hanging around Uranium Fumes Too much it's effecting your thought process. And Last but not least How Are You gonna PUNISH the iranian Terrorists and hizbullah Terrorists YOU SENT TO syria to Murder Unarmed syrian's Women and Children. And in the same breath Condemning the death's by supplying the Murder's? But Knowing You lie to further your cause This is Not Suprising?
2. Iran's duplicity
Yosef Y. MSc' ,   USA   (05.30.12)
...Watch the odious "Pres" A-jad spew some more ill disguised murderous rhetoric. It is either a rapid change of their fanatical regime now, or risking millions of casualties and Iran reverting back to stone age in a nuclear exchange.
3. what to do with Iran
Simon ,   Chatsworth, USA   (05.31.12)
Israel must do everything it can, fighting for sanctions, launching computer viruses (short of attacking militarily) to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. A conventional attack will not stop Iran’s ambitions and may prove very costly. But if/when Iran does obtain the bomb Israel must immediately move to detonate that bomb right in its place. Iran must be made to know that nuclear bombs they develop will only destroy their own country.
4. Maybe Iran is not as weak as Israelis think it is
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (05.31.12)
While Ahmadinejad causes many people to ignore him, have you ever stopped to think that there just might be a lot of truth behind his flowery language? Could it be that Iran really has the ability to both severely cripple any attack and make devastating retaliation? Israelis are much too quick to believe their own hype about Israel and too quick to declare all the rest of the world to be ignorant peasants.
5. Conclusive proof of Iranian ignorance.
Stephen in New York   (05.31.12)
Ignorance is dangerous.
6. the final chapter
howard banks ,   boca raton/usa   (05.31.12)
the doomsday clock.has only a little time left.all sides must give in to each other,before the planet is destroyed.and earth will become a ball of fire in space.
7. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.12)
Well, since Israel largely controls all of Iran's key computer networks (including the military ones which are responsible for both launching missiles and defending against a missile strike), I would say that you grossly overestimate Iran's capabilities. Besides, like all tyrannical regimes, Iran fears a military coup, and does not entrust top of the line equipment (which, being Russian-made, isn't all that good to begin with) to its standing forces. Only the Revolutionary Guard gets to play with those toys. And the Revolutionary Guard is too busy putting down internal protests and, most recently, embroiled in Syria, killing innocent civilians. Our ability isn't "hype." If we feel we must, we WILL play the nuclear card. Do you understand?
8. #7
Corv ,   Planet Earth   (06.01.12)
So why doesn't Israel launch all of Iran's missiles at their own nuke sites??? If Iran and Co are such easy targets why hasn't the job been done yet?
9. #7 - Sarah do you have any clue about what will happen
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (06.01.12)
to you, personally, if anyone on earth plays the "nuclear card?" I very much doubt it, Otherwise you would not be so casual about throwing nukes. If ANYONE throws a nuke in the ME, your precious Israel will be gone in a flash along with half the Jews on earth, then if a sufficiently small number of nukes go off, you and the rest of the people in the northern hemisphere will die from (take your pick), radiation poisoning, starvation, freezing (from nuclear winter). At best there may be a few thousand people left on earth after all is done. Nukes are ONLY good for one thing - committing suicide. In a nuclear war, EVERYONE loses.
10. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN...............#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.02.12)
Insisting that Sarah lives in her own dream world.No one seems to be paying attention,unfortunately.She insists on things that even the highest militar personnel in the Israel army believe contrary to her statements.This has been her stories for the last six years or so.
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