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Iran: Military intervention in Syria will 'engulf' Israel
Dudi Cohen
Published: 30.05.12, 23:48
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1. To larishaid
Aipac ,   USA   (05.30.12)
The only smoke I see is above the cars of his nuclear "scientists" The iranian nazi regime will dissapear from the pages of times when one morning the ayatolalhs will a wake having all their precious billions invested in nukes transformed in rubble..
2. Russia
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.30.12)
Remove Russia from the Security Council. It was the Soviet Union that was given permanent member status; the Soviet Union is no longer. What claim does Russia have to a permanent seat on the Security Council? Russia is just another failed Third World country with runaway debt and mounting internal discord.
3. Keep on dreaming, A-hole!
Zoe ,   Los Angeles   (05.30.12)
4. Ari Larinjari
Birdi ,   Israel   (05.31.12)
Talking is very cheap.
5. the Flames just envelopped your country
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (05.31.12)
6. Are you sure these people invented chess!?
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.31.12)
7. BS is so cheap these days, iran is giving it away for free.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.31.12)
8. Lights, Camera, Action
HumbleAmerican ,   Mytown, USA   (05.31.12)
Lights are on, cameras are set, just waiting on the action. The stage is set, who will throw the first punch? The coming war will be like none the world has ever seen. The Messiah will have his work cut out for him.
9. BEFORE you dismiss Larijani, THINK a moment
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (05.31.12)
While the way he phrases it, is strange, the basic idea behind his comments is VERY VALID. When Syria is attacked by the US and EU, the country will explode and many of the forces that Assad has kept in check will be unleashed. The hard reality that few in the west seem to understand is that Assad is the LEAST WORSE option for Israel and the west. Everyone that might replace him is much, much worse and all will embrace Iran. The actions of Israel and the US over the last 50 years have ensured that all of the Muslim world is angry with both. Even "moderates" in all the states in the ME hate the US.
10.  Talks have clearly failed
Jonah A   (05.31.12)
Talks have clearly failed ! Obama & Ashton are fooling Israel by delaying tactics. The rest of the powers wanted to give Iran a watered down deal. Americans know Netanyahu will never accept this and want to prolong the talks & kick the can down the road as usual. Talks are finished, time for action is here. Netanyahu & Barak...attack now !
11. Big loss for Iran
EZ   (05.31.12)
When Assad goes it's a big loss for Iran. No difference for Israel. Either Sunni MB or Shia/Iran/Hezbollah - they all want Israel eradicated. So no difference. Any Israelis still want to give the Golan away????
12. More LIes
The Bald Scotsman ,   NY,USA   (05.31.12)
Nothing has changed. The Arabs lie, then they believe their lies. The longer the lying continues, the safer Israel will be. Baruch Hashem.
13. Hollande's Great Courage
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.31.12)
Wow...the great French president issues a daring declaration: "Military intervention in Syria) was not ruled out provided it was backed by the Security Council." Takes a lot of guts to go out on such a dangerous limb. Oh, I almost forgot...Russia and China will veto any talk of intervention in their client state Syria. So lily-livered Socialists like Hollande now can strut their courage under the cover of a sure SC veto. Such bravery! French to the core!
14. Never Again !
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (05.31.12)
I hope that Iranian Parliament Speaker Mr Ali Larijani is aware that Israel is preparing for ALL contingencies following the "Arab Spring' , the coming 'Arab winter' and now the Syrian swamp. Israel is small like David , easily damaged by a Goliath. Unlike David, Israel has the means to defend itself, fearsome weapons that will be used ...given no alternative. Never Again ! moshe
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (05.31.12)
Israel must cease considering what Iran will do, even if they will try the expected sadaam Hussein skuds trick. This is a fear tactic of the lowest order and hot air. Israel has no choice but to act no what the cost.
16. to sarah b
Josh ,   Atlanta   (05.31.12)
Sounds great, but they still have nukes. They are a permanent member of the security council. UN is a waste of money anyway.
17. Just read this gentleman, Ali Larijani, and famous quote
leo ,   usa   (05.31.12)
from Godfather came to mind when I think about Israel's reaction: === But I'm a supersticious man. And if some unluck accident should befall him, if he should be shot in the head by a police officer, or if should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he's struck by a bolt of lightning... *then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room*... and that, I do not forgive.
18. larijani Is Just Another Mouth Piece
For the illegal isslimic regime Spewing More Threats, what about your arab/bedouin brethren aka pali's? They also Live in ISRAEL. there is No way You Can Predict The Outcome Of Military Action Against the butcherof syria From Continued Killing of Women and Children Which Murdered At The Hands of persian Terrorists and hizbullah Terrorists. So you iranians and russian's Can Supply bashar The Means To Murder syrian's But if the West and Sunni arabs help That a No No? HYPOCITES, EVIL sub-humans You are. This is the reason iran Is Never Allowed To Continue On The Path you wish to presue!!!!!!!!
19. Iran fights very good with its mouth. Blablabla!
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.31.12)
20. @Sarah B.
Gal R ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (05.31.12)
Sarah, I agree that Russia may not have our best interests regarding this issue ( or others) , but calling Russia a failing third-world country is just pure ignorance. I've been to Moscow few times and believe me , not a third-world country. Actually it's an amazing country and very developed. Have your opinion, but check your facts.
21. So much bluster in the comments.
Li ,   USA   (05.31.12)
It's tragic to watch this developing. So many Israelis utterly blind to what is in front of them. Like a person falls out of an airplane without a parachute, but finds a candy in his pocket and smiles.
22. Nuke Iran!
Father Abe   (05.31.12)
23. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.12)
So you think it is perfectly acceptable for Iran to send its military forces to Syria, but no one else should. Even to save Syrian civilians, who are being slaughtered en masse on a daily basis. You really are a poster child for "woefully ignorant," aren't you?
24. Lots of Americans beating the drums of war I see
Magpie 101   (05.31.12)
I suppose it is easier to be a warmonger when you are going to be knowhere ner the action when the balloon goes up
25. Caution to all bloggers!
Children of Cyrus   (05.31.12)
Please refer your comments and disgust at the Islamic Republic and not Iran, Iranians, Persia or Persians. These people are not genuine Persians. They are a bunch of theives, thugs and hooligans who under the cover of religion are destroying Persia and Persian culture and trying to replace it by some twisted version of Islam and Arabic culture. They are the leftovers of Arab Invasion of Persian Empire in the seventh century. The true Persians have made many contributions to human advancement throughout the ages based of Zarathustra's teachings of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds (The Persian Holy Trinity).
26. I guess Larijani hasn't read Isaiah 17:1!
Taz Man ,   USA   (05.31.12)
God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem!
27. #25. We have no hatred of Iranians
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.31.12)
Just the vile regime whose very lifeblood is hatred, terrorism, lies, violence, racsim and intolerance and who live by it in the pathetic belief that this UNIFIES the people of Iran!
28. Will Iran go to War for Syria ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.31.12)
I Quote - Iran: Military intervention in Syria will 'engulf' Israel Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says 'ash rising from flames' of crisis caused by any military campaign against Assad 'would definitely envelop Zionist regime' Comment - If Ali Larijani Believes this and Knows this, Then has Iran already taken this desission , togheter with Her Dogs ?. Arn.Sweden
29. #28 Arn., Sweden
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.31.12)
Not even Ahmadinutjob and his Mad Mullahs are stupid enough to attack Israel.
30. Nr 29.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.31.12)
Iran has closer targets than that, wait and see. Iran dont as yet have the capasity to take Israel on by itself, but Iran is working on it. Arn.Sweden.
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