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Syria: Anti-gov't groups committed Houla massacre
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Published: 01.06.12, 00:51
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1. Oh they can protest all they want!!!!
Arash ,   Tehran-Iran   (05.31.12)
But the truth is that syria will always remain a faithful ally to us and nothing can and will change that...period... In the long run..we are ready to make all kinds of sacrifices, to achieve that precious goal.
2. #1 Your precious goal, Arash....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.31.12)
is to meet your Israel's expense. Sincerely, Israel is not your problem..your apocalyptical attitude is.
3. What A Pity!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (06.01.12)
Between the Supreme Liar, Mighty Mouth Ahmadinejad and The Mad Mullahs, nobody believes a single word the Iranian regime says. These theocratic thugs are no better than Assad and would murder every last Iranian in order to maintain its illegal grip on power. As if you din't know this already. Go look up the meaning of democracy and hope that you have one some day.
4. #1 - you can have them
William ,   Israel   (06.01.12)
In your little party of Syria, Lebanon, and yourselves, Iran, the Shiite crescent is pretty-much being subdued. No one really sees value in Syria, except those who love the State more than the govt, but Hizbullah and IRG are working with Assad to "take care" of those people. If your "sacrifice" is to reign terror on the civilian population in Syria, just as you have done in other parts of the world, then Mission Accomplished!
5. UNHRC is "considering" investigating the incident
William ,   Israel   (06.01.12)
After a massacre of 108 innocents using Syrian tanks, as observed by many people on the ground include the UN, the UNHRC is only "considering" investigating the incident. However, when Israel went into Gaza to combat massive war crimes in the form of rockets on its civilian population, the UNHRC couldn't act fast enough to launch a condemnation and investigation, as the first terrorist from Hamas was killed. Racist politics play a big role at the UN, and the biggest losers are now the Syrian civilians, who too have wondered why everyone is so silent during their slaughter.
6. So If The u.s. Dismisses syrian
Dictators claims, why would they ever believe persian arabs About Secret Military Nuclear Program?
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