Soldier killed in Gaza clash; IDF takes out Jihad terrorist
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.06.12, 12:34
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1. They should know: playing with fire begets fire, and death!!
Anat, Haderah Israel   (06.01.12)
2. He wanted to die, he got his wish, too bad he caused so
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.01.12)
much trouble for everyone else when he could have just never been born of terrorist parents.
3. The Palestinians are our peace partners
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.01.12)
Aren't they? Maybe it's high time for the PM to declare he'll make peace with Abbas in the west bank and it's time to forget about a deal with Gaza.
4. I don't know what the Golani force's purpose is
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (06.01.12)
How come it was dispatched all the way down to the Gaza border? Is it a special response taskforce or something?
5. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.12)
Why don't you just look things up for yourself, Henry?
6. Thank you Ynet for not posting my previous comment
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.01.12)
I must have been so tired that I didn't see the part about the Israeli soldier being killed. So my tears of joy, have once again reverted to be tears of sadness.
7. IDF killing
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.01.12)
Thos who advocated pulling out of Gaza are responsible for all the Israeli deaths that result there along with the failure of Cast Lead - a job not even half done and just to appease the UN and Israel's so called "friends"
8. Henry #4
Arlene ,   ISRAEL   (06.01.12)
If you are currently in Israel, can I suggest a trip to Golani Junction...there is the Golani museum and a very interesting site. You will get all the info, a movie about the history of the brigade and hopefully have an enjoyable day. Golani Sheli...My Golani and Golani go everywhere they are needed, they also have elite units for those special ops! The brown berets fought usually in the north but today north goes south, south goes north. Just happy they dont go further as US troops.
9. Our heartfelt condonlences to the family of this
Arlene ,   ISRAEL   (06.01.12)
brave fallen son, and the peoples gratitude for what he did to keep us and our civilians safe. May they know only peace, our tears and hearts are with you, the family and with the unit who has also lost a family member.
10. Losing Score; 1-1
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.01.12)
By a simple remind of a chess board, if a side has one pawn more than opposite side, by exchanging each and every figure on board he will win! So 1-1 is a losing score as Arabs has more than 600 million Arab to exchange for!
11. Condolences to the family
Esteban ,   Argentina Suiza   (06.01.12)
This brave soldier gave his life for the sake of the Jewish People. God bless him, a true hero.
12. May G.OD bless the soldiers
JM   (06.01.12)
Surely we want to share the sorrow of this soldier's parents; I myself have a soldier serving already 4 years in the army (Tzahal). May G.OD bless him and receive his soul; may HE fill the parents hearts with HIS peace surpassing human understand. Much love to the parents, your son is every mother's son in Israel and our hearts are with you.
13. Gaza Clash - Number 10 Tayfun
Adam ,   London   (06.01.12)
Do you have to study to be such an ignoramus Tayfun or does it come naturally ? Good job there are many sensible Turks as well.
14. Thank you Tayfun for exposing the moslem genocidal thinking
Tom ,   Prague, Czech   (06.01.12)
But don't worry, as long as the losers are trying, Israel seems to flourish. Keep dreaming. What was the last war moslems won? Hahahaha....
15. The life of 1 soldier is worth more than a million terrorist
zionist forever   (06.01.12)
The body of this terrorist should be dumped out at sea and that should be new policy for all terrosists. You won't get to go to paradise with your virgins because we will coat your body in pig blood so it is unclean keeping you out of paradise and we will leave you to give the sharks indigestion so your family & terrorist palls will have no grave to come visit. Maybe if they think they will end up as shark bait who isn't clean enough to get into paradise it might make some of them think twice.
16. Condolences, peace and strength
Devorah   (06.01.12)
His family, friends and Golani comrades are in my prayers. Tears mixed with pride for this brave soldier.
17. #4 Surelyyou are not that ignorant?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.01.12)
Soldiers serve where they are needed. Soldiers from the north serve in the south and viceversa. If you only serve in your own back yard, why are US forces serving and being killed in Afghanistan? At least our soldiers defend our country where NATO forces are propping up a dubious regime will will got back to the Taliban in 2014.
18. ENOUGH already !
2Mad ,   צרפת   (06.01.12)
For each drop of Israeli blood ground one of their leader's head. Suddenly they'll get motivation to discipline their herd - as opposed to current situation where, by inciting violence, they have everything to win and nothing to lose.
19. re: losing score
Mark Wiseman ,   Detroit USA   (06.01.12)
That's where Israeli nuclear weapons come in. Check mate!
20. Israeli hero -IDF Medic Nathaniel Moshasoili
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (06.01.12)
Heartfelt condolences to the Moshasoli family-IDF-Israel. The UN Peacekeeping force in Sinai has documented the multiple arsenals going into Gaza- Hamas,Islamic Jihad,PLFP et al in Gaza wage terror attacks on Israel and the bigoted report- IDF soldier killed a Palestinian. (no mention of IDF Medic being killed) Send IDF Medic Nathaniel Moshasoili's picture to every single news outlet and demand a correction. In the battle of words- a pictue is worth a thousand words.
21. Very sad.
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.01.12)
My condolences to the Moshasoili family & to the Golani unit.
22. #4, there is a security emergency in the south
JW ,   Israel   (06.01.12)
Due to the "revolution" in Egypt and Sinai being completely out of control. The Golani have been dispatched to deal with the aftermath of the terror attack in South on the road to Eilat. Furthermore, the situation in Gaza is getting more dangerous by the day. With the next round looming on the horizon the gloves will be coming off. Obama is very weak right now, Israel has a strong military, and public patience here is wearing thin.
23. The numerical deficit is........
Gideon Reader   (06.01.12)
....999. The number of terrorits whose lives are forfeit for each act whicch causes the loss of life of one Israeli. I believe that a 1000 to one is the start of a reasonable heshbon. any additional strong activity that may follow is pudding after the meal.
24. This is a truce? This is a reminder that there are monsters
Avi   (06.01.12)
Monsters that daily announce their goal is to genocide us and destroy our state. Why do we give those monsters the aid and electricity that builds rockets and legitimately to murder us? Every rocket thrown at us was carved in a factory in Gaza powered by Israeli electricity. This is beyond absurd!
25. Staff-Sergeant Netanel Moshiashvili ZAL
26. May Hashem bless his soul.
Zev ,   USA   (06.01.12)
And may Israel be strengthened even more.
27. Zecher tzaddik liv'ra'cha. Rest in Shalome brother, friend
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (06.01.12)
son, hero.... If Feiglin was in charge Im curious how he would respond to such terrorists. a symbolic salvo by barak is pathetic.
28. Georgian?
leo ,   usa   (06.01.12)
29. shut off electricity to gaza for a week
Real vision ,   usa   (06.01.12)
and electrify the fence...Maybe a double fence is needed
30. Fortunately, he was under 26 years of age.
Rivkah   (06.01.12)
If you add up the numerical value of the letters of YHVH's name, yod-he-vau-he, you will find it adds up to 26, the age of accountability. At the end of the age of 25, anciently in Scriptures, a man could become a Priest. At age 20, a man could become a soldier. So those who die before the age of 26 will resurrect to live during the Millenium, the first thousand years of the Jewish Messiah's reign on Earth. They will have a chance to choose HaShem or to reject him during that time since their lives were cut short before the age of accountability. Woe to those who die at age 26 and older who do not know HaShem.
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