Probe: Why wasn't terrorist spotted?
Yoav Zitun
Published: 01.06.12, 20:30
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ARNE ,   CHICAGO USA   (06.01.12)
2. That's what happens when you refuse to defend yourself
Gelernter   (06.01.12)
All the pussying-wussying around, all the losers like Ehud Barak, serial deliberate war loser, not attacking when attacks are necessary, lead to only one thing - encouraging the enemy.
3. Maybe the terrorists are being trained in Iran.
Rio Largo ,   New York   (06.01.12)
4. Because Israel has a defenseless minister
Rachel ,   US   (06.01.12)
who is more concerned with evicting Jews than protecting Israel.
5. Why didn't the coward min of defense
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.01.12)
order the I.A.F. to bomb the terrorist's village without warning the slime living there?
6. Who killed him?
David ,   London   (06.01.12)
We need real and transparent investigations as there are reports saying this poor man was killed by IDF when tried to be kidnapped, and this was the order of the seniors, as instructed before to prevent swaps in the future. If this is true then we are heading down and down, and loosing our humanity and manners. Please ynet publish
7. Babbling IDF officers will soon begin to give advices to ter
ab   (06.01.12)
rorists how to avoid Israeli surveillance equipment.
8. fog was the key.
Dov ,   USa   (06.01.12)
9. haval al ahi. Golani shelunu
Dov ,   USA   (06.01.12)
10. Because Sarah B. thought he was one of ours.
ssshhh   (06.02.12)
11. Give Barak his walking papers
Reuven   (06.02.12)
Tell him not to slam the door on his way out.
Roland ,   Singapore   (06.02.12)
Since the borders are porous, more precautions need to be in place to frustrate infiltrators. Setting up booby traps is one of them - maiming without killing them.
13. It was NO terrorist...It was a freedom fighter...
Mark Wilson ,   U.S.A.   (06.02.12)
14. #4 Rachel
Avi ,   Israel   (06.02.12)
What do you know about evicting Jews from thousands of miles away? Do us a favor and shut the F up...
15. because IDF radars, cameras aren't as good as hasbarah tools
observer ,   Egypt   (06.02.12)
16. To #1 they cannot if did not leeave gaza yet
Far had ,   Shiraz Iran   (06.02.12)
They want to take it back it is part of a game they gave to Hamas just to start a civil war among palestinian
17. Killing two ham-ass leaders would send a message but pussy
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.02.12)
barak doesn't have the balls to defend Israel. When was it he decided he loved the arabs more than the JEWS?
18. when u hand over the terrorist's body, are you...
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.02.12)
are you going to give him a medal? you might as well. after all, you're going to do the stupid thing and give the carcass to the enemy, right? and, for what? for nothing.
19. do you always have to pay such price to learn?
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.02.12)
what excuse can there be for the clowns who failed to follow up on the alarm at the fence? now. now. now, you're going to take these alarms seriously! a good man did not have to die to learn this lesson! wake up! DON'T BE STUPID!
20. Huh??
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.02.12)
''The attacker who ambushed the troops.....'' One terrorist ambushed the troops???? Good grief, were the troops asleep?
21. David London #6
MR   (06.02.12)
Lowest of all. Garbage.
22. Tokyo Rose 'David' #6
Frankie Littlehammer ,   New Herstal, Texas   (06.02.12)
#6 'David' of London is a Tokyo Rose of the Palestinians, spreading malicious rumors and trying to put Israel and the Israeli leadership and army in a bad light. His real name is most likely from the Muslim pantheon. It's a pity the PA spends so much money on negative things. How about trying to build a state?
23. The three stooges of Israeli political life and death
Al   (06.02.12)
Netanyau..useless PR man with nothing but his own personel concern. Barak..blowheart whishy washy nothing. Gantz..a shwantz who was nothing but a' yes man to Sharon and his manical withdrawl from Gaza. Hows that Gaza withdrawl working out for ya all?
24. fog may hinder optical detection, but enhances radar one
observer ,   Egypt   (06.02.12)
25. TO Avi # 14
David ,   On this planet   (06.02.12)
Rachel knows more than you ever dreamed .Why don't you use some soap to clean up your filthy mouth to begin with, and than grow up, you sound like a teenager with a bad attitude
26. #14
Malone ,   Hfx   (06.02.12)
Off your meds again are you Avi?
27. #22
How about building a state?? Because Isreal STOPS the Pals from building a state. Israel wants to cleanse the West Bank and Gaza of all non jews, save for a few to to menial tasks that jews won't /can't do. If the Pals built anything, the IDF would just bomb it. That is why I think and am the way I am. Call me an anti-semite, and I love it.
28. #6 pathetic
Jake   (06.02.12)
Did you even bother to read the article, in particular the last paragraph, before spouting off such garbage? Nothing I have seen in the reporting on other new sites gives any credence to your claims. But I knew it wouldn't be long before some troll blamed Israel.
29. #24, Radars didn't help you much
Jake   (06.02.12)
on that foggy morning in 1967.
30. #27 Reality looks different.
Jake   (06.02.12)
Israel is 20% Arab and 5% other non-Jews. Gaza strip, PA areas of the 'West Bank', and Jordan are all Judenrein.
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