Sudanese man assaulted in Tel Aviv
Eli Senyor
Published: 02.06.12, 12:30
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1. It will get worse
grod ,   USA   (06.02.12)
If the government won't remove them, the citizens will & it will continue to get worse.
2. Hurled an egg, huh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.12)
Perfectly dreadful. Good thing he wasn't in Ramallah. Then it would have been a rock. Keep that in mind, if you will.
3. hmm
anton ,   istanbul   (06.02.12)
typical middle eastern country :)
4. grotesque behavior
Steve ,   USA   (06.02.12)
Only a racist pig would condone the beating of an innocent!
5. SAD! Send them back to their countries.
INDIAN ,   USA   (06.02.12)
It is very sad to see that some Israelis are beating up on the illegals. The Israeli government should not have allowed them in in the first place. Now they should send them back, but TREAT THEM WELL AND RESPECTFULLY when doing so.
6. deport them
alsky ,   toronto   (06.02.12)
its only a matter of time before this situattion gets worse. The Africans cross the line when they commit crimes.
7. Nothing unexpected ,...
split ,   US   (06.02.12)
My neighbor's grandmother told me once, give them a little of power a sense of impunity and they 'll show you their real face - Gosh was she right ,...
8. Violence is not acceptable, deportation is.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (06.02.12)
There can be no excuse for violence, either by the illegal or legal residents of Israel. ( or for any other place on earth, although, it is a reality ) After the media reports of rape, robbery by the illegal aliens, the community responds by violent attacks, wouldn't deportation be preferable? How many people are waiting for the legal entry into Israel? How many muslims can Israel absorb and not remain a Jewish Homeland?
9. They MUST GO NOW! But behavior like this .
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.02.12)
Is reminiscent of how Jews were treated by the Nazis and how many in Europe, Russia and the USA feel about Jews in their countries. They might be black. They are not Jews. They are here illegally. However, they are people and what some people, like MKs Miri Regev, Danny Danon and Ben Ari, are saying is nothing but hatred and racism and I hope they will remember when the same insults are used against Jews and Israelis in the Jew world of 2012.
10. Israel a racist country!
Michael ,   Tel Aviv , Israel   (06.02.12)
Racisme is everywhere here! Wow i never thought i could say that as a zionist jew and proud to be. I will fight with all my strength racism. unconditional support for my fellow citizen is over. We have to fight to remove this cancer. Today violence is done against black. tomorrow it will be against religious, gays etc......
11. #6 & #7 didn't read the article
5th generation ,   Israel   (06.02.12)
The Sudanese did not commit these crimes, they were the victims, and may in fact have been legally in this country. If any Africans were guilty here, they were North Africans, and maybe then even not. The neighborhoods around the central TA bus station are full of "legal" criminals who call themselves Jews. The police have turned a blind eye to them for years.
12. Good for you, Sarah B!
Bertram ,   London, UK   (06.02.12)
I am glad you focused on the egg-throwing incident and not the man who was seriously injured. It is important to get our priorities right.
13. All african illegals MUST GO!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (06.02.12)
They are invading and rising crime in Tel-Aviv. The people of Israel will not permit such an abusive third world invasion. THEY ALL MUST BE DEPORTED!
14. Why is it if you don"t agree with something you are called h
Pasquinel ,   London Canada   (06.02.12)
15. 11 - #7 didn't read the article
split ,   US   (06.02.12)
She reffered to Jews ,...
16. The attacker should be deported immediatly
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (06.02.12)
17. Let me finish if you don't agree with them
Pasquinel   (06.02.12)
you are called homophobic or racist. I'm not afraid of the left, they are scared to death of us, that's where all this hate speech crap comes from, but they can say anything about us . It's time we're heard...back off lefties.
18. Rmove all illegals now. Black,white,
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.02.12)
brown or yellow. Remove them all. Enough with refugees already. We absorbed over two million Jewish refugees already and more on the way. And fine and imprison those that hire illegals.
19. government needs to get rid of them for their own protection
zionist forever   (06.02.12)
When people feel their country is being overrun by a certain group of people even if its not then they want to lash out at those invaders. In this case the people feel the Africans are taking over the country partly because of the media and partly because they are all over the place and alot of them commit crimes. The only solution is mass deportation in the tens of thousands because until the people feel these people are leaving there will be more attacks. We also must not let these people continue to hide behind their children. Our politicians have a real soft spot for illegals with kids and they talk about deporation but can't bring themselves to go through with it and so look for lame compromises which involves the majority staying legally. MASS DEPORTATION NOW
20. Yup thats what happens
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (06.02.12)
When you infiltrate someone else's country who previously helped you and then start robbing and raping their citizens. Whilst I don't condone this assault, it doesn't surprise me at all. Sudanese need to keep their heads down in Tel Aviv and watch how they behave....
21. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.12)
Feel free to volunteer and take this Sudanese "victim" into your home at any time, Bertie. Do you have indoor plumbing? Oh, goodie! That way he won't urinate or defecate in full view of small children in the public parks and playgrounds of London. Good thing you Brits have the national health, because these Sudanese have all kinds of diseases -- AIDs, sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis C, diphtheria, tuberculosis, to name but a few -- and many are drug addicts and alcoholics. And they all smoke -- rather a disgusting habit, I think. But the U.K. is so quickly turning into a cesspool, you'll probably never notice the difference. Just put him up in your best bedroom, Bertie, and give him the run of the house -- and your wife and daughters. It's important to have your priorities right, after all, isn't it? You did say that, didn't you? Now put your money -- and your home -- where your mouth is. Cheerio.
22. These talkbacks make me ashamed to be Israeli
Sam ,   Israel   (06.03.12)
Especially comment no. 21 which reminds me of how Jews were viewed in Germany under the Nazis.
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