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Iran official hints Dimona reactor may be targeted
Dudi Cohen
Published: 02.06.12, 17:50
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1. Supporing Iran
Wang Zuli ,   Shanghai   (06.02.12)
If the war between Iran and Israel break up, we Chinese will support Iran.
2. I would be surprised if it wasn't :) ,...
split ,   US   (06.02.12)
Also a few dirty nukes waiting to be fired as a retaliation ,...
3. Do they have the ability?
Frank, Switzerland ,   Zürich, Switzerland   (06.02.12)
Iran posesses Missiles of long range.....Is it known if they also posess missiles that are so accurate? An Iranian jet wont make it to israel proubably....
4. #1 You will support where YOUR money is -NOT Iran
GZLives   (06.02.12)
Its in the US where your market is as well.
5. #1 Supporting Iran - Wang Zuli
Children of Cyrus ,   UK   (06.02.12)
No surprise! Oil Money is very tempting for the hungry Chinese. What about principals, dear Chinese blogger?!
6. ·#1
Wong   (06.02.12)
wrong choice Mister.
7. Do you know we support Iran?
Wang Zuli ,   Shanghai   (06.02.12)
1. Iran has never interfere in our business. 2. The west is jealous of China's economical and technological prowess. And you all are doing undercover activities to break up China. (Well! Well! You will never success). 3. Israel sell weapons to that stupid country called India. (If Israel stop to sell weapons to India, the government of China maybe will be soft towards the West and Israel). 4. Israel is intertwined with the US which is a fox in sheep clothes. That is all. Thank you for your attention.
8. This Is Further Proof To The World
That The Illegal regime in teheran should Never be Able to obtain nuclear weapons. The supremeless lead no where and his little bearded monkey Are A Threat to the World and The Region. Their propecity For Creating Violence and Mayham should be stopped. Today is Shabat The Day Of Rest Ordained by Ha Shem himself in Honor Of Creating the world we caretakers of. And yet this Evil tyrannical Disrespects Ha Shem at every turn. How Sad for the Iranian people who Are Hostages and Have No Rights,Choice or the ability to choose life or the Horror these Evil master's force on them. שבת שלום
9. safavi is half correct
iraj   (06.02.12)
bibi on his own cannot undertake an attack-he simply doesn't have the strength of character to do it without heavy support. Barak is mostly talk and has turned into an olmert. Only liberman and yaalon could convince the rest of the security cabinet to undertake the action. Now as for safavi's comments, yes missiles by the thousands will hit israel, all parts but hezbollah will be gassed and iran may be destroyed if it goes too far. Samfavi should leave iran while he still has a neck. and persians are waiting for an israeli attack to rip out the ayatollah illegal entity.
10. if u support iran
brenda   (06.02.12)
then you will fail.
11. which of which is faster
observer ,   Egypt   (06.02.12)
Dimona is already on the list of targets by medium- and long-rang rockets. In the peace treaty, Israel did not deny nor prevent Egypt's right in Umm Erashrash (Eilat), nor any other Egyptian land or right. Back in 1964, Nasser had warned the Americans that Israel's development of nuclear capabilities 'would be a cause for war, no matter how suicidal.' The U.S. assured Nasser that Israel was not developing strategic weapons, and he never renewed his threat, but the memory of it stuck with the Israelis. They never forgot the reactor's proximity to the border, its vulnerability to aerial bombardment.
12. to wang 1
Barney ,   USA   (06.02.12)
human rights abuse is also something china shares with iran. most technology from china is stolen from u.s. china has taken a baby step towards becoming a modern nation but your train of thought if representative of the majority shows you have a long way to go.
13. Wang # 7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.02.12)
Well, your economic success is because our government and our corporations are selling us out by giving our jobs to China. In return we get cheap shoddy goods. Your tech prowess is not much to brag about. Perhaps India would buy weapons from China if it wasn't junk. India prefers high quality weapons so that rules out China. They are smart to buy them from Israel. If they bought them from China then indeed they would be a stupid country.
14. How much is china behind US?
Rdabrludba ,   Punjab India   (06.02.12)
Destructive ways to innovations have far more shortcuts than constructive peaceful ones. Hence never underestimate pace of China's destructive power.
15. This is the plain truth
"He said that US President Barack Obama "wants to get re-elected" and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet is "fragile."" Israel, dont trust Obama. He is the deciever.
16. #14 & wo wo
FANGS OUT ,   U.S.A.   (06.02.12)
Yes China knows well how to kill and destroy. Just like Iran,Syria, and the rest who have ....what in common? Think about it. The world has been cleansed of vermin before and will be again!
17. Chinese people are fools; they would support also Hitler!
Jouko ,   Finland   (06.02.12)
Chinese cannot make the difference between right and wrong - how can such a large population be full of fools? They make decisions based on instinct like animals.
18. Should read : Iran will "try" to strike Dimona
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.02.12)
19. Where is the surprise?
Zyx ,   US   (06.02.12)
A backward dictatorial regime supports another backward dictatorial regime. But in any case, the Chinese will be to busy coping with their soon to come financial crisis and with the social and political turmoil that will come with it.
20. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.12)
Wonderful! The United States will support Israel. To repay China, the U.S. Congress will revoke China's "most favored nation" status and put an end to exports of free American food to China. So go ahead. China has far too many people which it is not capable of feeding to begin with. And you call yourselves a "superpower?" Learn how to feed your people by yourselves before you aspire to membership in the "superpower" club. Much too easy to make you eat (pun intended) your words.
21. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.02.12)
Were the United States to cut off its shipments of food to China, how long do you think China would last? Were the United States to prohibit the outsourcing of factory jobs to China, how long do you think you would last? What will happen to your "technological prowess" when Chinese students will no longer be permitted to study in American universities? When is China going to end its illegal occupation of Tibet? That is all. That you for your attention.
22. Some real truth in what you say, #17
Cameron ,   USA   (06.03.12)
23. Lots of people mis-informed about China
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (06.03.12)
Some reality for most of the people in the west - (1) China is now technologically equal to USA and Israel in every respect including military (2) China does NOT need the US for food, as China imports very little food. (3) China does NOT need the US market for it to survive. While its economy would suffer without the US market, it would survive much, much better than the US. (4) the Chinese government is NOT filled with ideologues, but technocrats that know how to manage a large country very well (5) China has not been "communist" for decades. In fact the current government is more an extension of the previous 5000 years of government than anything the west wants to label it as. (6) If necessary, China will squash Israel like a bug and will tell the US to go sit in the corner and shut up, and the US will have to comply or lose a massive war. (7) The global power structure has shifted drastically in the last 25 years with the US losing power by the minute and China gaining power. (8) anger China at your own peril - you will deeply regret it for whatever is left of your life.
24. to #1
Arul   (06.03.12)
From your words, it is very clear that China is jealous of India's achievement. You can't even form a sentence correctly in English. You call India a stupid country ? grow up man. Israel is a prince of God. whoever touches Israel touches God's eyes. The Lord God will protect Israel.
25. #1
Josh ,   Chicago   (06.03.12)
And we the US will support Israel. Anyway, who cares what some overcrowded third world Asian country thinks. There is nothing you can do. The only thing you good for is to serve us food and wash our cars. Stupid ass wangdong.
26. good news, bad news...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.03.12)
safavi said, " million Jews will flee Israel in the first one or two weeks." it sounds like he is being realistic, in that he expects at least one million jews to survive an iranian attack. but he's delusional if he thinks that a war will last 2-3 weeks. neither the iranian air force, with its mostly non-airworthy museum pieces, nor hezbollah's rockets will survive 3 days of combat. but he is being very optimistic, if he believes that 2-3 weeks after the outbreak of war, the mullahcracy will still be in control of tehran.
27. #1/#7 wang zuli Do You speak for All chinese?
Surely you are Free to support Any one you want, but not in your own country; you Have No Rights of your own Only what your country Tells You. No Freedom for choice, speech,religion Not even how many children you can have! Unlike the west with freedom and democracy something you will Never Know! As for selling weapons to India they have their problems Like west and Every other Country on Every Continent. The chinese Hack America Thousands of times A Day for years. wang zuli Your Country is All about the Yen, Poor work condition,Poor Safety laws, Poor Human Rights, they poison infant formula,dog food, lead paint and chemicals on Childen toys world wide. But worst of All Is THE INFERIOR PRODUCTS produced for Hard Earned Money. Personally if I see made in china I NEVER BUY YOUR SHIT PRODUCTS and NEVER WILL!!!! You get what you pay for buy Shit get Shit. Good Luck to you wang zuli. Shi shi
28. @Wang 7
Stan Marsh ,   London   (06.03.12)
Your English is just too perfect for a Chinese man.
29. Thanks for the intel
Fredrik T ,   Sweden   (06.03.12)
I mean, that some enemy would think of attaking a strategic asset within Israel must really be a surprise for the planners in IDF. Who would have thought of that before? Thanks for the heads-up beardos...
30. 23# In the end....its all about who has the best nuclear
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (06.03.12)
weapons systems. All this other hogwash is just blabbering that means nothing. Nuclear weapons trump everything in every countries fantasy power dreams. There is no power when you can be deep fried in a nano second. It's countries that want to use them for Allah...rather than protection....that are the problem.
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