Report: Dolphin subs equipped with nuclear weapons
Ronen Bergman
Published: 03.06.12, 08:42
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1. Gee, no kidding!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.12)
This is news? Israel runs silent, deep and very, very deadly. In the skies, on the land, from orbiting platforms in space and from the depths of the seas (and oceans, by the way; don't forget them). Hine ma tov ....
2. Good For Israel
Roland ,   Singsapore   (06.03.12)
Yes, equip the IDF, Navy and Air Force with the latest. Develop and purchase the best ever weapons as a deterrent against enemy strikes.
3. Info like this should be classified.....
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.03.12)
4. This type of articles send our suprise factor and detterrenc
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (06.03.12)
to hell. I can't understand the Israeli press. I understand they want to sell more newspapers but it should no be at the expense of the security of the State. Before 1967 there was censure and autocensure on certain delicate matters. This is very stupid
5. Dolphin-class submarines
Jon from the Niles ,   Niles USA   (06.03.12)
Notice to Iran and any other potential Israeli adversaries: As in the old classic US Western TV drama: Israel "Have Gun and Will Travel." No threats necessary to make just an assertion of the facts and preemptive, overwhelming military action as necessary.
6. mischief making from a traditionally anti Israel magazine
zionist forever   (06.03.12)
Everybody has knows Israel uses these subs as floating nuclear weapons platforms and have done since the first sub was delivered in the 90s and Deir Speigal has reported on that fact before. This is Deir Speigal making trouble because Israel is very unpopular in the EU these days and Deir Speigal is a left wing magazine that has never been famous for its pro Israel stories. Most the Deir Speigal target readers are anti nuclear weapons especially so they don't want to read about how their government is selling Israel nuclear weapons platforms.
7. G-d bless the Jewish state of Israel!
Frank ,   California USA   (06.03.12)
8. #3 Info like this..
Abba ,   Rehovot Israel   (06.03.12)
I imagine it's better to let em know we can than to have to show them later.... Also, if this is not classified, can you imagine what is?
9. itay
tal ,   israel   (06.03.12)
respect to itay karlinsky
10. Did someone mention nukes?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.03.12)
Now, that's my kind of natural Viagra.
11. Masel Tov, IDF!
Heinz Fritschi ,   Switzerland   (06.03.12)
This is a very good U-submarine. But I do not think its equipped with nuclear weapons, becose its is too little.
12. Backstabbing nuclear armed Pakistan,dont attack Israel again
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (06.03.12)
& expect your nukes will keep you safe from retaliation.
13. Dolphin Subs
Adam ,   London   (06.03.12)
Thank you Germany.
14. Sheer Israeli hypocrisy
Nina ,   London   (06.03.12)
With a lot of blood thirsty Israelis commenting here
15. Will they help?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.03.12)
These submarines are useless againt the real threats that Netanyahu and Barak are preparing for Israel. Will they stop Hamas and Hezbollah rockets? No. Will they stop Fatah mortar attacks on Kfar Saba or missiles on at Ben Gurion? No? Will they stop Fatah terror attacks on Modiin, Rosh Haayin and Netanyahu? No. Will they stop hundreds of thousands of Arab infilitrators from Judea and Samaria? No. It is appropriate that Netanyahu now lives in Caesaria, the home of the Roman Governor who ruled Israel against the Jews and for foreign interests.
16. To: Jon at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.03.12)
Jon, thank you for your words of support for the State of Israel, and I love your reference to Paladin, but Israel has had a gun and has traveled quite a few times. Argentina .... Uganda .... everywhere it became necessary to eliminate the scum responsible for the slaughter of eleven Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics .... and probably a lot of distant places no one will ever know about.
17. #14: Care to explain your remark?
Israeli 2   (06.03.12)
18. #10, Noodles we are on the same page
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.03.12)
like mostly !
19. # 14
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (06.03.12)
yes, we do with words. But your muslim friends murder and maim wherever possible.
20. #15 Israel Israeli
Ivan ,   South Africa   (06.03.12)
Hey man where are your brains, these subs are for major targets like Iran..
21. interesting
Amir ,   Jeruslaem   (06.03.12)
22. Nr 8. Touche !!!.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.03.12)
23. These talkbacks are similiar to
Kelly ,   --   (06.03.12) Germans talked about their military in the run-up to WWII. They also bragged how certain weapons would allow them to vanquish their enemies. Never again, they told themselves, would Germany be picked on. It didn't work out too well in the end for them, did it? Of course Germany was actually able to make its own weapons instead of having to buy them from others.
24. Kelly, Pls stop embarrassing yourself with your ignorance
Barry ,   Tokyo   (06.03.12)
I almost lol ! Unlike Austria which never accepted any responsibility for the Holocaust, Germany must be commended for their commitment to Israel. Although there are many Germans who do not necessarily support Israel nor the Jews, they are at least attempting to do what is right in order to reduce their guilt from their past behavior. They deserve credit for this.
25. i care about first strike second strike is to save the world
miriam ,   israel   (06.03.12)
26. an old story is better than a euro story
zionist forever   (06.03.12)
This left wing anti Israel magazine just wants a story to drum up abit of hate. They were one of the first to report about a decade ago Israel was suspected of carrying nuclear capable Popeye Turbo missiles on these subs. Now they have tried to put a new spin on an old story they have just rehashed by trying to bring Angela Merkal into it. I guess the German public just got sick of being reminded their currency was on the verge of meltdown. Hate of Israel is better than depression about the state of the situation at home.
27. 14
Zionist forever   (06.03.12)
Nina One word for you TRIDENT Isn't it hypocrisy England having second strike capability in the form of its submarine launched Trident missiles capable of dropping a nuclear weapon any place on Earth and condemning Israel for having a submarine that can launch nuclear weapons it LEGALLY possesses as it chose not to sign the NPT?
28. This is GOOD news - made my day!
Herb ,   Austin, Texas   (06.03.12)
Roland in Singapore nails it. Israel understands leadership and strength. Unfortunately, at present, here in the U.S.A., a lack of leadership, weakness and dismantling the military is .the order of the day. We will soon be cantracting with China for........three rowboats.
29. confidentiality agreements mean nothing? everyone talks. wha
ralph   (06.03.12)
what garbage. amazing that they can find all these sources. just amazing. no proof required.
30. but of course, this is hypothetical
jj   (06.03.12)
since israel doesnt have nukes
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