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Tunisian director faces harsh criticism from home over Israel visit
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 04.06.12, 14:25
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1. Take note
Eyes open ,   Earth   (06.04.12)
The thing that both sides agree on is their hatred of Israel. They are simply vying for who hates Israel more. This points out 2 things---1)It makes no difference what Israel does--the hatred will remain. 2)The "Arab spring" has only made the situation worse. PS: Just once I'd like to hear one of these anti zionist Arabs express a word of regret about the fate of Jews who lived in Arab countries.
2. El-Fani
Rick S. ,   USA   (06.04.12)
Where does it say that Israel has to have an open door policy to it's enemies. How many anti-Semites and Israel haters have been denied entry? I can't imagine letting my enemies into my house.
3. I suggest
Raptor   (06.04.12)
that she go wiggle her Fani in some other country.
4. she hates jews but we welcome her.We are a stupid people
Frederic   (06.04.12)
5. and Bibi does nothing
joe Sombrero ,   usa   (06.05.12)
Now the French has a anti Zionism conference on Israeli soil and Bibi runs for the hills where is his shame in not protecting Israeli sovereignty.
6. What does this visit say about Israel's Elite twisted mind a
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.05.12)
How did El-Fani snick from the plane through Ben Gurion airport immigration agency without been stopped? Nadia El-Fani openly opposed Israel. Is it French embassy ability to "work around the sharp corners"?
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (06.05.12)
Arab Islamists try to change history and cause the destruction of a 4,000 year nation - using words like Zionism and invented Pretend Pals. And all the world is aware of it and everyone laughs when they leave the room. But its no laughing matter - its non-confusing genocide.
8. Drone of moronic Arab rhetoric
sk ,   USA   (06.05.12)
They make it sound like Israel is some massive power, when in actuality the 22 Arab nations outnumber the teeny tiny Jewish nation in manpower and in Middle East land 99.987% of land mass to 0.003% of land which is tiny Israel. If any nation has colonial ambitions, it is the Arabs who want to spread their inferior culture, inferior judicial system and inferior relgion by conquering and sword. But hey, those days are long gone. The greatest Islamic empire, the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the face of rising European scientific dominance and military might. Even the greatest modern ME Islamic power, Sadaam Hussein's Iraq has been reduced to a whimpering shadow of what it once was!
9. The French embassy again
Zyx ,   US   (06.06.12)
How come the French Embassy takes the initiative to organize an anti-zionist "forum" in Israel? This is absolutely outrageous.
10. El-Fani got caught.......
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (06.18.12)
The TB's don't get it!!!!! El-Fani got her hand caught in the cookie jar. For a few days she escaped Islamic Tunisia. She drank good wine, was able to dress the way she wanted to and do whatever she wanted to. When she got back to Tunisia she had to prove that she was more anti-Israel than Hamas and Hizbollah put together. She is like a white politician in the Southern USA in the 1950's who showed sympathy to African-Americans. In the end they had to support the racist policies of their State whether they agreed with it or not. Hope you enjoyed Israel El-Fani. Of course you will be welcomed back at any time especially when you have to go into exile to escape Islamic extremists in Tunisia.
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