2,000 year old treasure found in Kiryat Gat
Published: 05.06.12, 10:52
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1. handmade?
Daniel   (06.05.12)
so the earing is 2000 years old and not made by machines. lol.
2. silver stik
olfat ,   yatta   (06.05.12)
it was used to put the black colour in the inner edge of the eye as make up .. till now it is used and there is a foloclore song -- from that far day of our love i do not put - the merwad- which is the silver stik -in my eyes
3. B"S Thank you Gat LTD for your support, workers too.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.06.12)
4. #1 - not quite seeing the point there. #2 - huh?
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (06.06.12)
5. How dull
Henry from New York ,   Currently in Israel   (06.06.12)
A hoard of jewels is a hoard. It would have been nice to have some writing to tell us or hint at why such a hoard is there in the first place. Much more valuable than silver and gold.
6. Did They Find Any palestinian Coins, Jewlery
Earrings, with a picture of their palestinian king????????????
7. to 6
olfat ,   yatta   (06.06.12)
my grandmother had errinds like the one founded but the stone was red it was so heavy and the hole in her ears asd big and long . i remember it very well
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