Amnesty’s credibility problem
Gidon Shaviv
Published: 06.06.12, 00:52
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1. The problem
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.12)
Is that there's nobody else. The right is always criticizing human rights organizations, with some merit, but offers no alternative. You need human rights organizations which uncover real human rights abuses and unless the right is willing to step up and actually do that, I'll take a flawed Amnesty International over nothing.
2. Good Luck with the PhD - you need it !
Roger ,   NYC   (06.06.12)
3. A.I. is not interested objectivity, fairness, accuracy
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.06.12)
at least as concerns the middle east and, despite its commendable work elsewhere, A.I. works from an agenda; all the conclusions have been reached a priori; the interest in empirical data extends only to such data as confirm the conclusions. it is a revolting travesty of everything for which A.I. stood at its founding. if one thinks that s/he will shame A.I. into re-considering its anti-Israel bias, s/he is mistaken: A.I. does not care; vis-a-vis the middle east, it's all about politics and not at all about consistency, accuracy, fairness, human rights.
4. hasn't this been so very obvious for such a long time?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.06.12)
Amnesty has long been known for an anti-Israel bias that this article comes as no surprise. The question is why did it take every one so long to recognize them for what they really are: anti Israel and pro Arab!
5. yeah shame on them! they should rely on zionist pirates!
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (06.06.12)
6. Can someone explain the difference between
John   (06.06.12)
Amnesty towards Israel and Ynet towards Haredim? They seem to both have the same “impartiality” and “objectivity” attitude.
7. Real Bias
Larry ,   West Jerusalem   (06.06.12)
NGO Monitor is essentially performs as a pro-Occupation front. Why? An objective observation of the work they do demonstrates that they "monitor" seem only to be those that monitor, report and criticize Israeli policy and human rights violations against Palestinians and in the context of the Occupation. AI is one of the most reliable HR NGOs in the world. Integrity, PERIOD.
8. #1 is wrong: there are 100s of NGOs
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.06.12)
one does not have to accept a corrupt A.I. because "there is no one else." there are hundreds of NGOs, most of them suffering the same biases as A.I. if these organizations betray the values to which they are purportedly committed, it would be better if they did not exist: their existence preempts the development of honest and effective human rights organizations.
9. Nuts
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (06.06.12)
3 you are of course quite right - who the hell needs human rights? Let's deny Amnesty - flawed tho they often are - and support instead those awfully nice people at NGO Watch whose agenda, as set by their Conflict Manager par excellence the inestimable Gerald Steinberg, is intensely political and anti everyone's human rights except the Jews of Israel. This is how you manage conflict, by perpetuating it.
10. Amnesty International's philosophy.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (06.06.12)
The desert mouse is a 5 centimeter long predator living in the US. It often eats scorpions, insects and other small animals, because hungry and must keep itself to live. Lions and tigers are also predators a little bit more dangerous for innocent animals. The AI declared the desert mouse ( Israel ) as the most perilous one in the zoological world, and does not deal with any others. ( wolfes, panthers, hyenas, Iran, Syria, Turkey and so on, so on. A very special point of wiew.
11. a thing of the past
tiki ,   belgium   (06.06.12)
All these big 'humanistic NGO's are nothing more than Multinationals who live of charity. Many people finally have seen the light and don't give them money anymore for most of that money is landing in 'their bank accounts an not with the people it was intended for. The only thing they are good for is writing rapports by 'rapporteurs who also need to eat!
12. #11 is right
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.06.12)
AI is a great way for Leftists to have very well paid free adventures at exotic locations. If AI researched places with real human rights abuses, the Leftists would be dead which isn't a lot of fun. When the Leftists research Israel, they go Jew-bashing during the day and party at night in Tel Aviv. And danger? Only if they report about Fatah or Hamas human rights abuses.
13. Clesarly, AI is a biased group
Reuven   (06.06.12)
which has lost all credibility. It should be exposed for what it is. Why doesn't AI protest against Arab terrorism?
14. sad, but true...
nadav ,   tlv   (06.06.12)
nothing we didn't already know..
15. Good article
Igor ,   Germany   (06.06.12)
I always knew that AI stands for "Anti-Israel", but this article shows how it works and how AI is acting against its own principles.
16. Amnesty sucks
Steve Bronfman ,   Vancouver, Canada   (06.07.12)
When I didn't want to donate to an amnesty volunteer (because amnesty is effectively an arm of the Islamic jihad) he started insulting me, making personal comments about my clothes etc. Mocking me. I complained to amnesty in an email listing the exact time and place and his description (it was witnessed by 2 other of their members) but never got a response. They are a vile organization. I stood up to him as this was in a Jewish area and I felt this was his motivation. I literally hate them now.
17. Amnesty has no credibility
DavidM ,   USA   (06.07.12)
Amnesty International has no credibility when it comes to human rights. Its reports focus almost entirely on democratic nations. Dictatorships receive only passing mention because Amnesty officials know that reporting on them requires taking risks. It's much safer to stay in a five star hotel in Tel Aviv and then write a condemnation of Isrsel than to go to Damascus and reveal the atrocities of the regime. Amnesty officials enjoy a luxurious life style in London and Paris thanks to donors who have no idea how their contributions are used.
18. No one with more than an ounce...
Mark ,   USA   (06.07.12)
...of brains gives any credence to AI's propaganda against Israel and the Jews. Problem is, AI is accomplishing two things with their lies: 1) feeding ammunition, false though it is, to the IslamoLeftist alliance; and 2), creating a steady drumbeat of negative reporting in harmony with all the other IslamoLeftist NGOs, so that John and Jane Average, half-listening to the nightly news, take away the impression that Israel and those evil Joooos have done something bad once again. The steady drip...drip...drip of negativity, with virtually nothing to counteract it, is pure poison in the body politic.
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