Barak testimony highlights discord in top army ranks
Published: 07.06.12, 10:33
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1. barak dedicated his time to stealing Jewish homes, opressing
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.07.12)
settlers, loving the arab enemies of Israel and the leftists who want to see Israel destroyed. barak is just plain evil in trousers and shirt.
2. Lowest common denomonator
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (06.07.12)
Why is the name Barak always involved in so many personal conflicts?.
3. Little weeny Baral likes nothing more than to prove he has..
Avraham ,   Israel   (06.07.12)
the power to do something.... Even if this requires throwing women and babies into the street in the middle of the night.... (easy target because they are incapable of fighting back). Because he can't always get his way with his peers, he takes out his worst brutality on "settlers" who of course everybody else hates too.... Case in point yesterday when he sent his goons to beat up peaceful protestors and old women. Of course the media "couldn't" report what really happened. The people being beaten weren't EU anarchists or Arabs but their co-nemesis. The man clearly has "ISSUES".
4. Barak's sour grapes
mea   (06.07.12)
What I love about this story is that Barak can do nothing to regain his credibility since he cannot quit being Barak. Step in it again and again, angry little petty man. You would bomb Iran to make yourself look good, wouldn't you? Fact is, nobody wants Barak in charge of a campaign because the man is like Peretz on steroids. Ashkenazi is well thought of across the globe and re-established the admiration toward the IDF.
5. Clean the stables
Arie. R. ,   Ashkelon   (06.07.12)
Forming a (c)lean, "hungry and efficient" army in a well-fed society is not simple. A gaint cleaning operation is needed. This report and the last week article by Abramovitch about "The hollow IDF" are more than disturbing.
6. Barak
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.07.12)
Leftist icon Yossi Sarid called Barak "Runaway Ehud" in honor of Barak's tendency to fail miserably then run away from any responsibility and blame someone else. Since he was CGS, Barak has been almost continuously in place to influence the army: as CGS, DM or PM. If the upper ranks of the IDF are corrupt, discordant and inefficient, it is reasonable to blame Barak and fire him before he causes the IDF any more damage. Sadly, Netanyahu is so busy attacking his own voters that he has no time to get rid of Barak and put someone competent in his place.
7. so what do we have?
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.07.12)
3 honorable officers backing gabi's thesis re galant, the heading mafia ethics describing anything but and a war of words betwix barak and ashkenazi. one of the two wrested control of his party in undemocratic ways, has shown himself time and again to be totally untrustworthy, and the other took a battered army and rebuilt it. who would YOU buy a used car from?
8. Barak has to find a scapegoat for his
Arlene ,   Israel   (06.07.12)
own failings, so why not the IDF brigadier who was so admired by his soldiers. Askenazi cared about his troops, Barak cared and still does about his own gains, sadly he is the fallen idol and will never find his way back onto the pedistal.
9. What kind of small Boys behaviour is this ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.07.12)
They should ceep the stuggles within their own Ranks. Gossiping rats is what they behave as, and the higher the rank the more wretched they are. An Higher Authority shall bear the burden of the faults of the lower in Rank, otherwise He is not Matured enuff for His Position. Arn.Sweden
10. Barak - Ashkenazi
mrt ,   tlv   (06.07.12)
"The "smaller" the man, the easier it is for him to believe in his own greatness". "Self explanatory" quote from Yalkut Shimoni
11. to 6
and barking Barak
12. Mafia ethics
M Doobov ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.12)
The only Mafia ethic of which I know is Omerta, the code of silence. If only they would observe this.
13. #12 surely you misspelled that
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.07.12)
its withan l - olmerta - the art of getting away with murder
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