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The dark side of Tel Aviv
Dabby Adeno Abebe
Published: 07.06.12, 10:18
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1. the last thing Israel needs
tiki ,   belgium   (06.07.12)
is the State of Levinski! It's hard enough to keep the control over the Jewish State of Israel.
2. I hope this articles opens the eyes of lefties
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (06.07.12)
Please send them back to the country they came from. Cut little bit budget given to haredim and pay those plane tickets and start deporting them every day.....Once they notice that Israel is deporting them immediately, they will stop coming to our country.
3. how does this guy uncover all this crime when cops can't?
Scott ,   USA   (06.07.12)
4. Very fair article
David Olesker ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.12)
Highlights the social problems both caused by and suffered by the illegal immigrants without demonizing either them or Israelis. The problem is common to most Western countries. Immigrants seek to better their lives, host societies are schizophrenic in their attitudes. Legitimate asylum seekers are mixed up with economic migrants. No rational policy is debated for fear of accusations of racism. Everyone suffers.
5. As long as it is in south TA...
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (06.07.12)
they are allowed to do whatever they want and lefties from north TA will come to encourage them and obtain their selfish quick 'feel-good' fix. What a disrace for israel with its kangeroo courts, political and judical corruption and abuandce of selfrightious leftwingism
6. Balanced article, thanks.
mea   (06.07.12)
7. What a plague.
Doug ,   U.S.   (06.07.12)
8. Out with these illegal disturbances
Anna Giladi ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.07.12)
They endanger peace, a Jewish majority, civilian lives and safety, the economy, they chase children off playgrounds, and what for? The utterly selfish motive of living off other peoples' losses. These execrables need to be removed asap, by any means necessary.
9. Ah yes, the hood hath arrived
Cameron ,   USA   (06.07.12)
Yer gonna love it!
10. An excellent artical about a state
Arlene ,   Israel   (06.07.12)
within a state. Are all those that arrive genuine asylum seekers, I shouldnt think so, as always those taggers on get through. So how do they come, if not from some have airfare? havent heard of any boats bringing them. The government will have to do something before the so called "power keg" does explode, and it wont be pretty.
11. wonderful article
12. For the writer
Beta Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.12)
I know the writer Danny, he is an Ethiopian Jew who does not speak Tigrigna, Arabic and his Amharic and English is extremely minimal. What I want to know is how in G-d's name he communicated with the "infiltrators"? In addition I have high reservation if he even wrote this article. The truth of the matter is he was in the park mostly during the day for three days only. For all who think this is a balanced piece, think again. I'm an Ethiopian Jew, the fact is most Israeli-Ethiopians don't want to see the refugees settle here, especially the Eritreans who are arch enemies with Ethiopians. Danny is just exhibiting that sentiment.
13. Get them out, the sooner the better.
Rio ,   New York   (06.07.12)
14. great article, scary as sh-t
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.07.12)
seems like a clean up is due or we are going to be for a very hot summer
15. good article
Liza   (06.07.12)
A well made article!
16. Scary
Shira ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.12)
When my friends ask me why I never leave Jerusalem, I just don't know what to say..
17. I know the truth
Elisha ben Abuya   (06.07.12)
I was told in bnai brak that through an unexplained miracle one out of 13 Haredi children of Lithuanian origin are born Sudanese. One high ranking rabbi declared them a rodef and immediately abandoned but a more lenient authority cited the example of Hagar and Ishmael ruled they should be kept separate till the age of 12, taught street survival skills and then sent to south tel aviv. The more agreeable among them are kept hidden in the Haredi community as shabbos goys under a ruling declaring them an alien presence in their mothers womb and hence non Jews. The lithuanians pay a monthly bribe to Shas to hush this all up. Chabad says that when the Rebbe returns they will be declared a lost tribe and be given half of Brooklyn.
18. Lewinsky park got FLOOD LIGHTS, I wonder WHERE did U "sleep"
hot snow ,   tlv   (06.07.12)
in "darkness" in "lewinsky park" ?? plz change your story.
19. to #17 You are either mentally ill, full of it
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.07.12)
or a drug addict/wino! Let the ha-bad and their followers stay in the biblical land of Brooklyn and wait for the Dodgers to return.
20. essence: no police, no enforcement
lemmings hotline ,   sd usa   (06.07.12)
21. Jail
michael Pielet ,   israel   (06.07.12)
The dysfunctional Israeli government is at fault. All government officials should be jailed.
22. Remove them humanely
Yonah ,   Haifa Israel   (06.07.12)
I do not want illegals here in our Israel. But we are a light to the rest of the world even if we dont want to be. We must treat this situation humanely and remove them without harassing, egg throwing, spitting, cursing, these acts started against the Kurds and Christians in the Arab countries and look how it has progressed. We Jews have been strangers in many countries and need to remember the horror that was given to us.
23. it was illustrative piece of work, kudos 2 the journalist.
ygalg ,   israel   (06.07.12)
24. Simple advice
Ibabe   (06.07.12)
Go to North Tel Aviv and lie near the best house and sleep. More interesting advanture
25. # 19
Elisha ben Abuya   (06.07.12)
You are very clever but like most agents of the Lithuanian cabal you choose a prime number for your comment. I Do not drink wine and spent 17 years in a Brisk yeshiva but left when they started wiretapping the beis midrash and drugging my tea.
26. Good info. Please write about Mea Shaarim and Bnei Brak also
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.07.12)
27. DEPORT them now!
david, israel ,   israel   (06.07.12)
The Jewish people built up the country with blood sweat and tears. It takes a lot of persistence and ingenuity to create a functional society. We did not do this in order to turn into Harlem part duex with rapists, petty thieves and often diseased African migrants to come ruin our dream.
28. "None of us crossed any deserts"
Dan ,   USA   (06.07.12)
While the author provides a brave expose of the painful life of African migrants, he fails to investigate a more fundamental question: how did they get there? His subject admits, "None of us crossed any's all nonsense." The Eritrean "refugee" freely states what few in the Israeli media are willing to discuss openly: that the African migration is not a spontaneous phenomenon, but a well-orchestrated and well-funded effort. Tens of thousands of people do not migrate thousands of miles across hostile territory and fortified borders without planning and organization and without a lot of baksheesh being paid. If the migrants are being airlifted, rather than crossing deserts on foot, then all the more so. The African migration is clearly an operation, most likely funded by enemies of Israel (whether in Washington, the EU, or elsewhere), in agency with the leftist Israeli humanitarian NGO's who "like being lied to", all for the purpose of destabilizing the State. That is the issue that this article does not address.
29. irresponsible depiction
KM ,   Tel AViv, Israel   (06.07.12)
The false "objectivity" the author pretends to have is alarming and irresponsible considering the bold statements he's making. Working within this community all refugees are apparently instructed to "lie to" (NGO) I can tell you bodies don't lie. I've seen scars, and burns, and marks of torture and rape on more "infiltrators'' than I can count, all coming from the hands of human traffickers in the Sinai. This article is complete and total right wing propaganda! It's a the "journalist" had such an opportunity to truly open his eyes to this situation and instead came out only reinforcing negative stereotypes. What a waste for shaving off his dreadlocks!
30. Support Refugees in Time of Need
Abel ,   South Africa   (06.07.12)
I am really sorry to see this from a person who calls himself/herself Israeli. You have been the largest migrants/refugees in history and you still are infiltrators in several countries. Should we start hunting you like what you are doing to the poor Africans who seek your protection during this difficult time? Such hatred and racism to Africans should remind you the hatred, seclusion and massacre that your ancestors suffered under Nazi Germany. Please stop it, follow the good example of the good Israelis and support the migrants/refugees in your country.
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