Yeshiva student's marijuana garden
Ra'anan Ben-Zur
Published: 07.06.12, 17:19
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1. Aches and pains?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.07.12)
Try taking aspirin, or something a little stronger. Marijuana is not medically indicated for aches and pains. And take pity on the poor rabbit, for heaven's sake! Just throw out the plants. Preferably, before you serve your prison sentence. And I hope those children are removed from the home. These are NOT fit parents.
2. Again "higher standards" ????
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.07.12)
3. Guess he wasn't slaying himself on the fields of Torah?!
Jesse ,   Israel   (06.07.12)
"book 'em Dano!"
4. Ynet incorrectly labels Marijuana a "Drug"
Jake ,   USA   (06.07.12)
Marijuana is a plant, it grows from the ground, it has healing powers, and yes, it can be abused, but it is not a drug.
5. Legalize!
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (06.07.12)
6. LEGALIZE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John   (06.07.12)
7. who cares if he is a yesiva student
naftali ,   israel   (06.07.12)
Why every time someone religious does something stupid and is caught is it pointed out that he is religious. They don't go out of there way to say not religious or to say someone is Russian or Arab or Moroccan. He is just another idiot doing something stupid getting caught. he must be in a lot of pain to need 200 plants
8. Marijuana
Yenta ,   Israel   (06.07.12)
Does have medical uses,it helps with pain and enables cancer patients to eat while under going chemo which makes it very hard to keep anything down. It also relieves the pain and stiffness after treatment!
9. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.07.12)
Purpurea digitalis is also a plant. Ask any heart patient taking digitalis if digitalis is a drug or not.
10. Indeed "higher standards" here
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.07.12)
I am certain that this esteemed Torah scholar has properly taken the tithes which are so over looked here is the holy country. We must judge this gentleman of Jewish Law with all fairness. He was suffering from acne and the doctor told him to warm up the medicine with a pot. Not speaking proper English, a African American transient worker translated it for him and told him to take his acne medicine with pot, being of course marijuana. Ah, yes, our Torah scholars are good outstanding boys. Except some are out standing in the sun too long.
11. Legitamate use
i ,   jerusalem   (06.07.12)
The health supermarket in my town is selling and advertising hemp seed oil for 120nis/500ml. Why can it be made blue and white? It must take a few dunam of plants to make a go of an oil seed operation, and a side product could be hemp fibers, Just composts the leaves and what could be wrong?
12. One Groovin' Bunny!
The Prophetess ,   SC, USA   (06.07.12)
Groovy! Mr. Yeshiva-of-The-Outer-Limits, have you tried ibuprophen for those aches & pains? Hope little bunny is O.K.
13. Does he smoke on Shabat or does the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.07.12)
aches and pains disappear for the day? Or is the pot baked into the Shabbat Challah?
14. "Torah Scholar", you bet!
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.12)
Sounds like another attempt by the spiritually alienated to discredit observant Jews. Simple overlooked fact: the use of Hashish was used by the Rabbis of old, with many references to permissible Hashish. (i.e. can't use Hashish if it was used or intended to be used by Idolaters for use in Idolatry). Obviously it is against modern law, but the Rabbis knew what was good.
15. #1
Ivan ,   South Africa   (06.07.12)
Marijuana (known as dagga in South Africa) is smoked and also brewed into a tea and used by many South Africans in all societies. It is a known fact that it relieves pain and is very good for asthma sufferers.
16. Go Ask Alice
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.07.12)
17. #13
Abie Dee ,   New York, US   (06.07.12)
it's better if you cook in the chulent...add it to the kishka and wrap it in aluminum foil so those who don't want to partake don't have to...and the others will have a wonderful shabbat..
18. Pot
Enoch ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.07.12)
37 year old Yeshiva student? If he doesn't know his stuff by his mid twenties, shouldn't he switch to other forms of getting public money?
19. what's wrong with smoking pot?
moshe ,   jerusalem   (06.07.12)
It's better and cheaper than cigarettes and doesn't hurt anyone (except the smoker). Better pot than booze. The police are unable to stop the gangs that control drug trade, so they bust a yeshiva student. Pathetic !
20. See, I told you, Haredim can work. Work hard for a good pay.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.07.12)
21. Rabbit?..... ~...~....Habit?....~ ... ~... Legalize it! NOW
STONEY   (06.07.12)
22. Settlers can kill without an arrest
Nina ,   NYC   (06.07.12)
The poor guy is growing a few plants and he gets arrested? Even if he is selling it to make a few shekels, so what? It's better than getting government help. The guy is trying to be a businessman.
23. Carrot Shortage
Rochel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.07.12)
No wonder there is a carrot shortage in Israel. The rabbit had the munchies!
24. Marijuana plants
Green Baron ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (06.07.12)
I knew things were going to pot here!
25. The rabbit
Green Baron ,   Bethesda, MD USA   (06.07.12)
Or, as Ogden Nash put it in his short doggerel: "Here's a verse about rabbits That doesn't mention their habits!"
Nick ,   Beersheba   (06.07.12)
27. the icky, sticky
Y. B. A. ,   Miami Beach, Florida   (06.07.12)
First of all, these are not unfit parents, or at least we cannot determine this based on the irrelevant information regarding their growing habits. Do you also condemn those who keep alcohol in their home? I didnt think so. But back during prohibition (in the States), you probably would. My have times changed. Second, cannabis does help w/ aches, pains and a host of other ailments. You may prefer a different treatment, but it certainly helps. FYI, medicinal use is legal in Israel. Good Shabbos.
28. Then the rabbit said
Nina ,   NYC   (06.07.12)
Pass the bong bro and started eating everything in the house.
29. OMG!!!! Unable to control how dumbfounded I am at how stupid
ber ,   yahud   (06.07.12)
you people are. The cops and gov't are acting like little children. What's the worst case scenario if people freely smoke marijuana? Society will collapse after an unstoppable cooties plague, and survivors will resort to cannabis induced cannibalism. I'd say I'd be more worried about a doughnut gorged cop having a heart attack and accidentally shooting an incident bystander in the process. NO DUNKIN and DRIVEN a squad car! Or for example: automobiles probably kill as many people as cancer every year, and yet no one seems to have found the very simple cure to this horrible plague. But people feeling good and enjoying life, while not hurting anyone....that #$@# gotta stop Grow up POretards.
30. #4
Rochel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.08.12)
Opium poppys also grow from the ground. Marijuana is a drug, too.
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