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Jewish memorial vandalized in Ukraine
Associated Press
Published: 08.06.12, 07:49
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1. If you don't want them vandalized, or as you put it...
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (06.08.12)
Relocate them to your holy land....seriously, do we always have to keep up with your whining?!
2. diarrhea of anne frank
holohoax   (06.08.12)
it must and will be exposed.
3. The same situation as in Hungary.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (06.08.12)
Antisemites menaged a very effective propaganda possibility ( internet websites ) Then they begun fool primitive people, jews are responsible for economic and financial problems as they want to rule the whole world. Many stupid believe that and here is the result. Some world wide countermeasures are necessary !
4. Russia's sins towards the Jews
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (06.08.12)
is legend. Her not aiding the Syrian's is just the latest of a list of anti semitism and of shame. She's a brutal menace.
5. There is no memorial
USS Liberty   (06.08.12)
For the 34 murder this day in 1967. When the unarmed ship USS Liberty suffered a sneak attack.
6. #1 peter, #2 hoax
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.08.12)
Your posts are diarrhea. You never fail to show your abject stupidity. Keep posting.
7. #1, 2..The truth bothers you so you lie & act so uncivilised
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (06.09.12)
8. Museum of tolerance
Chuck ,   Norman   (06.08.12)
At least they are not building a "museum of tolerance" right on top of these graves. Jewish hypocrisy is screaming to the seventh heaven.
9. #5 uss - wrong
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.08.12)
There is a USS Liberty Memorial in Rochester NY, and a the library in Grafton WI has been named the USS Liberty Memorial Library; probably more if you bothered to search. And neither have been defaced or harmed, unlike many memorials to the Holocaust.
10. russia sins toward jews
Ol ,   nj   (06.09.12)
dude, russia and ukraine are two different countries
11. to 1 and 2
Barney ,   USA   (06.09.12)
i know it must be horrible to be a part of a people guilty of the most atrocious crimes in the history of mankind. i know it is horribly shameful for you every time you see or pass a memorial to the murdered innocents. quit whining. it is your heritage
12. re 1
NIgel ,   London   (06.09.12)
IDIOT. The idea is not to remind Jewish people that 6 million were murdered. It is to act as a reminder to the population of those countries who murdered them ( like the country who gave birth to Hiitler and whose population seemed to welcome Nazism and Nazis with open arms),. Given the rise of racism across Europe again, Austrians should no better, You should be ashamed of your stupid, banal, idiotic comment.
13. Jewish Memorial Vandalized in Ukraine
brucewhain ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.12.12)
Someday maybe there'll be a way to detect # of bodies and genetic makeup without disturbing the graves sealed on religious grounds. These graves have been showing up more and more now that Auschwitz is disproven, tho still CONSTANTLY refered to as crime against Jews. Real German mass graves of the era are constantly being discovered, but you never hear about it, then they're turned under and construction continues. i want retribution. I want it in the afterlife. Have given up on this for now, but many, many of us are very tired of it today, as the Syria atrocity propaganda reaches new heights of ridiculousness.
14. In reply to Istvan's talkback #3, Jewish Memorial...Ukraine
brucewhain ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.12.12)
Do you think the Hungarians should be required to allow Jews to set foot in the country after mass murderer Rakozy? Ditto Ulbricht.
15. re. Nigel's Post 12
brucewhain   (06.12.12)
IDIOT. Seems the supply of anything that could conceivably be labelled a Jewish mass grave resulting from genocide has dried up, while more and more German ones are discovered, then immediately turned under, as const. must continue. Hence the ridiculous alleged #: 17,000, seeing as the whole gas chamber lie is totally disproven, though libelously harped on daily, esp. by BBC, where standard for Defamation will be raised. By the way, how many Ukes did the Bolsheviks & Stalin (Jews) murder? Your lying numbers pale vs. the Jews' atrocities against these people, and virtually every other civilized branch of humanity.
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