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'Sara Netanyahu can make or break anyone'
Orly Azoulay
Published: 08.06.12, 11:02
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1. Miss Pig
ESTER ,   MELBOURNE   (06.08.12)
she is the Israeli version of Miss Piggy.
2. "desperate seeking David"
tiki ,   belgium   (06.08.12)
There are only two people who know what's going on in a couple's bedroom....and that's the couple. All the rest is guess-work & assumptions. What a sloppy '''journalistic'' piece by a sloppy ''journalist'' writing for a sensation tabloid, desperate to sell more ''news'' papers in these hard economic times.
3. But don't you dare speak I'll of Michelle Obama
Ilan   (06.08.12)
Double standards
4. that "woman" is a living DESASTER !
hot snow ,   tlv   (06.08.12)
5. Leftists going after Sarah
Rachel ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
Here in Israel, every so often, Bibi's opponents try to cruxify him by going after his wife in the press. It is cowardly and it always backfires. Israeli citizens recognise bogus attempts when they see them. Since a majority of Israelis support Netanyahu the same leftist elements, many of them Jews in the West, are reduced to attacking him abroad, now through Vanity Fair! I guess this is actually a good sign. It's not going to work, George.
6. BTW, why isn't VF writing about Asthma Assad??
Rachel ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
This kind of article is news?? Lets see Vanity Fair take on a real tyrant's wife - like Asthma! I guess all of Soros' journalists friends have been told to lay off Assad - another hero of the Left, or at least not particularly a villan!
7. Trash reporting, not worthy of print
Robert ,   USA   (06.08.12)
8. Maybe she is a genius in the bed... How do we know?
Doosdief ,   UK   (06.08.12)
9. I read part of item- it was vapid
Ruth ,   USA   (06.08.12)
10. Can anyone
anton ,   IĊŸtanbul   (06.08.12)
Enlighten me does ms netanyahu has initial B in her name :) just kiddin sarah no hard feelings :)
11. Vanity first
amazing ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
Don't be surprised about a future Hollywoody film about Sara and Benjamin marrying in Monaco.
12. idiot
michael Pielet ,   israel   (06.08.12)
More disgusting nonsense from the jealous Israeli press.
13. Garbage piece of writing
Naor ,   USA   (06.08.12)
The writers disdain for the "Israeli" side of Bibi shows utter contempt to Israeli society. America = Good, Israeli = Bad. And trying to turn a mourning period for a family into an excuse to propagate their personal agenda of attacking the PM and his family. This fits right at home with the rest of the gossip trash Vanity publishes. It is not to be taken seriously.
14. who is this Margolick?
Israella   (06.08.12)
I read the entire article in Vogue, expecting the promised interview; instead, it is full of rubbish and gossip gleaned from various sources with a few direct quotes. At one point Margolick criticizes others who write about Netanyahu ---"The pop psychoanalysis continues with the schizophrenic Bibi. Many analyses split him in two, then pit those halves against each other" ---and what has he done if not the same? For an adjunct professor of journalism, his article says more about what journalism is all about today (gossip and more gossip), than about his subject, e.g. Bibi Netanyahu.
15. Netanyahu
Jason Alster ,   Wethersfield CT   (06.08.12)
Helo, Wasn't she his psychologist at one time?
16. #9 "Vapid" -- great word choice, I had to...
Robert ,   USA   (06.08.12)
look it up: "Offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging"
17. from th\e rag which praised to the heavens assad's wife.
ralph   (06.08.12)
what a piece of dreck.
18. I am not a lefty, but Lady Macbeth has
Arlene ,   Israel   (06.08.12)
been what I have called her years now, along with Miss moi and moi.
19. eating the stinking fish
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.08.12)
So Netanyahu was stupid enough to think that by destroying the lives of 60 innocent Jewish families, the Left would lay off his family. As predicted, the fool ate the stinking fish and was still kicked out of the village.
20. Bibi
Yisraeli   (06.08.12)
Bibi should have stayed working for RIM furniture where I too worked in Ramat Gan. He was a simple salesman. Pity they didnt promote him to stay there. Better that I would have become PM then that chameleon and Machiavelli. Im a Feiglinite so would never betray the Land of Israel like that Manchurian stooge. One in the states and one in Israel. Must be CFR's work. God help us.
21. The Left is using all they can
Rozie   (06.08.12)
to destroy the PM and they still cannot achieve their goal. This write, Margolick, a Jew, is horrible. He should be ashamed of himself if he teaches Journalism...what a joke. He must have been paid some extra $$$$ by George Soros and his many foundations that George uses to try and destroy Israel.
22. How refreshing to learn of Bibi putting a vow to HaShem in
Rivkah   (06.08.12)
the marriage to Sarah before a paramour early in the marriage. King Solomon said no one knows love or hatred by all that comes before them. You have to look back to see if you loved or if you were loved. Love honors the vow to HaShem in a marriage which Bibi did by staying with Sarah instead of divorcing her when he had an affair early in the marriage. I have seen soooo many marriages destroyed by "the other women", that was probably the reason Newt Gingrich did not do well in the US Presidential primaries: people saw his wife Calista as the classic "other woman" who broke up his marriage to Marianne. To Newt, Calista is beautiful and charming and all the things he wanted in a wife. But he was not available when she wedged her way into his life, destroying his marriage. Bibi took the higher road and stayed with Sarah. So did David Ben Gurion. He did not leave his wife to marry an actress he had an affair with.
23. Crap
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (06.08.12)
Crap. Unevidenced journalism is slander. I have no opinions one way or another about Sarah Netanyahu, but I wish above all fairness. Is this article an actual issue, or a manufactured entertainment story? Think hard now!
24. oops! meant Vanity Fair not Vogue
Israella   (06.08.12)
25. "in a couple's bedroom..."
Shoshi ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.12)
But the issue here isn't what's going on in the couple's bedroom, it's what's going on OUTSIDE of their bedroom. Israel is a small country and it's not so easy to hide what's really going in situations such as this one. Definitely Sara is a Jezebel, a Lady MacBeth, etc. And she definitely has something on Bibi. Otherwise he would not fold before her in so many situations where he does. This is not at all a sloppy journalistic piece. It's a journalistic piece that just speaks about issues that in many circles are common knowledge.
26. Rivkah, did you lose your meds again.
Vlad   (06.08.12)
27. #25 - Shoshi
Devorah   (06.09.12)
In other words, it's just gossip.
28. 26 Vlad: Are you a Russian woman hater like most Russian
Rivkah   (06.08.12)
males? Why are you in Israel if you hate HaShem and His Laws? You should read the Scriptures to find out what happens to Russians in the latter days of Gentile world rule. Since most Russians in Israel are swine eaters, they will not be protected by HaShem (see Isaiah chapters 65 and 66). They will die with 2/3 of Israel while those who love HaShem will be the third who survive and are supernaturally protected by HaShem for 3 and a half years which is coming up pretty soon. The Russian army that attacks Israel will suffer great losses, too, since 94% of them will die north of Jerusalem with the armies of other nations that attack Israel. For you to be so anti-HaShem and anti-Scriptures is dreadful in the face of what is about to happen. You would have to give up unclean foods to even hope to have HaShem's protection, not to mention having circumcision, something Russians who pretend to be Jews to come to Israel rarely have done since they are not Jews in their hearts, except for a few.
29. Mrs
Tilly ,   Great Neck   (11.13.16)
Attractive she is not - no competition for him -
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