Netanyahu injures leg playing soccer
Attila Somflavi
Published: 11.06.12, 20:19
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1. Bibi plays for real
deborah lurya ,   irvine   (06.11.12)
the ravages of age- but one has to give him credit for getting out there and giving it the old college try
2. It is a sad day when one realizes one cannot do the things
Rivkah   (06.11.12)
of one's youth in sports as one once could. Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to take TA-65 from the Primal Force, Inc. Clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. That is a special formula that caps the DNA and reverses aging. One gets especially lean in the wallet taking that: it costs $1000. for a 45 day supply.
3. Too much of Sarale's cooking - he should go on diet
Bob ,   Haifa   (06.11.12)
4. Homer Simpson put it best
zionist forever   (06.11.12)
5. 2
James ,   Israel   (06.11.12)
Seeing that you are such an observant good Jewess, why don't you send Bibi a years supply of this wonder ageless thingy.
6. Thats what happens when you are out of shape.
Rio ,   New York   (06.11.12)
Soccer is demanding.
7. Bibi Get Well Soon And Elevate That Leg
Above heart level to reduce edema, I'm quite sure that advise was given at discharge with instructions. But if you do A venous/duplex to R/O DVT IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE. Free Of Charge Of Coarse. Rest up and get well soon My Friend.
9. The leg that kicks Jews out from their homes that was injure
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.11.12)
10. England could have used him today against France
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.11.12)
11. The Sayeret Matkal days sure are over!
Naor ,   USA   (06.11.12)
12. Bibi took part in the game to present the true face of Israe
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.11.12)
Well,Bibi,as you have seen,this is not the true face of Israel. You can not play soccer while other Jews are crying in dispair for their iminent eviction from their houses. Instead of happily playing games,you should had been in your office thinking about a way to save those Jews from their destruction.
13. Soothanol-X2 is very healing for muscle problems and is
Rivkah   (06.11.12)
topical. The sulfur in the DMSO base of Soothanol-X2 penetrates the skin and heals the muscle. I don't know how that would work for a damaged tendon but it is worth a try.
14. Soccer?
Steve ,   Bristol, England   (06.11.12)
It is not called soccer, it is football hence why the world governing body is called FIFA not FISA.
15. #14 -- Quiet Down!
Ari Ben Canaan   (06.11.12)
Stuff it Steve, we don't need you Brits telling us what to say anymore. You're revolution is over; your once-great empire is a pathetic relic of the past.
16. to #12
Andi ,   Israel   (06.11.12)
And other Jews are despairing at the disproportionate amount of money that will be spent on building in the West Bank-money that could be spent on better causes for the benefit of all Israelis. The tail is wagging the dog.
17. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.11.12)
Prayers for Prime Minister Netanyahu. When he first decided on a career in politics he probably never imagined that one of the work hazards would be a sprain from playing soccer with some kids in the cause of peace. Such is public life...
18. Bibi's injury
Mark ,   Pasadena, USA   (06.12.12)
Sounds like a collateral ligament strain or tear. Sorry Rivka;stick with making latkes. Orthopedics is not your forte.
19. Ari #14
Steve ,   Bristol, England   (06.12.12)
FIFA is not an english organisation, its a worldwide body but if you want to remain the odd ones out along with America and call football 'soccer' then do so, but you are silly, because it is football. If you are going to communicate in the language of my country and if you are going to refer to the game my country gave the world then at least refer to it by its proper name. Thank you.
20. To #14, #19
Xrymka ,   Paris, France   (06.12.12)
Australia and Canada call it soccer. You brits are the odd ones.
21. How many times has he put his foot in his
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.12.12)
mouth and never ripped a tendon. He can kick Jews from their homes and never tear a tendon.
22. I love you,Bibi!
Yakov Mishenbaun   (06.12.12)
Take good care of your leg,ok?
23. To #14
Rick ,   USA   (06.12.12)
The game in Israel is called "Kadur-Regel", which translates as football so you can sleep easily tonight.
24. #20
Steve ,   Bristol, England   (06.12.12)
it is called football by the whole world bar america and Israel who want to be the odd ones out, hence why it is fiFa not fiSa, why it is ueFa not uesa, why it concacaF, not concacaS. It is football not soccer.
25. soccer game
jolene hall ,   surrey,bc,canada   (06.12.12)
it is called s-o-c-c-e-r,when it is watch it on tv its called....a soccer game,when it is read about it in the paper its game highlights or whatever...."
26. GET WELL SOON BIBI! That also goes
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (06.12.12)
for #14. The subject is not soccer. Pay attention to it. You may learn a few thing or two.
27. Netanyahu tries hard
John   (06.12.12)
28. Netanyahiu starting to look more and more like an Obama
Al   (06.12.12)
vain, aloof repugnant and asinine. He doesnt give a damn about anything so long as he gets his mug in the papers. Its all about PR for this empty suit.
29. Bibi, you must lead the end game >>>
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.12.12)
Israel vs. Iran ! I wish you a speedy recovery !
30. Kadur + Regil = Football in Hebrew
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (06.13.12)
Ari, we call it football in Israel, too. KADUREGIL Kadur=Ball Regil=Foot Brits, and everyone else around the world, too, call it football. If Americans do or don't, couldn't care less. Don't curse all Britain because of one talkback over which you got upset. They gave Israel cheeps, which are not "french fries" either. AND my how the American empire has dwindled!
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