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Mubarak: Authorities want to kill me in prison
Roi Kais, AFP
Published: 11.06.12, 21:42
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1. Mubarak Health Condition
Rangel ,   Sacramento, USA   (06.11.12)
It is clear he is trying to get out of Jail, he was given life in prison and now he is complaining about dying in prison, of course he was meant to die in prison. He knows this and he is playing the health game in order to get out.
2. Ousted President of Egypt
Brenda Dingman ,   United States   (06.11.12)
They say he is being treated like other prisoners yet he is not. They do not want to move him to the hospital in Cairo because of the political unrest. This is inhumane. Even though this man killed people he is still a person!
3. Dear Hosni,
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (06.12.12)
I believe you are correct that a good many people wish to kill you. Where they do it, I doubt they care.
4. Mubarak's pleas
Ariel ,   Toronto   (06.12.12)
What about the 850 protesters you ordered your forces to kill? You found a solution for them (i.e. murder) Obviously he is clinically toast, and he's serving a life sentence anyways. Frankly, he would be better off dying now then continuing to live as a vegetable
5. karma
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.12.12)
Mr. Mubarak, you are right. You were an Egyptian war hero so instead of hanging you for 850 murders, they want you to die a "natural" death as quickly as possible. In your last moments think about if you had made peace with Israel instead of making war, if you had killed the pig Arafat instead of supporting Fatah, you would have brougt prosperity to Egypt. Instead, you will die alone in a prison cell, accused of being a Zionist.
6. Should the leader get all the blame?
signed   (06.12.12)
Egypt has a Parliament. You mean to tell me that the Egyptians are going to put all the blame on President Mubarak. There were elected representatives that should have been taking into consideration the concerns of the people for the good of all of Egypt. President Mubarak may have put too much trust in them as their constituents did. The military, generally speaking, looked to be trying to subdue the protest that were turning violent and destructive. There were some actions taken by the military that were inexcuseable. The protest showed the disgust and anger of the Egyptian people. Now, to take care of the people. President Mubarak should be able to live the last of his days safe and where he choses. It would be like a "house arrest". He may even be able to give insight on ways to help Egypt get back on its feet.
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