Norway's Holocaust inverters
Manfred Gerstenfeld
Published: 12.06.12, 10:11
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1. enough misdirected hate
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.12.12)
Why all this hate of Norway? Gerstenfeld blasts the Norwegians for being "Holocaust inverters" who consider Israel's treatment of the Arab similar to the Nazi's treatment of Jews. What does Gerstenfeld want from the Norwegians? All they are doing is echoing the standard Israeli Jewish Leftist belief that was pioneerd by Leftist High Priest Leibovitch and spread by his disciples like Zimmerman and Sternhel.
2. Yes..But why?
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.12.12)
I do agree that in Norway you come across some of the most extreme form of anti Israel hatred than any other country in Europe And why when Norway prides itself on being a bastion of tolerance fairness and freedom? That because this ACTIVE and AGGRESSIVE anti Israel persecution comes from the very top of Norwegian union, academic, media and political life - And its a very toxic giving unquestioning support to the Palestinian side no matter what and seeks to caricature and demonise 'Israel The Jewish State' at every opportunity. But to many ordinary Norwegians this is worrying. Because whilst this culture of hatred for Israel and Jews goes unchallenged and silently tolerated...it inevitably breeds a culture of hatred into other aspects of Norwegian society where hatred and intolerance becomes acceptable as the norm..Israel and Jews now..and who next? As one Norwegian wrote recently its not just damaging to Israel and Jews but to Norwegian society as well
3. actually, this is a good situation....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (06.12.12)
It is widely believed in Norway that we are ALREADY a clone of the Nazis. That's good, because it means we can get away with all sorts of strong-arm tactics that we've heretofore been afraid of using. for example.... this Dane who broke the fingers of the IDF Lt Colonel.... why the IDF guys did allow the foreign meddler to stay alive? Because they're worried that we have reputation left to lose? Killing the Dane would have made other Leftists think more carefully about whether they really want to hang out in hipster Ramallah coffeeshops. They are cowards; else we'd be seeing them fighting syrian troops!When our opponents have factually wrong ideas..... it is their weakness, not ours!
4. Time Arab Citizens say... IT ISN'T SO !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (06.12.12)
5. I don't want a Norwegian as neighbor !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.12.12)
6. This is not a genuienly Norwegan problem!
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (06.12.12)
You can find this problem throughout Europe and you will find it particularly in those countries, who feel the pain of having been perpetrators of the Holocaust. Perpetrators of the holocaust and the following generations seem to find relieve, if they find an opportunity to blame Jews of being as bad as the Nazis were. The Arabs, who are living in Europe are helping them, by fabricating information, that places Jews in the position of criminals of war against "stateless Arabs" while they sugarcoat their acts of terror as legitimate resistance.
7. Are we so much better?
Esther   (06.12.12)
"The study finds that 8% of Norwegians do not want Jews as neighbors, nor among their circle of friends. Almost 11% feel antipathy toward Jews and 12.5% of the population can be considered significantly prejudiced against Jews. Some 13% believe that Jews are to blame for their own persecution. " What will a study of Israeli attitudes towards Goyim in general, African "infiltrators" in particular reveal, I wonder? Not to mention: The Arabs among us. How many % of Israelis do not want Africans/Arabs as neighbours? Or among their circle of friends? How many % of Israelis feel antipathy toward Africans/Arabs and how many % of the population can be considered significantly prejudiced against Africans/Arabs. How many % believe that Africans/Arabs are to blame for their own persecution? Is anti-Semitism so different from other kinds of racism? Jews - can they also be racists? And vice-versa? Having lived in Israel for some years - In my life, I have never experienced racism so openly as I have in Israel. Is it possible we are racists as well - and what do we do to change that? After all - the only ones we can change, is ourselves? For we are indeed no better than the rest of the world!
8. I'm ashamed to be a Norwegian!
Johannes ,   NORWAY   (06.12.12)
Anti-Semitism IS different from other kinds of racism because it is spiritual, an uproar against the living God of The Holy Scripture! That's why my nation has a lot to fear in the years ahead! PS: Hope I will be welcome to visit Israel again.
9. There is a reason for everything
Harald ,   Bremen Germany   (06.12.12)
Gerstenfeld is clearly a recognized expert in the fine art and high science of anti-Semitism in Europe. He has already discovered an incredible amount of anti-Semitism among Europeans, and on a daily basis he reveals more. But never ever he can explain or find out the reason, why he and his fellow Jewish Zionists are so unpopular in Europe. That's very sad, because a simple view into the mirror could be helpful. May be the Norwegians take this preacher of anti-Semitism as a representative for all Jews and Israelis?
10. Re: There is a reason for everything - #9
Kate ,   London, UK   (06.12.12)
That Jews are responsible for anti-Semitism is one of the major themes of Hitler's Mein Kampf. Harald is obviously a big fan.
11. The reason is very simple: Oslo accord
12. to #9 the German colonys that were established
ghostq   (06.12.12)
by Wilhelm II were zionists chritian German colonys, and Wilhelm II even meet with Herzel the zionist jewish leader, I reckon you have never visited the area to even know what you r talking about.
13. Muslims and leftist..
Beary White, ,   Norway   (06.12.12)
have joined forces. "Normal" norwegians know the leftist are twisting the truth throuth newspaper, radio and state controlled media radio/TV. Even the leftist government is anti-Israel. We have to live that, after the maoists/akp's/SUFs and red ones lost their main objective in Mao and Kmer Rouge. (The early female leader of the biggest labour union was/as a sworen follower). Now, the bunch of shit only have to pinpoint Israel as the big enemy, thats why we have an increasing media-pressure against Israel. In addition we have got more than 250.000 islamic followers who makes their pressure for the evil truth...insane..Norway is already lost on the shrine of the evil...
14. #7 Esther: Good point, it is the same here
berlonski ,   berlin   (06.12.12)
Esther, it is the same here. If you read poll results in Germany, and the numbers in allover Europe are quite similar: The rate of people who don't want to have Muslims/Turks/Arabs/African people in their surrounding is by far higher than anti-semitic feelings. In Germany in the last 20 years dozens of Muslims and Africans were murdered just because of their faith/nationality or dozens of "leftist" teenagers in Norway or ... Anti-semitism IS still a problem, also Islamist terrorism. Both have to be addressed and they are. Unfortunately there are other groups that are even more under attack in Europe.
15. Norwegian establishment to blame
martin ,   uk   (06.12.12)
Norway has a long history of Israel hatred and blames Irael for the onslaught of Jew hatred in Norway. At every level in Norway, the politicians, government, arts, education, unions, news media have shown an uncontrolled frenzy of hate against Israel. It is not just one sided, it is pure unadulterated hate. The Jewish community in Norway is tiny and most Norwegians have never met a Jew. The term Jew is now derogatorical in its full understanding. Any expression of hate to the Jews and Israel is acceptable because of free speech. However, the right of reply is all too lacking. Norway a full democracy? Not at all. It is another western country run by Maoists, Marxists, Leninists, and is a real Bolshevik state.
16. Zionist propaganda claims that
Ahmet, Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.12.12)
Not being pro-Israeli is Anti-Semtisim. Sorry, but, nobody buys this crap anymore.
17. #8
Tomek ,   Poland   (06.12.12)
"Anti-Semitism IS different from other kinds of racism because it is spiritual, an uproar against the living God of The Holy Scripture! " Wow, that is heavy! Not sure what it means but it does make you sound very eloquent. Nonsensical but eloquent nonetheless.
18. To nr 9 and Norwegian anti-Semites
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.12.12)
If this phenomenon goes on much longer Israel would have to boycott Norway. If Norwegians were serious about boycotting Israel or Jews in general, they should boycott the computer - it was invented by a Hungarian Jew called John Von Neumann. Norwegians should also boycott Google and Youtube - invented by an American and a Russian Jew. Norwegians should boycott DiskOnKey, USB keys, centrino processors, cell phones, blue tooth and much of the medicial technology as it originates from Israel. It would also be a good idea to set up signs at hotels in Israel saying "Norwegians are not welcome". Also I recommend the Ben Gurion Airport authorities to prevent Norwegians from entering Israel and to keep an extra eye on Scandinavians when they land at the Ben Gurion. Preferably the Scandinavians should be placed on a flight home the very day they arrived. As an Israeli, I have to say that there is something that is very perverted about Northern European peoples and cultures - the Germans and the Scandinavians. Characteristic of Germans and Scandinavians: delusions of grandeur, inferiority complex hidden beneath a very thin varnish of "racial, cultural and moral superiority", perverted and extreme self righteousness, inflated egos and a sincere and perverted belief that since the Northern Europeans happen to have an opinion on a particular matter, it is automatically labeled as the "truth", as an "absolute" and anyone who challenges these opinions are either "extremists", "barbarians" or "different from the North Europeans". If you wonder why we Jews/Israelis (or Zionists as you prefer to call us) dislike Germans and Scandinavians, maybe you should take a good look at yourselves in the mirror.
19. To nr 7 - Yes we are much better Esther
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.12.12)
The Arabs and the Africans are trying to demographically destroy and take over Israel and one civilization conquering and destroying another civilization is not a democratic right - it's a crime. Also I want to remind you that Israel is the only country in the world thas brought Africans (Ethiopian Jews) to Israel to liberate them not to enslave them. Has the USA or the European countries ever brought thousands of Africans to liberate them? No usually to enslave them as was evident in the USA in the 18th and 19th century and during the time of European imperialism in the 19th and 20th century in Africa. When a civilization and a culture, nation or people are trying to preserve their ethnic and national identity and demographic majority, we are therefore speaking of the survival of a country - it's right to exist and it's right to maintain it's unique identity. I just wonder Esther how many Arabs and Africans are beaten up on Israel's streets on a daily basis. Only a minority of them and you know that. In Norway, a significant percentage of the Jews have experienced anti-Semitism and either verbal or physical attacks. Can Jews walk freely in Norway and openly display their Magen David or kippa? No they can't. But Africans and Arabs have no problems walking safely on Israel's streets. That's not an opinon - that's a FACT. The difference between Norwegian Jews and Arabs and Africans in Israel: Norwegian Jews are a small minority - they cannot take over Norway demographically, they are loyal, peaceful, law abiding and they are citizens. The Africans in Israel are no citizens, they are violent, aggressive, commit crimes, rape, theft, they entered our country illegally. Arabs of Israel are citizens but they constitute a huge minority that is openly anti-Semitic and racist and hellbent on our destruction. Since the Arabs and Africans behave the way they do in Israel one shouldn't be surprised that most Israelis don't like them.
20. im not surprised
george gorman ,   san francisco ca. US   (06.12.12)
Wake up people. The whole world loves to find reason to hate the Jews. When they can't find reason ...they invent one. This is nothing new. It has been going on since the beginning of time and will go on forever.
21. False equivalence the world is full of it and the Holocaust
r ,   Atlanta   (06.12.12)
is so horrific the closest thing comparable is driving the Jews out of Israel by Romans and renaming palestinana.
22. to #7 Esther
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (06.12.12)
really you are correct. So many Israelis have attitudes that are approximately the same as an average member of the Ummah. Therefore, I agree with you that Israelis should stop being "international activists" at the forefront to return the stolen lands that the Norsk grabbed from the Saami. It's really embarrasing, all those Israelis attacking Norwegian Army Occupation trroops!
23. Nobody needs to force me to become
Moragh   (06.12.12)
a friend of the Jews. My heart bleeds for those people in spite of the fact that the Jews are loved by God. It makes no difference what race you come from... God loves all of his creation UNTIL..... the time of the end arrives. And I certainly prefer to walk hand in hand into the arms of a loving God than march into Hell with the leaderless billions.
24. harald ilook in the mirror and am proud what about you
miriam ,   israel   (06.12.12)
25. Re: Zionist propaganda - #16
Kate ,   London, UK   (06.12.12)
You are quite right. Take me, for example, a woman who is adamantly opposed to the existence of Turkey and yet I still love the Turkish people.
26. Norwegian anti-semitism
gerry ,   raanana, Israel   (06.12.12)
And yet Norwegian salmon is sold in every supermarket in Israel. Canada is one of Israel's best allies, and has excellent Nova Scotia salmon available, but our supermarkets continue to support the anti-Semitic Norwegians.
27. Self - good & politically correct
mike birg ,   sydney,australia   (06.12.12)
The norwegian society is always trying to be following the trend of political correctness and they are so rich they can now overlook the historical facts of Middle East .
28. From the nation of Quisling!!!
Reuven   (06.12.12)
29. they do this to divert from their nazi actions
ralph   (06.12.12)
30. The best thing we Jews can do
Yisraeli   (06.12.12)
for countries like Norway and sweden and their endemic jew hatred, the best thing is for Jews to leave on mass. There should be no jews left in these countries. Let them wallow in their collective hatred, soon enough all the muslims there will have them all for breakfast and they will but dream of Jews kiving in their countries instead of the imported barbarians. I say the seeds of their own demise is already in full swing, nothing will stop that, so let them hate imaginary enemies.
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