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Report: Iran designing nuclear submarine
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Published: 12.06.12, 13:45
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1. Any more reason to vote for Romney?
ej ,   Lansing   (06.12.12)
Obama is inept and inexperienced. He has allowed Iran to reach a point a point of no return with Iran. He is a wimp. Romney for President!!
2. Iranian "high-tech"
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.12.12)
The problem of the Iranians is that they believe their own propaganda.
3. The "Younus" is an updated Russian Kilo class
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (06.12.12)
The "Younus" is a major overhaul and update of Iran's first Kilo class sub they purchased from Russia. The other two kilos Iran owns have not been renovated yet. Just as the Chinese learned a lot about carriers from rebuilding the Russian carrier they purchased, Iran has learned a lot about how to build a heavy sub from rebuilding this Kilo boat. Iran has also designed and built 19 Ghadir class small submarines. The bottom line is Iran has the capability of building a heavy sub from scratch, but I suspect that they do not have the necessary expertise in designing and building a naval class small nuclear power plant, YET. Since physically building a sub, takes multiple years, by the time they have the ship built, they will probably be able to build the power pant for it.
4. iran will get nukes
alexi   (06.12.12)
Barak on his own cannot make an attack decision like he stayed out of syrian nuke hit.Bibi can do small stuff but depends on barak who as stated cannot take such a decision. This is the same person seeing that rockets by the thousands have hit israel from lebanon and gaza advocated a few days ago a withdrawal from disputed west bank which would put central israel and the airport at risk. You know the arabs would fire rockets, 100%. So barak is disqualified and if it was up to me, i would relieve of him of defense and install Yaalon. Mofaz is another one whose judgement is wrong as he was the one who brought in halutz and who endorsed the gaza withdrawal without holding onto philedelphi. Weinstein may indict liberman which would be like cutting out the heart of israel. So who is left.. Yaalon. No, iran is getting nukes and all the warnings from bibi is empty talk.
5. self build project for nuclear sub
ky   (06.12.12)
I followed the same set of instructions but ran into problems after I turned the bath tub upside down . The drain pipe/ persiscope worked just fine but I coudnt stop the nuclear fuel in the bathrack from glowing in the dark thereby exposing my position underwater. Does anyone have any suggestions how to stop this?
6. And Egypt will something else next week.
Palestinian   (06.12.12)
7. Gotta love this one!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.12.12)
"high capabilities in designing and manufacturing different types of submarines" Snicker! Wouldn't Iran be better advised to devote its "high capabilities" to designing indoor toilets and bringing electricity to the 60% of homes that do not have it? We have, after all, seen how well Iran's second and third generation centrifuges operate ... which is to say, not at all. Start small. Put indoor plumbing in a home. Then, worry about the rest!
8. Obama stay in your nuclear bunker Washington is a target
zionist forever   (06.12.12)
The only real purpose for nuclear submarines is long range deep water operations where they can be undersea for months like the US undertakes. If Iran is just interested in coastal defense diesel electric is ideal especially as diesel electrics are quieter than nuclear Not that they have the technology to build it and if they did it would take them a decade or more to design and build but if they want nuclear subs then it just more proof they want a missile launch platform which can go way beyond the Gulf. Iran's space program ( putting stuffed toys into space and bringing them back ) is nothing but a cover for testing the nosecone technology needed for an ICBM. I wonder how America will feel knowing that Iran has both ICBMS capable of hitting the White House and are also able to park a nuclear submarine off the coastline and fire missiles from that? If Obama wins a second term I do suggest he stays close to a nuclear bunker at all times just incase the Grand Ayatollah gets a message from Allah saying attack the Great Saten it doesn't matter what they do in return because as good Muslims we will all go to paradise.
9. Could The World Expect To See This new isslimic
nuclear sub to be cruising the gulf and the med with new and improved nuclear tipped missiles and torpedo's in the next couple of weeks?
10. what a shame North Korea doesn't have nuclear subs
4   (06.12.12)
Iranians are masters of reverse engineering. Their fighter jets which they claim have the same capability of the F/A 18 is just a reverse engineered F5 Tiger. The Shihab 3 missile is based on the North Korean No Dong missile. Their North Korean Sang-O mini subs is believe to be what the indigenous sub. Whilst Iran is advanced in some areas alot of its toys are reverse engineered technology and unless Russia is willing to sell them a nuclear submarine which I doubt then Iran is not going to have the technology to build their own nuclear submarine for a very long time unless Allah give it to them personally because he wants them to attack the great and mini satens.
11. Iran's Nuke submarine ! Only for
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.12.12)
peaceful purposes. While the EU and Co "cower out" and let Iran have it's way for anhyone who doubts look no further than Syria as the epidemy of waekness. Don't think that the EU or Obama would intervene to help Israel if we were being slaughtered. History repeats
12. Thanks to our secret agents
Farzan Khaled   (06.12.12)
Thanks to our secret agents Hadji Hussein Obama & ugly Begum Catherine Ashton who have cooked up a nice "deal" that fools the Israelis & enables us to build a nuke secretly and eliminate them very soon...ha ha !
13. @ 2...That's your problem's also Israel's...TATA
Edithann ,   USA   (06.12.12)
14. I Recently Read In A russian publication
That the ILLEGAL regime in teheran was going to be building a nuclear plane? They are such amazing engineer's, I'm So Impressed?
15. The project will never reach completion
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.12.12)
It'll be bombed back to the stone age along with the rest of the nuke program.
16. #13 Edithann
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.12.12)
If Iran threatens other countries with annihilation and boasts with wonder weapons it does not actually possess, this is rather stupid (and most of all dangerous for Iran).
17. Until a flame virus mysteriously appears.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.12.12)
As some posters have noted; Iran would be well advised to start with indoor toilets for it's population. Iranian attempts to create "high tech" nuclear submarines is the sort of situation in which flame viruses mysteriously appear.
18. Iran's Nuclear Sub
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (06.12.12)
They're gonna put Bushehr on their aircraft carrier. It will sink. Voila~! Iran has a nuclear sub!
19. One Persian atomic sub coming up!
8th Generation Sabra   (06.12.12)
ETA, 90 days. Hot sauce, extra.
20. MUCH TO YOUR SORROW...........#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.12.12)
Don't you worry at all about the internal plumbing issue,Sarah.The first submarine will set to sail........................we shall then discuss the rest.Ha! ha!
21. iranians have gone nuke nuts!
peggy ,   uk   (06.12.12)
22. iran can not design anything that works
Joe ,   UK   (06.12.12)
There are a lot of clever iranian people but, they have all fled the country over the last 30 yrs and live elsewhere. I met a few of them and they are very capable but they all agree that the regime there is nuts. Hence what is left in Iran is low-level scientists who simply wont be very productive. if they were, why would they stay?
23. #13 edithann - it is definitely YOUR problem...HAHA
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.12.12)
But we always knew that.
24. Sarah B
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.12.12)
Sorry, but i think that you are not fair here. You know, I am almost sure that they will design indoor toilets on this famous and so oh advanced submarine (I hope it's gonna be yellow, I hate Beatles..) and who knows, maybe they will adopt the know-how and continue by building them all over country. Have a nice day.
25. #15 Noodles
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.12.12)
Thou canst not kill that which doth not live. And you cannot bomb the Iranians back to the Stone Age. They are already living in it.
26. 17
zionist forever   (06.12.12)
I imagine this time it will be a wave virus rather than a flame one and the result will be a submarine that sinks but never surfaces again. James cameron will probably make a movie about it.
27. Iran nuke submarine
Noel ,   USA   (06.12.12)
Technology in designing a small nuclear power plant for a sub is horrendously difficult. What is purpose? If defense of coastal waters, then conventional fine. If attack USA, China, Russia in attempt to take over world? That's another story. Would take 10 yers in any case -- long after present retards long gone. Unit 13 would sink it before it's sailing. Time to eat.
28. To Sarah B #7
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (06.12.12)
Your snickering reminds me of the mood in Israel before October 1973. I hope your waking up this time will be more pleasant and less bloody.
29. #20 mahmood - don't hold your breath. haha!
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.13.12)
30. Its a Kilo, folks!
Shanghaid_Expat ,   Shanghai, China   (07.05.12)
Your Reuters photo is captioned wrong - that is one of the Russian Kilo subs purchased in the 1990s. Their "Younus" sub is that slime green toy submarine shown above & to the left.
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