MK, Muslim brotherhood meeting cancelled
Moran Azulay
Published: 12.06.12, 14:40
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1. Oh Come on
Eyal ,   USAIsrael   (06.12.12)
Did you really think such a meeting would take place? We all know what is going to happen in the next few months, don't we? Well let me answer....The sinai will return to Israel, Cairo will be on fire and Romney is going to win. The end.
2. #1 lets pray non of that happens
aiman ,   jersey   (06.12.12)
3. a step by step
Dr Sayed Khatab ,   Dandenong   (06.12.12)
Timing for this meeting is not right. There is presidential election and the Muslim Brotherhood wants its candidate to win but this meeting may affect the result. Also, after the election we should keep try and perhaps select appropriate time and should be kept away from the media until the situation is normalised. The majority of the Parliament are Islamists without experience and long time of opposition and their oppositional position and statements are still in the mind of the people. I am sure a step by step away from the media will work.
4. #1 lets pray ALL of that happens (End)
Igal ,   Canada   (06.12.12)
5. "no option"
Zachary ,   Baltimore, USA   (06.12.12)
Egypt had the option of going ahead with the meeting. It is not Israel or Jews fault if Egyptians consider meeting with Israelis verboten. I am tired of patronizing Arabs, treating their childish piques and tantrums as diplomatic crises.
6. #4 so you want a new war
aiman ,   jersey   (06.12.12)
with peoples from both sides are going to die and a whole city with 30 million people to burn. Very nice!!!! your an ANIMAL!!!!!!
7. Boundless servility of Israelis always assuming guilt and fi
ab   (06.12.12)
nding excuses for enemies. "Embarassing State Department"-by "causing"the Muslim Broterhood to cancel the meeting ?!
8. #6 time for you to crawl out of the rock you live under and
Igal ,   Canada   (06.12.12)
see what is really going on in the middle east!!! war is coming and it will not be by Israels hands... seriously open your eyes!!! Do you actually believe for a second that Islam will ever accept Israel???
9. What's not clear ...
Danny ,   London England   (06.13.12)
What's not clear is which side ruined it by disclosing it to the media. Egypt receives substantial American aid and would be willing to do what is needed to remain on good terms.
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