Leftist MKs against university in 'heart of territories'
Tomer Velmer
Published: 12.06.12, 23:13
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1. Meretz is pathetic. Boycotts are aimed at all of Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.13.12)
Meretz is pathetic and richly deserves to be wiped off the political landscape of Israel. Meretz wants to cede our land to attempt to win the love of Israel's leftist haters. How truly sick! Boycotts are aimed at all of Israel. Would Meretz also wish us to give up Israel and beg leftist haters to like us? On second thought, I know the answer to that. PATHETIC!
2. Creeping annexation...
eldar ,   Haifa   (06.13.12)
... there is no other reason for locating it there. And yes, Israeli academics and institutions will see themselves increasingly isolated globally as the settlers and their projects drag this country and the whole Zionist project into their spiritual black hole. This is what happens when you put land before G-d.
3. Our land
JGrosman ,   Houston Texas   (06.13.12)
I know of no other country that gives back land to the losers. The Arabs that lived there belong to Jordan.
4. Arabs attendr Ariel Univ. too
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.13.12)
Firstly, no politician, right or left will ever be able to destroy city of 20,000 people. Israel desperately needs a 7th university and Ariel University is big & very respected - bldg. in the photo is much smaller than the rest of the buildings. Arabs attend there as well & all Israelis will benefit.
5. #2. Your G'd wants Israel to be 9 miles wide!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.13.12)
#2 Eldar. There is no need for Israel to "creap:" Judea and Samaria have belonged to Jews for more than 3,500 years. And you believe in a very funny G'd. A G'd that wants Israel to be 9 miles wide and ultimately destroyed. Eldar, this G'd of yours has nothing to do with Judaism.
6. Ariel University - about time
Clear Thinker ,   USA   (06.13.12)
Ariel University Center is about higher education and the opportunities it creates. Not said is that 3% of the institution's students are Israeli Arabs, with the elders of several neighboring Arab villages on record as supporters of the institution. All considered, it appears the left is doing more to make this political than the right, with the caliber and quality of the education the only criteria by which the institution should be measured and, if worthy, advanced in status. If the representatives of other Israeli universities do not support elevation of Ariel University Center out of fear of an academic boycott of all Israeli universities (which would, by definition, not be an "academic boycott" but a national and political boycott), then they're no more than kapos cloaked in academic gowns.
7. university
alex ,   ashkelon israel   (06.13.12)
some one tell this idiot Zahava Gal-On ariel never will be part of pal we did notbuild a city to handle it to terrorist. and i think kenesset should send her to pshycologist for exam how she become member of kenesset. all leftist is that stupid?
8. Ariel is just another illegal settlement in the West Bank
Alex   (06.13.12)
Give it what status you like, eventually Israel will be forced to evacuate all the illegal settlements in accordance with International Law. Maybe Ariel should be relocated, like the illegal Ulpana homes also built on stolen Palestinian land, and preferably in the middle of the Negev.
9. how it is funny
left and right avoid it to be one state to all its citizenes .. this pull it to left that pull it to right but the course will be that it is one state to all its citizines
10. The thousand Arabs who study there will be happy
RC ,   Israel   (06.13.12)
Just as the Jews will. Ariel is a fine institution with outstanding faculty, facilities, and research, and is only 45 minutes from Tel Aviv. They deserve university status for academic reasons, and the close proximity to Israel's population center only makes it much better for all. Opposition is purely political- and economic (other universities want more pie).
11. Universities can be placed anywhere. The question is faculty
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.13.12)
Universities can also be relocated later. So what's the political issue here? If there is a good quality academic faculty willing/able to teach in Ariel, may the Force be with them. Certainly, there is enough Arab population around Ariel to take advantage of it. Operation of this university may be the best harbinger of peace in the region and hasten the day of the desired two-states solution.
12. Ariel is a great University !
trumpeldor   (06.13.12)
meretz should transfer its headquarter to ramalla,their love for arabs being far greater than anything else
13. If University Status Brings Boycot
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (06.13.12)
B"H - Meretz chairwoman Zahava Gal-On: "Those who want to turn the status of the Ariel University Center to a university are single-handedly bringing an academic boycott on us" - ABY: If this is the case, dear Zahava, it's better not to collaborate with those institutes that would boycott us if we were Jews: The State of Israel meant to place itself between the Jews and anti-Semitism. If the State fails in this and becomes ant-Semitic itself, it renounces its raison d’être, its very reason of being: Are you working towards this status?
14. move will lead to academic boycott
Zev ,   Israel   (06.13.12)
Only if the Israeli left push for a boycott.
15. # Ariel is Israeli land
Keren, IL-BR   (06.13.12)
Who is afraid of boycotts? Israel can stand alone in the world. Our technology and scientific skills are superior to most of our boycotters. Ariel is expected to be the most advanced and sophisticated center for biotechnology in the world. Who cares about a bunch of leftist's opinion?
16. This institution deserves to be a university
Nick ,   Munich   (06.13.12)
According to all academic standards, this institution deserves to be called a university. It is nonsense that this will be followed by academic boycott. Academia has always been divided about support or boycott of the state of Israel, no matter what.
17. # 15 Fake Keren
Keren IL-BR   (06.13.12)
Gross attempt. I am the real Keren, though I am forced to agree with you.
18. Shut down Ben Gurion "University" and give budget to Ariel
Rivka ,   Beer Sheba   (06.13.12)
Ariel is an Israeli school, BGU is not
19. Israel minus Ariel
Kevin John Lee ,   Glasgow/UK   (06.13.12)
I dont know whether the educational institution situated in Ariel,should warrant university status,but I cant conceive an Israel without Ariel,a bit like a USA without a Houston. Shalom L"rav.
20. Meretz leader behind the times
rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.13.12)
There already is an academic boycott - and Arial is currently not recognized for what it is. So what difference will it make to recognize Ariel University? None.
21. #18 you put your finger on it
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.13.12)
This has nothing to do with Ariel and everything to do with money. if Ariel University Center becomes a university, the Leftist home boys in the other Universities will get less money. Fifth-rate "researchers" like Neve Gordon might have to stop being professors and get a real job.
22. Yeah those damned leftists, so out of touch
MelekhShaul ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.12)
There's just that itsy bitsy little problem with all this erudite argument about how Ariel college fits academic criteria, and that's that irritating little matter of the GREEN LINE. To the east of that line is Occupied Territory, someone else is living there, I think they're called Palestinians though I imagine a good number of Talkbackers would rather refer to them as Amalek and wish they just weren't there, pity!! Anyway even if granting Ariel college university status is in some line of some coalition deal, there's one thing that isn't and it's the missing solution that so far no Israeli government has carried out - annexation. Ask yourselves why is there all this creeping annexation stuff, instead of a 'Zbeng Ve'Gamarnu' declaration that this west bank is ours. Some smart Rightist Talkbacker should ask King Bibi why he hasn't taken control of Eretz Yisrael Ha'Shleimah. It'd be an interesting answer, the apogee of spin.
23. #22 my answer
B. Netanyahu ,   Caesaria   (06.13.12)
I am like Arik, they have something on me. When I do what they want, I am an etrog and make lots of money. If I do what my voters want, they'll publish my secret.
24. #8 We'll see about that.
Jake   (06.13.12)
25. #11, Like what happened to the greenhouses of Gush Katif?
Jake   (06.13.12)
You are laughable.
26. 23
MelekhShaul ,   Jerusalem   (06.13.12)
That's as fine a piece of inscrutable spin to gladden the hearts of any Spin-Meister. And what, do tell, does it signify?
27. #25 Jake,what University in G.K.?A supportable idea finally.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.13.12)
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