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Iran arrests scientist killers linked to Israel
Published: 14.06.12, 17:18
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1. If they really did it, Hashem will bless them.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.14.12)
2. So bring it on.
Ahmed Khakpour ,   Qom, Iran   (06.14.12)
So bring it on. You think we are afraid of you ? We are waiting for you Israelis since the past 5 years to attack us, so that we can teach you a lesson once & for all. Kindly stop blowing hot-air and start the war immediately.
3. you started the war when you funded hizbollah
Jake   (06.14.12)
4. One thing for sure
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (06.14.12)
No details on the number of suspects, their identities or nationalities, or when or where they were arrested......but the were DEFINITELY linked to Israel. If it's one thing the Iranian idiots know, it's that Israel is at the root of EVERYTHING! LoL!
5. Whatever They Say? Didn't Everyone
in the World know The ILLEGAL regime in teheran says Alot of things? Problem is there NEVER ANY PROOF? We all know they can be taken at their word? NOT ברוך הא שם
6. To Amichai on Irans assassins
Daniel Kelly ,   UK   (06.14.12)
Iran is wrong accusing Israel They should realize the decent Iranians have had enough with the mullah ridden regime treating the population like SLAVES. No wonder there are thousands iranians have fled are now living in the diaspora. This latest shows they have had enough. blaming Israel is an easy option. Hey,Mahmoud watch your bac. You are going to be toppeld in a blinking of an eye come the NEXT PROTESTS by the people.
7. Russia, China and any other country
Li ,   USA   (06.14.12)
are investing in their future by feeding any information they have to Iran. There is no country right now whose interests are served by protecting Israeli networks.
8. Another excuse
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.14.12)
For Iran to murder more innocent people to cover up their murder of scientists for opposing their apartheid fascist regime.
9. The regime probably some random dissenters...
Scott ,   USA   (06.14.12)
The Pasdaran does that a lot.
10. Ahmed Khakpour, Qom Iran.
JUDAH THE LION   (06.14.12)
11. #7 - Don't be so sure
William ,   Israel   (06.14.12)
Those who benefit most from the Israeli networks and intelligence are the US, UK, Germany, Italy, and France, Colombia, and several Sunni Gulf nations. It's just no one took the time to inform you of secretive global politics before they embarked on the mission.
12. Don't fool yourself
Cyrus ,   Van, Turkey   (06.15.12)
They are catching them. There was even an Israeli woman they caught and executed without a peep coming from Israel. This is great news because Israel thinks they can go kill with impunity.
13. #2 Ahmed
Abz ,   Australia   (06.15.12)
The war has already started. It started a while ago and you're losing. Wars are not only fought with weapons. They are fought with cyber systems, spies, sabotage, mind games, etc. I am sure Israel already has a gameplan for dealing with Iran and any other enemy for that matter. It's like a lion. It hunts its prey, it watches and waits, its patience is great and when it knows the time is right, when it has worked out how the enemy thinks and strikes...and it kills... Israel is that lion. Never underestimate the Jewish nation. It is foolish to even think of doing such a thing. Am Yisrael Chai!
14. 12-what Israeli woman executed?
Stephen in New York   (06.15.12)
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