Dogs won't take part in protest dispersals
Yoav Zitun
Published: 14.06.12, 23:13
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1.  Send them flowers next time...stupid and naive IDF.
2. next step : soldiers with water pistols
3. now he won't throw rocks......... keep the dogs!!!
moti ,   usa   (06.15.12)
4. need a whole pack of dogs
david ,   new york   (06.15.12)
after looking at the video, it is clear that the problem was that there weren't enough dogs. perhaps 50-60 would have worked well. they should outnumber the enemy.
5. why are they b'tselem videos on ynet
david ,   new york   (06.15.12)
i see links to a whole bunch of b'tselem videos on ynet. b'tselem is an anti-israel organization funded by lefft wing europeans (and arabs) in order to attack israel from within. why do they get free airtime on ynet??
6. This is so ridiculous...
Aharon ,   Holon, Israel   (06.15.12)
1.) There is a canine unit for a reason. The dog was just doing his job, and now you're going to penalize him because he was doing what he was trained to do? So stupid! 2.) If you muzzle the dog, you're muzzling his main weapon! Sometimes I just don't get the IDF. Why are we even here if we can't defend ourselves from our enemies?
7. Huh?>
Gil ,   Tel aviv   (06.15.12)
Shouldn't they be getting more dogs, not less after this successful outcome?
8. Wasn't that bad actually
Samir ,   Ramallah   (06.15.12)
Give that dog a nice drink of milk.
9. #3, it has already happened aboard the Marmara (terror ship)
Mikey   (06.15.12)
10. use of dogs for wars is a crime
ivan ,   haifa   (06.15.12)
you not only torture a person, dogs suffers also.
11. the soldier was not suspended, next promotion
John   (06.15.12)
12. If you release a muzzled dog, it will get beat to death.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.15.12)
13. Good Video. Israeli soldiers at work.
Israeli 2   (06.15.12)
GREAT DOG! It knows what must be done!
14. Muzzle the dog?! What?
Harriet ,   U.S.   (06.15.12)
What in the world is the point of muzzling a dog you want to use as a deterrent? That misses the very point. So, the unruly crowd determines what is allowed? ...ass backwards.
15. david, are you volunteering yourself?
Persian CAT   (06.15.12)
16. Better to use Dogs than Guns. Use more dogs
Haokip ,   Sderot, Israel   (06.15.12)
17. Nice Malinois
Yitzack ,   Kiryat Arba Israel   (06.15.12)
Well trained dog, just a basic dog handler problem.
Netanya ,   Netanya   (06.15.12)
The author writes, "bit the protester in his upper torso" but that is a total outright lie. I watched the vid over and over to see that, but the dog clearly bites the man in his hand, because the man has a weapon in it. These dogs are trained to disarm those who are armed and the writer here should be FIRED for this crappy article where he adds HIS OWN FACTS, while he could have just watched the vid to see that he is completely fabricating a story. Tired of these articles which disregard real news for the writer's own agenda's sake.
19. WHY NOT???
les ,   canada   (06.15.12)
why can't a good dog bite a bad dog?
20. Why didn't they show
Butch ,   U.S.A   (06.15.12)
the rest of the video of the brave Dog licking his butt trying to get the taste out of his mouth?
21. To #2 The IDF won't be given water guns!
Reuven   (06.16.12)
The inept Barak favors paintball guns. we need to reverse this idiotic decision on the dogs!
22. Hrrmmpphh!
Devorah   (06.16.12)
Holding a lighter in the air and doing the wave for Oketz!!!
23. Training/Handler issue
Colorado ,   USA   (02.12.13)
With the correct training, canine unit dogs are under absolute command of the handler, and as a team they work as a unit. The dog is obedient to the handler if trained properly. This is a fail regarding grip/release as well cooperation between handler and dog. 7-10 minutes? One command. Dog breaks. That's it. IDF should train in USA for rescue and police work. Colorado Springs CO has good trainers (Cool K9) and there are other good programs throughout the country (as well as bad ones). Dogs are very effective in crowd control if trained properly. A muzzle defeats the dog's ability to subdue an assailant and isn't necessary if the dog and handler have an effective relationship.
24. Look closely....
Colorado ,   USA   (02.12.13)
ALSO should be mentioned that the dog isn't "tearing apart" the man's arm. He is merely holding the arm. Trust me--if these dogs wanted to kill it would be fast business. The dog is just detaining the subject. My point was that even so, the dog needs to be brought into a release sooner on command. Basically--IT'S NOT THE DOG'S FAULT. He's just doing his job as he understands it.
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