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Report: IHH financially linked to al-Qaeda
Published: 15.06.12, 11:44
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31. made up info by haberturk
steven   (06.15.12)
turned out to be fake
32. #30 Pedro
DavidR ,   USA   (06.15.12)
Yes Pedro, I believe there were a couple of Brazil citizens on board also. There are trashy people in all countries.
33. #32 I agree
Pedro ,   Brazil   (06.15.12)
I know that 1 Brasilian (she is from Asia) inside the flotilla was a woman who lives in USA. And her husband is a bank owner.
34. only fools like goldstone would be surprised
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.15.12)
35. Turkey sponsors terrorism
Barak ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.16.12)
So now we finally know that Turkey is a state sponsor of terrorism. Anyone surprised? Anyone? I wonder if Turkey, who backed what is now becoming understood as a terrorist attempt to break a LEGAL Israeli blockade, will pay the soldiers that its terrorist citizens harmed. I'm not holding my breath. I am, however, curious whether it will continue to prosecute the Israeli heroes that stopped the Turkish terrorist attack.
36. The kee words are ,...
split ,   US   (06.16.12)
The "PROBE", "ACCUSES" I don't see "FOUND GUILTY" in the court of law so why don't you talkbackers spare us your stupid "I told you so" and wait for the verdict,...
37. Expose Turkey for what it is...
Efraim ,   in Virginia   (06.16.12)
This also means that the Americans & Europeans on those boats are also guilty.
38. Thinking...?
Hello The Moog!
39. #36 split
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.17.12)
You, of all people, accusing others of not waiting for a "court of law" to reach a verdict!? You are a prime example!
40. 11. Hanin Zouabi on board
Moragh   (06.17.12)
the marmara. Saw it on TV. That creature is trouble no matter where she goes. Why does Israel have such trash in the Knesset?
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