Truck driver kills 2 Palestinian robbers
Ynet reporters
Published: 17.06.12, 21:13
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1. Good give the man a medal and a
Dyslexic............ ,   Israel.....   (06.17.12)
free holiday in Eilat.
2. good shooting
gadot ,   herzlia   (06.17.12)
3. Well done!!!!
yehoshuabader ,   Tzfat, Israel   (06.17.12)
4. Drama in South Mount Hebron
Good job
5. Best news heard in a long time
Yisraeli   (06.17.12)
now if these scum were to face the same each time, the roads would be alot safer. they will think twice. but to date they have always gotten away with it and shattered many lives in the process.
6. Now that's what I call gun control.
Chaim ,   Arad   (06.17.12)
7. An unnecessary killing
Jochi Weil ,   Switzerland   (06.17.12)
or even a double murder? Was it really necessary to shoot these two poor palestinians? Are the Westbank territories the killing fields of triggerhappy Israelis? I hope the UN and Human Rights Groups will investigate.
8. Simple robbery or Jew-hatred?
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.17.12)
Either way, they paid the price for their way of life. This is where the Arabs gloat, "We love death as much as you love life!" So I guess we needn't be too upset over their deaths. Peace will only come about when Arabs decide they love life more than death through jihad. But since all the mosques promote this insane line of thinking, (embodied in the Quran itself), it will never happen. Israel: gun-carry permits for all who want them!
9. Sorry the truck driver got hurt & sorry the arobs didn't get
MosheuSA ,   Usa   (06.17.12)
more pain & suffering.
10. So we've got 2 terrorits less. Thank you Mr Truck Driver
May there be many more like you.
11. congratulations ! U deserve a medal !
12. An investigation into # 7
Bunga ,   USA   (06.17.12)
I think there needs to be an investigation of the mental health of this thug called Jochi Weil. And notice where it comes from?
13. Jochi Weil
PaulZion ,   Israel   (06.17.12)
I am so glad that you can thinks reasonably and with such a clear head when YOU are being beaten on the head with a spanner and YOU are being robbed. Was it necessary? No, he should have asked them first: Do you just want to rob me, or also kill me? Please remember that next time you are visited upon by people who wish to do you harm.
14. before judging hear the other side story
shafeeq ,   wb   (06.17.12)
every time a Palestinian is killed by army or settlers he is accused of an alleged attack , sorry but that is not true all the time , and you can see videos about some idf & settlers lies on you tube
15. at least not available for "prisoner exchanges"!
Tevye ,   Chelm   (06.17.12)
Thats the way how to deal with this type of scum!
16. #7 fool
17. GREAT JOB! He should replace PM Bibi or at least DM Barak.
KOL HAKAVOD   (06.17.12)
18. # 7 Mr. Weil
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.17.12)
Are you serious? This is none of the UN's business. There probably would have been a murder if the driver had not had a gun. This wasn't murder it was only a good citizen taking out the trash and making the world a better and safer place for others.
19. terrorist attack
observer ,   Egypt   (06.17.12)
he claims they had tried to rob him ... , not only did Israelis try but they are already on the robing process. so, Palestinians have to kill any Israeli.
20. Was it really necessary to shoot these two poor palestinians
sarah ,   jerusalem israel   (06.17.12)
You are apparently either unclear on the concept of self-defense (being free to shoot a group of people trying to beat you to death with a wrench) or you are a racist who thinks Jews shouldn't have a right of self-defense. Given that all male Switzers serve in the army and are prepared to defend their country, I suspect you understand the concept of self-defense and simply don't think Jews are entitled to it. I would also suggest that the UN and human rights groups (and you) could more effectively use their time addressing the mass slaughter of civilians in Syria's killing fields.
21. To Number 7
yehoshuabader ,   Tzfat, Israel   (06.17.12)
B"H I'm a Swiss Jew who lives in Israel. No 7 is a typical comment from a Swiss, investigate the Jews but do nothing in Syria or anywhere else in the Arab world. This is the hidden/soft Anti-Semitism of Switzerland. By the way, they still busily deal with Iran as in the news today!!!
22. @Jochi
Ralph ,   Rome   (06.17.12)
1 the weren't "poor Palestinians" 2 they weren't in the West Bank Check your geography before accusing people just according to your prejudices
23. jochi
jerry1800 ,   s`Gravenhage   (06.17.12)
it is easy to judge threatened jews in Israel from the safety of Schweiz buy a history book !
24. To No' 7
sammy ,   America   (06.17.12)
"...Poor palestinians..." you say! Congratulations you have reached the low level of fooling even yourself. Had they had a chance they would have killed the truck driver themselves. Anyway according to jihad they have gone straight to whats everyone so worried about. They are surely enjoying themselves up there!
25. U.N. Investigation
Charley Angel ,   L.A. Calif.   (06.17.12)
Absolutely call for a UN investigation. How could that fiendish Israeli allow himself to possibly dent a Swedish wrench? In the US, a Swedich wrench is called a Crescent Wrench, as in Red Crescent.
26. Bias..."victims?"
dov epstein ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.12)
Left-wing Media gets away with...murder..."Palestinian sources identified the victims as .." NO, they were not "victims.." they are the perpetrators, and got what they deserved.
27. Israeli agression again.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (06.17.12)
First the driver should have called the robbers to stop the act. Second to inform them about possible using of his weapon. Third to shoot into the air. Fourth carefully shoot the robbers on their legs, not to cause any serious injuries. Fifth to say a Shema Israel praying for himself.
28. GOOD! End the racist "Fakestinian" arab terrorism on Jews
hippocrates ,   earth   (06.17.12)
29. #7 Idiot
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (06.17.12)
I would like to know what you would do if someone came into your home and beat you up with the intention of killing you. Idiot....
30. Justice on his side
Zeev ,   Rehovot, Israel   (06.17.12)
Terrorists call for kidnap and murder of Jews to swap the hostages or their bodies for terrorists convicted for killing women and children. In these circumstances, any Jew attacked should assume that there is a danger of his murder, and act accordingly.
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