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Abbas scolds Israel over 'clinically dead' peace talks
Published: 17.06.12, 21:26
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1. Always the same stories, if you want peace go and negociate
Smith   (06.17.12)
and stop find excuses to avoid peace talk.
2. The PLO never had any intentions of peace with Israel
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.17.12)
They realized they couldn't accomplish anything by hijacking planes & terrorism so when Peres, Rabin & Beilin rolled out the red carpet, they couldn't refuse.
3. We should take him at his word!
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (06.17.12)
Move on, we have a Jewish nation to build. Let's stop playing with the essence of Arab corruption and get on with it. If they decide that they want to provide for their people, educate them, and give them a future they will join us. Buying time is just paying their corrupt "leadership."
4. The Pals are welfare queens
Dan Kelso   (06.17.12)
Having a conflict is goldmine for them. There getting billions in aid to maintain their welfaire state from the world. I don't know why Israelis allow their govt to continue renting air frequencies to Nazi PA-TV. PA-TV indoctrinates generation after generation of Arab children into thinking that it's their duty to slaughter Jews - and that Jews are lower than a vermin that must be eliminated. ~~~ The Israeli govt that appears so sensitive to the slightest verbal offence against Arabs, says absolutely nothing about PA TV incitement to murder Jews.
5. Then end the farce
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.17.12)
Send the PLO back to Tunisia and disarm all the terrorists.
6. he is dead right!
DavidR ,   USA   (06.17.12)
You can forget your stupid dream of a state in Yhudah or Shomron. BREAKING NEWS Od Yoseph Chai!!!!!! Shomron is the heritage of Yoseph! He is not dead! He lives in the blood of his ancestors scattered throughout the world and will soon return to their heritage. Abbas! go to gaza and be happy.
7. The Pal way.Pals get 1967 borders. Israel gets Pal refugees
Sam ,   Canada   (06.17.12)
The Palestinian attitude is that there is nothing to lose in trying to get the West make Israel hand over the West Bank and Israel proper. After all, the West did a similar thing for the blacks in South Africa. That's why they emphasize words like apartheid. Failing that they can always try violence and rally the Arabs to war. Say, it ain't so, Palestinians.
8. Palestinians are Rejectionists
Steven Meyers   (06.17.12)
Arabs CANNOT make peace with Israel. Without Israel to blame for all the death, poverty, destruction, misery and oppression across Islam, who will the Islamic people blame? Wait, they’ll blame the Mossad Shark, Mossad Vulture, the 4000 Jews who didn’t show up at the World Trade Center, and the new crazy Arab theory that Bugs Bunny doesn’t like Muslims. If only the Arab could put himself in the 21st century. Even the 19th century would be an improvement.
9. it's over for the Palestinians
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (06.17.12)
Thanks to stupidity. Now all we have to do is deport them all to Jordan.
10. Stillborn Process
Jake in Jerusalem ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.17.12)
"Clinically dead"??? The Oslo "peace" process was born dead. Oslo's parents, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Ron Pundak, couldn't face reality and pretended (and still pretend) that they have a viable peace process. Losers! Criminal losers!
11. Where does he stand on a 'Nuclear Iran' ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (06.17.12)
12. Sam #7 totally ignorant
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.18.12)
First off the 1948 BORDERS are the same as today. And the illegal Jordanian and Egyptian colonists are going to be returned to their apartheid regimes.
13. #12 As senseless a dreamer as the Palestinians
Sam ,   Canada   (06.18.12)
First off , I wasn't applauding the Palestinians. I was describing their attempts to fool the West and get them to make Israel disappear. They don't want peace and neither do you. You are a right wing extremist with delusions of making the Palestinians disappear. You deserve each other.
14. Peace process is dead, build settlements everywhere.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.18.12)
15. End lunatic policy of talking to P.A. terrorists.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
Israel must return to our sane, dignified pre-Oslo Disaster policy of refusing to talk to terrorists. In those days, Israel was widely respected by friends and foes alike. This tiny land is ours. We're not giving it away. So why pretend we are willing to do so? End the lunatic policy of talking to P.A. terrorists once and for all.
16. abu mazen Your So Full Of Hudda
I can smell you a mile away!!! When will you EVER accept the responsibility of DOING YOUR job and sit down With Bibi as the MAN HE IS? How much Gelt Do You Steal For NOT doing your job? Do your fictitious band of FRACTIONED people have a constitution yet? Do your mythical people have your own currency yet? Where do All the AMERICAN DOLLARS sent in Aid Go ?
17. they must want war
Lou Adams   (06.18.12)
If it's war they want it's time to finish them, let them surrender or be crushed. No more rope a dope and disingenuous, negotiate or be defeated.
18. Abbas is not the problem
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.18.12)
The problem is that Netanyahu is on the phone to Abbas right now. Netanyahu is asking Abbas how many Jewish houses he needs to destroy so Abbas will meet him, and he is asking Abbas what color he wants his shoes polished.
19. Abbas doesn't want peace
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.12)
He never has. That is why he always sets pre-conditions (as if the vanquished have a right to set pre-conditions for anything!) that he knows Israel will not meet. Israel has been very generous. And very patient. Well, the generosity and the patience have come to an end. Abbas is a terrorist -- we won't negotiate with terrorists. We will not free any more murderers and terrorists. We will not stop settlement building. Abbas needs a new scriptwriter. His screenplay has not worked thus far, has it?
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