Extremists' guide to 'struggle against Ulpana evacuation'
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 18.06.12, 00:30
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1. Haredim should thank G-d for not having to do the dirty job
Chaim   (06.18.12)
of once again throwing Jews out of their homes in the Jewish land for no reason, just because the evil Communist anti-Israel corrupt self-appointed judges in the "High" court and their henchmen, the wicked Destruction Minister Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu, decided so.
2. "extremists" for trying to save your home from destruction?
Chaim   (06.18.12)
just because the evil Communist anti-Israel corrupt self-appointed judges in the "High" court and their henchmen, the wicked Destruction Minister Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu, decided so? So you're also one of those "extremists" who doesn't want your house destroyed.
3. Price Tag
I Love Fanatics ,   Ohio, USA   (06.18.12)
According to the guide, infiltrating Arab villages is meant to "turn the area into one of the most turbulent in the West Bank”. Price Tag: The perceived right to initiate an act of violence or vandalism against a person or property that is separate and innocent of any involvement in your bad day.
4. Crimianls and the State
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.18.12)
The criminals are showing their true colours: 1. The army has NO side. The IDF obeys the government and the laws of the country, it does NOT take sides. 2. While demonstrating/protesting peacefully - wherever - is legal and legitimate, 'price tag' acts is both illegal and illegitimate. The people living in the Arab villages are not responsible for the evacuation! 3. Infiltrating IDF bases, attacking soldiers and trying to make more parts of the West Bank 'turbulent' will only make the country more divided than it already is because of these so-called 'settlers'. They WANT to 'destabilize the system', or in other words to destroy the State of Israel!
5. People should not be fooled.
Jules   (06.18.12)
The whole "Ulpana evacuation" has nothing to do with "Palestinian private land". As the "flotilla" and the "social protests", this is another blatant attempt to overthrow the Likud-led government; this time - by attempting to split the coalition.
6. Right wing extremists the real enemy of Israel
Haim ,   TA   (06.18.12)
7. Settlers fire the first shots towards civil war
Haim ,   TA   (06.18.12)
8. near treason ....
Aaron ,   Zikhron Yaakov   (06.18.12)
In any other country, after a Supreme Court ruling, the 5 buildings would be razed already. Here, if you're a Jewish Israeli equipped with a kippa, you can commit acts of near treason (the pamphlet) without worry of prosecution ....
9. Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country, is only option now
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.18.12)
10. NOT arab land, just lies accepted by NOT-supreme court while
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.18.12)
the Israeli government stood by and failed to offer a defense. Anyone could be convicted of murder if they had a defense attorney like the government provided against the arab liars put up to it by the traitors at "peace now." Didn't the government learn ANYTHING at Amona?
11. The so-called extremists' are the true Zionists!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (06.18.12)
May God help them!
12. question ??
Helene ,   Tel Aviv   (06.18.12)
I wonder if they are the same people who desecrated Yad Vashem.... Mummm, good question !! May be someone has the answer ?????
13. suppose
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (06.18.12)
a booklet like this was found in the possession of a would be more than enough to put him in jail for a very long time.... waiting for action on this......
14. #2 & others
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (06.18.12)
The "right wing" are not heros but in fact are subersives. Just because they do not like the decisions of the legitimate auhorites they do not have the right to wreak havoc with cival disobediance. Their action are destroying the foundations of a democratic society Law & order. This is the government they elected if they are not happy then they should change the government in the next elections.
15. 30 (THIRTY) home NOT five. You liar!
Chaim   (06.18.12)
How would you feel if your house you lived in for tens of years will be destroyed because the self-appointed court decided so?
16. To Ulpana Residents: Set up your new home in Tzafon Tel Aviv
Chaim   (06.18.12)
17. 30 (THIRTY) homes NOT five. You liar!
How would you feel if your house you lived in for tens of years will be destroyed because the self-appointed court decided so?
18. To Ulpana Residents: Set up your new home in Tzafon Tel Aviv
19. Not the right('s) way!
citizen of Israel ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
There is a difference between doing things the right('s) way and the EXTREMISTS' way. The extremists' way is anarchist. The extremists' way disallows the rule of law. The extremists' way disrespects The State of Israel, The People of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces (The People's Army AND The Right Hand of G-d!)
20. Correction: Thugs who break the law
David G   (06.18.12)
I generally support the settlement movement, but the one thing them have to get through their thick heads is that ideology cannot trump the law in a democratic society. Israeli law and the Israeli government has ruled against Ulpana, you may not like it, you may fight for compensation, but but to break the law and commit acts of vandalism is unacceptable. Those who do so should be thrown in jail for the maximum possible sentence and banned from ever living in Judea or Samaria.
21. Count Me in !
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.18.12)
The extremist left Court and the government of Israel are destroying Jewish homes because their masters , the Quartet Fourth Reich have ordered Jewish rubble from the menu and the lap dog always delivers. Please count me in with those who seek to save these homes from the evil forces of extremism in Israel who send the IDF out to destroy and harm fellow Jews and their property.
22. ulpana expultion
Yosef ,   USA   (06.18.12)
Another "Rodef Israel" - this time (former prime-minister) E. Barak -- prepare to meet the fate similar to that of A. Sharon - it is Worse than death...
23. This article is clearly BS
adam eliyahu berkowi   (06.18.12)
I want to remind people that the Shin Bet produced posters at a netanyahu rally that showed Rabin in Nazi uniform, in order to portray the right as extremist. Why would antagonizing the arab neighbors help the settlers achieve their purpose of living there? And don't tell me that is the way settlers think. I am a settler.
24. I Am a Zionist, But Not An Anarchist
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (06.18.12)
Israel gets 3b/yr from US for military hardware. US Jews and Christians donate over 2b more. Some believe we have dual loyalties. I dont. Most US Jews support Obama's pragmatic policy..beefing up Israel's defenses and support at the UN, while reaching out to the Arab world. After all, Israel does NOT wag the US tail. And it should not. Israel allows protests costing millions of shekels and strikes costing 500m shekels week, yet accept aid? Israel is being torn apart..and the Arabs are watching..with glee. It has no respect anywhere..except among the gullibe and naive supporters of its behavior. Bibi should declare marshal law now, certainly in the W. Bk. Put those protestors in with the Africans..or under administrative detention, as with the Arabs. Let them go on hunger strikes. The far right is using this SC decision and govt acquiescence to expand Israel (greater Israel), To wit, Israel has significant problems....and this aint helping, as we say here. If people dont like it, move back to Brooklyn or or Monsey. Its time Israel amend its laws re: automatic citizenship if a Jew. It is commiting national sucide guys...and no one is safe. Get it. Those who published the pamphlet must be found, prosecuted and incarcerated for advocating treason.
25. Don't do anything! As long as there's no shame amongst gene-
tom ,   tel maviv   (06.18.12)
ral Israeli public for having both government and judges that are openly cowardly & unfair to their own people, no amount of heroic/violent action can change the fact that these homes shall be destructed. Rather go it with dignity, (not that it will do much good), but it may stirr conscience of few important people...
26. There is nothing extremist in defending our land !!
Laurence ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
Again YNET is showing its political agenda. No, it is not extremist to defend our land. Judea Samaria is our homeland and no jews should be removed from their home. It is a shame for the government to allow such thing. A real reform of the judicial system is needed to eradicate the self-appointed supreme court judges that represent only themselves and that are actimg against Israel's interests.
27. You hurt 1 hair on the head of 1 of OUR IDF soldiers....
IDF Mom ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
...and you will see that G-d and the entire State of Israel will raise up mightly AGAINST you! Your best option is to burn this inflammatory and inciteful book!
28. @22 big incitement from such a small man!
29. Are u Ulpana people normal?
me ,   here   (06.18.12)
or are you completely fcuked in the head? or are you "just" immoral self righteous nasty sons-of-b-itches?
30. #12
Same people? probably. Now pass the Champagne.
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