As Jews, we have failed
Yakir Elkariv
Published: 18.06.12, 10:51
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1. Another excellent reason for more separation
Joe ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
Another excellent reason for more separation between the rabbis and the state.
2. Nonsense!
Reuven   (06.18.12)
3. The Torah orders to protect Israel.
Phoenix ,   Israel   (06.18.12)
The Torah forbids to assimilate pagans. We haven't fail! The land of Israel is only for the people of Israel. Besides we cannot take all Africa in. We are a tiny country prepared for just Jewish emigrants.
4. Israel is the Jewish Nation State
trump   (06.18.12)
It does not matter If that does not please you. May I remind you that Israel was recreated to shelter ONLY Jewish refugees !
5. The photo
Devorah   (06.18.12)
That man can carry his worldly possessions in two hands. There but for the grace of G-D go we. Very good article.
6. I disagree
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.12)
"It is not love for Zion that brought them here, but rather, a wholly private desire to improve their lives." No. Many had criminal records back home. Many were merely trying to avoid conscription. It is not lost upon me that while they came to Israel carrying nothing, they are leaving with numerous packed suitcases. Things weren't all that bad for them here, but still, they showed no inclination to integrate within the greater society; they did not abandon criminal tendencies and they were generally sociopathic. But first and foremost, they are not Israel's problem. And the moral dicta of the Torah did not take into account murderers, rapists, thieves, alcoholics and drug addicts.
7. Dont give us Torah stories... please!
Alan ,   SA   (06.18.12)
8. how dare they?
Roni ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.18.12)
I have to say after reading this article I am truly disgusted! We as Jew's have not failed, because I feel that Israeli's have tried to help these people as much as we can. Here they come to a country where Israel gave them a chance to even live a life whether good or bad, and yet they choose to disrespect the citizens of this country. How dare they? If I were a guest in another country I would never commit the heinous crimes that they do!
9. Yakir, do you keep Shabbath?
DAvid   (06.18.12)
Are you observant Jew? Because if you're not, you have no moral right to adopt Bible for your political views.
10. (Leviticus 24:22) breakdown
Golan ,   Modiin   (06.18.12)
you have to have permission to be here or a citizen (Leviticus 19:33) that means when a legal foreigner is here he has to abide by the law and that means coming here legally. (Deuteronomy 14:28-29) referes only to Jews and legal residents (Isaiah 1:23) so stop voting for "sicial justice" politicians. as Jews we are also obligated to kill those who try to "rob us." oh yes and foreign residents may not worship a foreign religion. I am sure you are for that law too.
11. You must be a non-Jew interpreting the Torah!
yehoshuabader ,   Tzfat, Israel   (06.18.12)
B"H What an ignorant jerk.
12. Now just a cotton pickin' minute....
Shai ,   IL   (06.18.12)
...The Torah also calls for killing Amalek, down to that nation's last baby and sheep. I could cite other similar examples that aren't so fuzzy wuzzy, and my point is that the Torah is a mixed bag of advice that has been sifted, analyzed and evolved via rabbinic commentary over many centuries, to the point that a person familiar with the entirety of the Torah and its commentaries is expected to take competing values and make decisions that may not be pristine, but that nevertheless are not automatically moral failures. In this way, we know that the needy of our own family take precedence over that of the needy in our city. We know that the needy of our city take precedence over the needy of our State, and our State takes precedence over the needy of other states. And we know what the meaning of "stranger" and "foreigner" is, and that it is not a meaning that is meant to apply to anyone who's not Jewish. It applies to people who've accepted the 7 Noahide Laws and are friends of the Jews, which Sudanese and Eritreans are not. We have limited resources as the author noted. There is room for outrage in how these resources are divvied up in Israel, but there is no room in my opinion to throw our own citizens under the bus if that's what we must do to benefit citizens of other countries _who have passed through other countries where they can have escaped the problems of their own country to get here_. It is completely legitimate, even as Jews, to decide to help our own with our limited resources.
13. You're saying..
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (06.18.12)
You're saying it is wrong to deport those who does not abide to the laws of Israel and are a threat to the Israeli Economy? also causing a scene of racial problematic? Racism is over-rated..and it should be outlawed.. everyone in Israel is under the law, including all races.. but illegal immigrants is called Illegal for a reason.. they board into the country without the rights of permit to do so, for an example..if a crime was commited, such as murder or theft..nobody would know it was the illegal immigrant since they are not registered in Israel! smple as that.. Illegal Immigrants can be real danger to society if they not apply to the law.. but i wsh all the illegal immigrants that goes back home will learn from what the Jews did.. Jews builded their own nations with their hands..and so shall these people do so aswell.. all it takes is hope and confidence. :)
14. Oh and dont forget..
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (06.18.12)
Jews in Israel have welcomed soo many outsiders into the land and given many of them a future.. Israel is filled with asians, africans, and europeans, and much more.. Israel has done alot for the people..but it is a small country.. and has its limit..unless you want it to become like hong kong.. so about Jews have failed it is incorrect..Jews have done alot of good deeds in the past..but today it is different.. times have change..and danger is on the rise.. crime is high.. and what not..
15. LEGAL Foreigners
Carl   (06.18.12)
Actually foreigners who legally enter the country are treated well in Israel. Foreigners who break the law and enter the country illegally to take jobs from Israelis should be treated as lawbreakers
16. Jews who can expel JEWS from their rightful homes
Chaim   (06.18.12)
lost their moral standing and Torah conduct. Illegal and dangerous migrants has nothing to do with moral values or Torah conduct. They shouldn't have been allowed into Israel in the first place. Jews who have no Torah knowledge do not even understand the difference.
17. As Jews, the "merciful" Leftists have failed
Chaim   (06.18.12)
You, Yakir, and your secular friends know nothing about Torah and Halachah and dig up some phrases to show off your ignorance. (Where's your courage to write about the yearly filth parades that is clearly mentioned in the Torah?) Regarding your ignorance, the Talmud states: THOSE WHO HAVE MERCY TO THE CRUEL, WILL END BY BEING CRUEL TO THE MERCIFUL. Exactly what happens in the Jewish land by self-hating Jewish secular leaders and dictators. They show mercy to these dangerous migrants when they finally get them out of the land, and are cruel to religious Jews whom they beat, kick, trample on with horses and fire at dangerous substances and throw them out of their legal Jewish owned homes in the Jewish land. Now this is where true Torah Jews have failed.
18. Yakir and the Left SUDDENLY REMEMBER they're Jewish
Chaim   (06.18.12)
when dangerous illegal people are being thrown out of the land. Where's your Jewishnesss when it comes to not desecrating Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, eating kosher, putting on tefillin or even saving Jews from being thrown out of their Jewish homes in the Jewish land? YOU HYPOCRITE trying to make yourself out like a tzaddik when you don't observe any mitzvah in the Torah.
19. You forget one great torah mitzvah:
Israeli ,   Haifa   (06.18.12)
That Elohei-Avraham, Yitzak v'Yakov has called all JEWS to return to Israel in the last days, where HE WILL MEET THEM THERE. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. Now is the time for ALL JEWS to return and meet with Elohei-Israel.
20. I fully agree
Sarah B   (06.18.12)
My mother taught me that being jewish means never turning away anybody in need if you can help, and even if you cannot help you should take the person to someone who can. Shipping someone on a plane and dropping them into a warzone because they have the wrong colour skin repulses me, and has made me question if Israel can any longer call itself as the representative of all Jews in the world. Because the Israel I see doesn't represent me That above anything else
21. Torah says nothing about not deporting foreigners
zionist forever   (06.18.12)
When a foreigners arrives yes treat them well but that doesn't mean we have to make the foreigners problem our problem and we cannot demand they leave our land. We can show hospitality but we can also ask guests to leave when they overstay their welcome
how dare u   (06.18.12)
THey came here to seek for work!!!! The left winger writer all of a sudden remembers his judaism...
23. State of Israel
We have returned to our country after 2000 years of exile because: 1) It is ours. 2)It is a refuge for the Jewish People. If we take in all the poor people of Africa or other countries, we will be the minority and cease to be a Jewish country and a refuge for our own people should we need it in the future. There are so many countries where the population is decreasing (like Russia) so let them take them in. The USA also has plenty of empty space.
24. #20 Jews did NOT fail
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (06.18.12)
You, I believe, have failed to get the point. The South Sudanese are not being dropped in a war zone, nor is it because their skin color is despised. It's because they are illegals. Further, what other country sends illegal migrants home via plane, with a gift equal to a year's pay?
25. The suicide of our Nation is forbidden in the Tora !!!
26. this article is a big mental confusion
27. Where is your sympathy when Jews are "evacuated"
rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.18.12)
from their own homes, often violently? Where are your articles and blogs then? Yet you have so much empathy for these non-Jews. Dont get me wrong. I feel sorry for these guys, but my priority is my own people. The Jews who were forced with violence to leave their homes in Gaza, the Arab Jews who have been forced out of Arab lands, and now the Jews in Migron and Ulpana. I have different priorities to you.
28. Such non sense.
Gill ,   Montreal   (06.18.12)
I don't know where to start to my comments!!!!!
29. what?!
chaim witz   (06.18.12)
Where is it written anywhere in the Tanach that a jew is obliged to suicide because of illegal migrants? These people DO HAVE A COUNTRY OF THEIR OWN! If they failed to thrive after generations of citizens, it is surely not our price to pay.
30. what?! - 2
chaim witz   (06.18.12)
What this journalist really wishes to state through this article is: Mr. non-jew, I implore, forgive me for being a jew! And to prove my honesty in this apology, I will commit suicide now! Will you forgive me please, will you?
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