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Arab poll: Palestinian Authority is corrupt
Aryeh Savir
Published: 18.06.12, 23:02
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1. "Palestinian Arabs"
Apps Engineer ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.18.12)
Funny how we are all supposed to believe Israel wants peace when no one is even willing to say the word "Palestinians". Instead newspapers tie themselves in knots saying "Palestinian Arabs" or even more comical "Palestinian Authority Arabs". Language reveals what is trying to be hidden.
2. They would be better with a 'One State Solution'
Jeffrey ,   Texas, US   (06.19.12)
Arab Israelis seem to be doing well in Israel... there doesn't seem to be a mass exodus among them!
3. What Took Them So Long?
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (06.19.12)
If the Palestinians don't trust their own leaders why should Israel?
4. thats easy, apps engineer, because the palestinians in the
jj ,   orlando   (06.19.12)
who reside in this specific region include more than just arabs in the same way we may refer to asian americans and african americans and jewish americans and hispanic americans etc Besides referring to groups of people more specifically does not preclude an intention for peace, thats just nonsense
5. These arabs Are As Smart As A Box Of Rocks?
What did they expect for Voting For TERRORISTS? freedom is there even such a word in arabi? If these arabs would use the flesh between their ears and not soak up mythical fantasies of a land and people WHO NEVER EXSISTED they would be much happier? If something does work then CHANGE the thinking, approach or what ever, but to do the same thing over and over and over especially for past 6 Decades IS JUST INSANITY!!!!!!!
6. #1 apps First of all THERE IS NO SUCH
PLACE ON THE EARTH called palistine!!!! Philistia existed Thousands of years ago. As well as calling arabs who live in ISRAEL and are granted citizenship SHOULD BE REFERED TO as ISRAELI arabs. So perpetuating this Myth just shows Your Lack Of Documented HISTORY as well as Your IGNORENCE!!!!!! ברוך שם הא
7. #1
Alex ,   Canada   (06.19.12)
I counted the word "Palestinians" used 7 times in the article, including the subheading.
8. And some want to hand over a state to them....!!
JBI   (06.19.12)
9. corruption
sue ,   berlin   (06.19.12)
good morning!!!!!!!!
10. how about dropping the cat among the pidgins
Stu   (06.19.12)
why not document a direct comparison of freedoms, quality of life, social and economic benefits, health care and education between Israeli arabs and arabs under the control of the PA and hamas then distribute it among the genral public and tell them that there leaders are preventing them from a one state solution.
11. How to truly end the conflict....
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (06.19.12)
According to all Arab polls, the majority of the Arabs in the PA and Gaza know just how incredibly corrupt their leaders are, and would accept any help in relocating to a more functional Arab society, such as Jordan - where many of them in fact are citizens. According to all polls, the Jews in Judea and Samaria are absolutely dedicated to the land and its development. So, common logic tells us that it would be a far more successful program - and a giant step towards peace - if a package of benefits were offered to the people who WANT to leave the area, namely the Arabs currently suffering under the terrorist regimes of Fatah and Hamas. It is also clear in poll after poll that the Arabs who are being held hostage for generations in refugee camps by the UNRWA would love to get the hell out of there and be absorbed into the existing Arab nations around the Middle East. A logical, ethical and humane way to end this conflict would be to disband the hateful, Machiavellian UNRWA and use the funds to help the Arabs to be absorbed by their brethren in the countries they choose. Tiny Israel, with no resources, successfully absorbed the 900,000 Jews who had been violently expelled from over 22 Arab and Muslim countries - and with zero help from the UN. Why can't the oil-rich Muslim countries absorb their own brothers and sisters, with help from the UN, US and EU? Do they truly want to see them remain as UNRWA welfare pawns for yet another generation?
12. #1 #6 #7 Using the word "Palestinian"
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (06.19.12)
O come on now--in current, common parlence many of use the word "Palestinian" to describe the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. That doesn't mean a thing. There is, at this moment in history, a people called "Palestinian" created to be a small Arab people facing a mighty Israel, instead of all the Arab people dwarfing tiny Israel. Indeed no actually Palestinian Arab national history, single culture, or any geographical entity with a single, historical "Palestinian" culture. That said, cynical Arab, UN, and liberal western use of false history should not prevent us from admiting that today a modern political/national formation called "Palestinian" exists, even if for anti-Jewish purposes. Most of use in Israel who do use the word "Palestinian" do so in reference to this modern, post-1960s use of the word. Otherwise, we know that the leaders of these same people always insisted that they were Syrians. The first NAKBA was against the British for declaring the Arabs to be legally Palestinians, citizens of the British Mandate of Palestine--Palestinians, as the Jews were already called. Oh the twists of history!
13. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.20.12)
The only true Palestinians are the Jews. You need look no further than old Ottoman census records and even British Mandatory records. Arabs were referred to either as "Arabs" or "Bedouins." Only Jews were referred to as Palestinians. Moreover, the Jews who fought alongside the British in North Africa and in Italy were called the Palestine Brigade. Not the "Jewish Brigade." There were no Arabs in that Brigade. In fact, no Arabs fought alongside the British at all -- they were allied with Nazi Germany. You are also clearly unaware that the Arabs who comprise the ersatz "Palestinians" did not co-opt that identity until 1964. They are a made-up people with an invented history and a fictitious past. The Jews have always been the true Palestinians.
14. In this case the minority is correct.
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.22.12)
15. Corruption and corruption
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.24.12)
I suppose you might call the recent cases against Katzav and Olmert to be corruption on the Israeli side. On the other hand with allegations that Yasser Arafat stashed away between five and six billion dollars of PA money in Swiss and French banks suggest a corruption that directly hurts the public in a way Israeli corruption perhaps does not. Every political system seems to have some corruption. It just differs in how much.
16. #1 - how is "Palestinian" divisions the problem of Israel?
William ,   Israel   (06.25.12)
Israel wanting peace has nothing to do with the major divisions inside "Palestinian" society along tribal lines, political party lines, and terrorist gang lines. I don't really understand the difference between "Palestinian" and "Palestinian Arab" as their society is 100% Arab. Though, the use of the term "Palestinian Authority Arab" is more of less necessary as a distinction because of the very real polarized situation between the PA and Hamas, and the citizens ruled (and abused) under them. Both parties are opposed to each other, act differently towards Israel and Jews (one outwardly calls for ethnic cleansing while the other one is more subtle about the destruction of Israel), and both have loyalties to different parts of the world. Some "Palestinians" would even say that populations in Gaza and West Bank are as different as those in Southern US and New England. If you're an apps engineer, one would expect more logical thought from you.
17. A logical, ethical and humane way to end this conflict
dorend ,   United States   (07.14.12)
Your argument is elegant and resonates with people like you and me who are raised on western values. However your argument falls on deaf ears among Arabs. They see all results from conflicts as falling between shame and honor. Grey areas across that spectrum are not acceptable to them. So why don't the surrounding Arab countries absorb them? Because, from their perspective, they (Palestinians) brought shame to the "Arab world". Hence they must be punished by being abandoned to refugee camps, living on the dole of the Western world. To learn more about Arab values, I suggest you read the book, "The Closed Circle", by David Pryce-Jones.
18. Arab poll: Palestinian Authority is corrupt
Dav zee ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (04.22.14)
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