MK Ariel: IDF must stop enlisting homosexuals
Published: 18.06.12, 22:21
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1. America refuses gays in the army.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.18.12)
Is it enough to say"i am gay" to dodge the army?Just asking.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.19.12)
We must conduct ourselves in accordance with Jewish law. The Torah forbids homosexuality and demands that those who behave in such a manner be punished," he added.
3. @1 this year open homosexuals graduated from Westpoint!
so I think you are incorrect to even ask your question
4. MK Ariel 2 late we serve proudly!
G-d made me gay! ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
G-d made me gay and it is perfectly ok with the IDF!
5. Obviously never heard of Lawrence of arabia
Sarah B   (06.19.12)
6. Gay Officers will never leave their men behind
Alan ,   SA   (06.19.12)
7. This is a joke or is he from Alabama
Baruch ,   Houston/Israel   (06.19.12)
8. Why should they serve then attend pride parades in uniform?
Akiva   (06.19.12)
Let them make the choice, either they serve and keep their anti-Jewish hobbies to themselves, or they don't serve and get to go destroy their souls in debouched mardi gras and parties in Tel Aviv et al. Attending gay pride parades in uniform is an insult to Hashem, an insult to the "Jewish" character of the state and an insult to their fellow soldiers.
9. #4 G-d still forbids homosexual acts
Sam ,   Canada   (06.19.12)
Whatever, the IDF or psychologists say, G-d forbids homosexual acts. You and other gays may be really nice people but G-d still forbids homosexual acts whether society finds that fair or not.
10. The IDF picture was staged!
Pillow ,   Biter   (06.19.12)
They took it 1 minute away from IDF spokesperson HQ. Actualy one of the soldiers on the pic is gay - the other one isnt ( or maybe he secretly desires to be one, but still doesnt wants to admit, but in any case maybe that was the reason he volunteered to hold hands with the gay soldier)
11. if god doesnt wont so many gay act...
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.19.12)
...ors why did he make so many of them? uri ariel disproves the adage that good military men make bad leaders. he was a crap commander and now hes a crap politician
12. maybe now the ultra-orthodox will step in...
Max ,   Lancaster   (06.19.12)
to fill the vacancies?
13. No, US lets in gays NOW, not formerly.
14. Don't Ask Don't Tell?
If you have ever Served in Any Military You Live In VERY CLOSE QUARTERS and if some people feel uncomfortable It is A Destraction Not Condusive For Combat? It this to Fricken Difficult to understand???? ברוך שם הא
15. it is not "anti-gay" rhetoric
Julie ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
This MK is allowed his opinion, even if it is difficult for the current, in-vogue masses that love and promote homosexuality. You are brainwashing our young and taking away their natural instincts of aversion to this perversion. It is a crime to force children and young adults to believe that their built -in reflex to protect themselves from homosexuality, is somehow wrong. Yu will never convince me, in a million years, that young male soldiers are comfortable sharing tight quarters and showers with gay men. They shouldn't have to and especially not in our Jewish army of Israel. As a Jewish mother, I will do everything in my power to see that it doesn't happen to my sons.
16. #12 Max
There's still a lot of cleaning up and airing out from that stench and other anti-Torah stuff before the ultra-orthodox will consider stepping in.
17. Ora #1
Daniel ,   Washington DC   (06.19.12)
I'm sure many have corrected you by now but I'll add a few words. One: the USA now allows gays to serve openly in the military and for the past 20 years gays were allowed to serve as long as they didn't tell anyone they were gay. Two: What America discovered was that discrimination and witch hunts were more detrimental to military readiness than having homosexuals serve. Three: Uri like the right wing contingent in the USA would like to "punish" homosexuals. Your question and his statements prove that bigotry is alive well and flourishing in Israel. It is a sad and frankly disgusting turn of events.
18. G-d forbids
Talisker ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.12)
G-d forbids lots of things in the bible. G-d forbids coveting your neighbors's one of the first laws...shall we toss all adulterers from the military and government? Breaking Shabbat is a capital offense shall we send all these people to gas chambers? Wearing blended fabrics is forbidden. Shall we burn down the stores that sell such items or even the malls that have such stores? Or shall we just pick and choose which laws G-d made need to be followed to maintain a Jewish identity in Israel. If people want to make Torah the law of the land then there is no picking and choosing. Carry out the laws as they are written. Kill those whose crimes are a capital offense to G-d and maim those whose crimes are less so. We can also return to animal sacrifice. Jews did it before the Temple was built we are required to do so under the Torah but prayer is a "substitute" Did the Torah define substitutes? If not are we breaking Torah law? If not why not?. The whole ridiculous thought that G-d hates homosexual acts more than all these other things proves only one thing. People are bigoted.
19. #8 Akiva a question of religion
Haim ,   TA   (06.19.12)
It really is quite sad how in this day and age i read such posts and see that there is still such ignorance and blatent lies such as your posting. Being gay is not a choice or an alternative life style it is somebodys sexual orientation and nothing is going to change that despite what your so called religious education may have told you. Gay men and women have been serving in the army for years rising amongst the rants to positions of high command. You are an insult to all those gay men and women who have sacrificed their lives for this country so that people like you can live a peacefull life, you spit on their graves. A soldier who is gay has every right to march on the parade as he or she chooses, and if you dont like it well tough. Unlike the ultra orthdox who have been dodging the draft under the pretence of the Tal law, gay people have been serving their country fighting for freedom and democrcay with no problem what so ever, so keep your religious mumbo jumbo to the garbage bin where it belongs, who knows may be you will be blessed with a gay son.
20. Gays in the army
Edouard el Kayam ,   Montreal Canada   (06.19.12)
Gays are not different from any other Ultra orthodox will bring they % of gays as well Good if their is love gays also
21. The Gays Shot in Tel Avi
kf ,   LA, USA   (06.19.12)
The Gays Shot in Tel Avi, was that according to G-d's law? If so why isn't being done and if not being done why are there people called jews? If Israel is not going to do it is it time for a new jewish state? Judah and Samaria is the WB and per Zech it is the govenors of Judah not the PM of Israel! Give the PA their state then buy it for the highend of $3.5 trillion. Just put off building the temple and bankrupting the world's paper currency for 20 years and I will be dead then do your thing. BUY THE WEST BANK AND BUILD AROUND THE ARABS THAT WILL NOT SELL. If you are G-d's people the another $3.5 trillion will come easy.
22. MK Uri Ariel betrayed the IDF
Haim ,   TA   (06.19.12)
How strange that MK Uri Ariel is now lecturing about morality in the IDF, Since he was found guilty of giving away secret information on IDF movement and activities to the Hill Top youth movement endangering the lifes of IDF personell. The man is a bigoted homophobe and should be tried for treason. Incidently : Netta Weintstein, a lecturer at the University of Essex, said: 'Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves'. They say some homophobes who have not accepted their true sexuality may feel the urge to hit out at homosexuals who fear might bring their repressed desires to the surface. its all becoming quite clear...
23. No Gays in IDF. Good for Ariel. He is
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.19.12)
totally correct. Look at the US Military - atotal MESS.
24. #17: Why is Ora's question bigotry?
Israeli 2   (06.19.12)
She is merely asking a good question in defense of gay rejection into the Military. If the military rejects gays, all one needs to do is claim to be gay in order to get out of it.
25. dont do things the obama way and we will be fine
zionist forever   (06.19.12)
We cannot stop homosexuals serving especially as its NATIONAL SERVICE and they need to serve same as everybody otherwise we will have every draft dodger in the country saying they are gay so they won't get asked to serve. What we should not do though is go the Obama route and say be proud to be gay and open about it. We should just stick to a policy of don't ask don't tell. Its not an ideal solution but its one which will leave everybody content except the politically correct brigade and gay rights campaigners.
26. Let the Hasids do the fighting
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.19.12)
Let the Hasids do the fighting instead.
27. Maybe he has funny feelings and uses hatred to hide them.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.19.12)
28. There should be a motion carried to remove his immunity
Avi   (06.19.12)
And try him for discrimination. Antisemites in the past have used religion as a backing and cause for their hatred, and this person does the same. Disgusting. What's disgusting as well is how he uses Judaism to back himself.
29. Very smart!
Yehudah ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.12)
Yes, do that Mr. Ariel and half of the population who is not interested in serving the army will allegedly say they're gay during the interview at the Liskaot HaGiyus country wide. Very smart!
30. The IDF should enlist those vwho are able to serve
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
What happened to "don't ask don't tell"? A person's sexual orientation has nothing to do with his/her ability to serve in the army so long as they don't flaunt it.
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