Mosque torched near Ramallah
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 19.06.12, 08:28
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1. Hypocricy
World Citizen ,   Earth   (06.19.12)
Where is condemnation from Jewish leaders? Has the perpetrator of previous price tag terror caught and be put on jail? Imagine if a synagogue burned in Europe, Jewish leader would demand the perpetrator's head on silver platter.
2. Strange mixture of hand writing letters and block letters
Writer dislectic?   (06.19.12)
Very strange indeed. Someone is indeed trying to incite a war, but I wonder who? It apparently looks like settler youths did it, or was made to look like them, but maybe other culprits are at work here...trying to heat things up. Whoever they are, they have a Hebrew writing problem.
3. Please explain how ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
... it is possible for Jews to slip into an Arab village, spray paint a school and three cars, and set fire to a mosque without being detected. Without a single dog barking and raising an alarm. This is just more of the same old, same old -- Arabs desecrating and vandalizing their own property in order to point the finger at Jews, and incite more hatred and violence. Don't get suckered.
4. Looking for more trouble
Macktheknife   (06.19.12)
..... we all know how vicious and deceitful arabs are. Don't be in too much of a hurry to blame the Israeli's for that lot. I put nothing past an arab!
5. price tag
mike ,   uk   (06.19.12)
As a jew, I'm more alienated to Israel than ever before. I'm not a bleeding liberal, just someone observing israeli society's moral collapse.
6. This is NOT good for the Jews, Israelis or Israel!
Whoever is doing this is 100% wrong!
7. fake and provocation
Tomas Kubin ,   Czech republic   (06.19.12)
Would be someone so dumb and write the message addressed to Arabs in HEBREW?
8. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
Why do you assume a priori that Jews are responsible? It's not as if we haven't had documented episodes where Arabs destroy their own olive groves, desecrate their own cemeteries, defile their own mosques. Don't you find it passing strange that a group of Jews could enter an exclusively Arab village, and commit all these acts of vandalism while remaining undetected the whole while? Not even a barking dog to raise an alarm? Must be that the dogs knew the perpetrators. That's just common sense -- a quality markedly deficient in you. You need to hone your observational skills as well, and learn to discern when things make sense .... and when they simply do not add up. The Jewish people have endured centuries of our houses of worship being desecrated and our cemeteries being defiled. It is simply not something that Jews do, and for you -- as a Jew -- to suggest otherwise is quite shocking.
9. Why the ''Arabs''?!
AQ ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.12)
Isn't it that the Israeli court that ruled out this decision. And yea the land is actually owned by someone. So what? Doesn't that sound logic and fair enough! If they'd like to ''express'' their anger over someone it should be the government. But of course they wont do the same acts, why? Because they're cowards!
10. right away everyone points fingers
Ben ,   Gush Etzion   (06.19.12)
how many times have the left and as President Peres calls them "Piss Now" been caught impersonating the right and how many times have Arabs themselves been caught framing Jews for their misdeeds, first find solid evidence then catch the perpetrators and then you can gloat and condemn
11. Modern day Sicarii
David G   (06.19.12)
During the last days of the second temple there was a group of Jews who terrorized other Jews who wanted any form of negotiation and compromise with with Rome. The Gemora puts a lot of the blame for the destruction of the temple and the subsequent exile at the feet of these men and other Jewish Zelots. These "price tag" thugs are their modern descendants. Israel should not coddle these arsonists and criminals. They deserve a long prison sentence.
12. Who are these hooligans
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.19.12)
Its simpy mindless thuggery And whats also frustrating is that if they are orthodox jews and doing it in the name of religion WHY ARENT THE RABBIS AND RELIGIOUS LEADERSHIP forcefully and unequivocally condemning this outrageous behaviour?
13. WHEN will the public stop being so STUPID???
Subversive Propagand ,   in Israel   (06.19.12)
These acts are always done just before the government is going to rip Jews from their homes. They are done in areas where Jews NEVER go and nobody is EVER caught. I am 1000% sure that these acts are done by Ehud Barak and his goons to make people hate "settlers". These same readers will also then praise him when he beats them and treats them the way they "deserve" to be treated. Stop being so NAIVE!!! Understand how dirty politics works in Israel.
14. Terrorist must be sent to Palestinian Jail
ibro ,   jerusalem   (06.19.12)
Those jewish hooligans should be apprehended and sent not to Israeli Jails, to freaking Palestinian jails, so they would never do it again. Thats such a disgrace. But such acts will incite arabs to do the same... So stop this stupidity
15. #1 preparation for Ulpana, and #4
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.19.12)
Netanyahu and Barak need agents to infiltrate the groups that plan to protest their planned violent attack and ethnic cleansing of Jews. The agents perform crimes to gain credibility, for example, spray painting, breaking windows or throwing a burning rag into a mosque. The funny thing is that everyone in Judea and Samaria, Jews and Arabs alike, knows that the guys who do these acts work for the government. #4 if it was Arabs they would not have thrown a burning rag, they would have burned the mosque down, like in Tuba-Zangaria (that Barak blamed the Jews).
16. @3 will you concede that:
Rachel ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
IDF soldiers of the Duvdevan and other specialized units do get in and out of Arab villages without being detection? Will you further concede that: it is possible that who ever did this is a setter who is also a member of the Duvdevan Unit? I for my part am willing to concede that until the investigation is completed my questions will remain as questions and not as accusations.
17. @8 & y blame the Moslem Arabs?
Sara Levy ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
is it not possible that it is a group of Christians looking to start up that Gog Magog War? In other words we really don't have enough information or intell to determine if it was Jews, Moslems, Christians or any other religious group! What we have is a vile cowardly act of vandalism. What we have so far doesn't even begin to stand up in any court as burden of proof against this or that group. What we have is you and your morning jabba jabba yet again!
18. #1,5,6 You're as dumb as they come
Allan ,   PT   (06.19.12)
Don't you already know by now that most of the time it's the arabs themselves doing it or the secular left provocateurs?
19. #3 Sarah B is not me
Sarah B   (06.19.12)
You can distinguish her post from mine because I don't pretend to be an American Citizen whilst being an Israeli citizen. I am Israeli, my future depends on Israel being a strong country at peace with it's neighbours without been held to ransom by the settlers snd rightwing whackjobs. I have nowhere to turn if Israel is destroyed by the settlers and whackjobs, there is no second passport
20. 18 I come smart every on the other hand....
#6   (06.19.12)
well never mind we can already see that you make personal insults because you have no real and valid points to raise!
21. @19 r u sayin' that the other Sarah B is a dual loyalist?
Chen Chang Chow ,   guess!   (06.19.12)
which means that she is really loyal to absolutely nothing and no one? just askin' (and to both Sarah Bees can't you two just write your last name and be done with it? Both of you are being silly with this constant "that Sarah B isn't me" thang. How about you two do Bee good Bees! and get OVER IT ALREADY!)
22. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
Rachel, IDF soldiers of the specialized units are not particularly worried about detection. But you haven't explained how it is possible for a group of Jews to enter an Arab village, commit several (and time-consuming) acts of vandalism, and leave -- all without being detected. Have you given any thought at all to the fact the perpetrators may have been Arabs, simply trying to foment trouble?
23. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
Really? Did you voluntarily relinquish your Commonwealth citizenship and passport? Or are you writing from the relative safety of your London flat? Moreover, I find it highly unlikely that settlers did this. Arabs have been known to destroy their olive groves (not to mention ours), defile their cemeteries (not to mention ours) and desecrate their houses of worship (not to mention ours), purely in order to incite trouble and inflame people. You are, however, correct in one respect: you are very definitely not Sarah B.
24. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
I could care less if it the perpetrators were Moslem, Christian, or Rosicrucian. YOU tell ME how it is possible for anyone to enter a small village, commit all these acts of vandalism, without a single dog barking and raising an alarm. They must have known the perpetrators. And -- however sad and sick -- Arabs have been known to destroy their own property in the hopes of seeing blame placed upon the Jews. But there is a solution. Annex Judea and Samaria, and repatriate its Arab population to Jordan, country of their citizenship. It's not as if there are no terrorists, terrorist sympathizers and generally violent people among them; we do not have to tolerate that cancer in our midst.
25. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.19.12)
I'll answer. I was born and raised in the United States, made aliyah, hold citizenship in both countries and spend equal amounts of time in each. I hope that I will never have to choose, but should that day come, the answer is relatively easy -- I am Israeli. And you, do you have loyalty to anything but your local Chinese restaurant? It would seem not.
26. @19 apparently doesn't like what the real sarah has to say
27. #3 is not the real Sarah B.
Birdi ,   Tweet Tweet   (06.19.12)
the real Sarah B is an Israeli not an American. Americans should mind their own business.
28. sarah B
Helene ,   Israel   (06.19.12)
I am sure that you have no idea how many people here in Israel are sick and tired with your comments. You are in the States, good for us. Live your life and leave us alone here. You are a very sick, obsessed person and need treatment urgently. I know a very good shrink in New York and will be please to help you and give you his number
29. read what Yesha council head said
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.19.12)
It's written in the article : Yesha Council head Danny Dayan also condemned the act and did not rule out the possibility that settlers were involved in the event. . And he , contraru to many tbers KNOWS what he's talking about
30. Settler thugs strike again
Haim ,   TA   (06.19.12)
Just a matter of time before they start killing people
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