Smokers cost Israel NIS 8B a year
Zvi Lavi
Published: 21.06.12, 07:39
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1. Smokers cost state: well duh....
tf ,   herzliya il   (06.21.12)
2. smoking
larry ,   kibbutz Israel   (06.21.12)
why can't you have a place to post this article on facebook ? soo important
3. bullshit!
heifait ,   Haifa   (06.21.12)
I'm smoking for 35 years and I visit a doctor like once a year for a regular checkup. And I know a lot of non-smokers that need a doctor every week. Just another BS to justify abnormal taxation of cigarettes
4. Give cigarettes the luxury price range -
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.21.12)
then maybe poor people (those that cannot afford medical expenses) will stop buying tobacco. Also, a specific tax can be added that goes straight into the cost of medical care. Or that smokers have to pay more in their medical insurance.
5. state of Israel cost to smokers much more
Smoker ,   Brum, UK   (06.21.12)
where can I get my refund?
6. Wrong!
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (06.21.12)
If smoking reduces the life expectancy, state saves billions in pensions it would have to pay to smokers that died if they would live longer. Money anti-smoking argument is nonsense.
7. According to Dr. Bill Campbell Douglass II, tobacco is
Rivkah   (06.21.12)
calming and healthful. It is the additives that are carcinogenic. My great grandfather Bailey Winn of Tennessee grew his own tobacco and rolled his own cigars and lived to his nineties. My parents were chain smokers for decades and did not get lung cancer, but they used little plastic filters on cigarettes religiously. I didn't smoke because I prefer the Holy Smoke of the Holy Spirit and Scriptures...and also because the yellow teeth and fingers and walls of cigarette smokers was not very appealing to me. The tobacco companies should be forced to stop using carcinogens in cigarettes to prolong shelf life.
8. My mom died from smoking.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.21.12)
She got lung cancer. I dont think there is a worse way to go. But it was her choice. She didnt think it would happen to her and refused to quit. All you smokers who think you can smoke and not get sick, take it from me; if you started as a teenager it is very likely to get you in your sixties.
9. #3: You are in denial. So was my wife!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.21.12)
She died of lung cancer. Yeh, yeh, I know. I am holier than thou but I was a heavy smoker too. 60 a day. I had the sense to stop 29 years ago. She didn't. Any one who thinks that smoking is healthy should seek psychiatric help. You DO have the right to smoke but you DON'T have the right to damage the health of others, particularly children! How often do see see a parent carrying a child and blowing cigarette smoke in their face. Clever, huh? 450, 500 people die in Israel in road accidents every year. We ask: Where is the law? Where is enforcement? 10,000 Israelis die every year from smoking related diseases, including 1,000 passive smokers, and people like you say its OK! Stupid is as stupid does!
10. Smoking Costs
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (06.21.12)
Aside from the health costs, how about the cost of cleaning up our streets, malls, parks etc. due to thoughtless ignorant smokers tossing their butts, empty packs, plastic wrappers, etc. on the ground instead of being thoughtful enough to place their trash in a "trash recptacle"
11. To No. 10 - Everything costs, not only smoking
New Yorker ,   U.S.A.   (06.21.12)
How about the cost of cleaning up our streets after everybody else, apart from smokers, who are mindless enough to throw their rubbish around? Why single out smokers if nearly everyone litters? It's like saying that the Jews cheat. Perhaps some of them do but so do others. Picking on smokers is unfair and discriminatory; singling out those who smoke to blame them for every societal ill is persecution.
12. To No. 9 - Die from passive smoking?
New Yorker ,   U.S.A.   (06.21.12)
Where is the incontrovertible proof that those who die from "passive smoking" really die from it as opposed to some other hidden cause? How do you know what they die of especially with those bogus statistical numbers? How about inhaling all sorts of chemicals all their life, having an unhealthy diet, or because of inherited health problems? In all my life, I have not seen anyone blowing cigarette smoke into their children's faces. There are some crazies around of course; but there are also those who would "forget" their children in a locked car during a heat wave. Does it mean we have to ban cars, or perhaps going even further in our zeal - ban heat waves?
13. #9 telling people how to live huh....
aL   (06.21.12)
You are a fool..trying to tell Israelis not to smoke is like me telling Israelis to stop travelling to the shitholes of the world. I give up..and so should you..trying to teach Israelis to be sane is not worth pur time. They want to smoke well let them in their own homes. Ban smoking from all public places including parks, playgrounds etc etc.
14. Smokers cost Israel NIS 8B a year
albert ,   boston,ma usa   (06.21.12)
How much do stupid people cost Israel. I think it's much more. Take care of th big things first.
15. Reduce the tax on Gas & charge 80-100NIS for cigarettes
Devorah ,   Israel   (06.22.12)
that is the only way to stop the smoking in this country-- no city, restaurant or wedding hall will ever enforce the law. We just need to make it too expensive!!
16. big business
jojo ,   israel   (06.22.12)
in big business a certain amont of people always die, alcohol, cars, etc. interesting film called the insider will silence you into quietly giving up,
17. Only dead cost nothing.. and then only for bad caretakers.
Miron ,   USA   (06.22.12)
18. Cigarette smoking
Dennis G ,   Marlton, NJ USA   (06.22.12)
Ive just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Porbably will end up having my bladder removed. My two urologists tell me that more than 70% of bladder cancer is caused by smoking, either first hand or second hand smoke. I wokred in israel for 10 years. For most of that time, I worked in an office of a Hotel where others, including many management folks smoked so much, that my wife told me that i smelled like a cigarette every night when i arrived home. I have never touched a cigarette in my life. While I am not angry at anyone, I can only figure that my current health issues were caused by.. israeli smokers. My souvenir from Israel!
19. My cousin started smoking early and no health lecture helped
Avi   (06.22.12)
The only thing that helped was when he once saw how much it cost him per month after the addiction made him buy more and more. Now after 7 years of smoking he's clean for 3 months. Charge the smokers a higher tax. It will cover state expenses and force them to quit.
20. Smokers deserve a medal
Star Thrower ,   Israel   (06.25.12)
Smokers deserve a medal for all the crap they put up with. They pay billions in taxes to support the ever-increasing welfare state. The stats thrown out can't be substantiated. It's just propaganda. Cigarettes helped birth the state. Everyone back then smoked. This political correctness must stop. Take away cigarettes, and non-smokers will find their favorite vices taxed sky-high to make up the difference.
21. Politicians automatically get a share of cig companies
Yishai ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.25.12)
I have heard that many if not all of the major politicians in Israel get a share in the cig companies. I think it should be investigated.
22. 2nd hand smoke
Marc ,   Nahariya, Israel   (06.25.12)
We really need to ban all public smoking. I have asthma and if I'm waiting to cross the street and a smoker comes along i can have an attack. People may have a right to smoke but we all have right to breathe. Ask yourself this would you let you child/grand child play with a toy painted with lead paint? of course not but would you smoke near them???
23. Smoking in Israel!!!
Simcha ,   Beitar Elite, ISRAEL   (06.26.12)
Smoking is a serious problem in Israel. Many Israelis have no courtesy for others and will even blow the smoke in someone else's face. Many times, I have to cross the street if a smoker is walking in the same direction due to the fact that the smoke continues carrying and having to smell the smoke the whole way while walking in the same direction. In Israel, the smoking in public places is horrendous. One time, at a wedding in Israel, I asked someone very nicely not to smoke and his reply was, "Over there they are cooking; that is also smoke". The Israelis try to make excuses why they believe smoking is healthy. Sometimes, I just want to leave Israel due to the smoking problem.
24. Should learn from the US
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (08.04.12)
Israelis and others should learn from the US. While I visited Israel I was surprised to see so many young Israelis smoking. Some were smoking next to their little kids. We all can learn from the Americans where smoking is taboo, and smokers tend to respect the right of non smokers to clean air.
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