'Carmel fire report reflects harsh reality'
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.06.12, 15:23
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1. Eli Yishai of $h-ass responsible
Haim ,   TA   (06.20.12)
It will take more than a $h-ass propoganda promo to get him off the hook. Unfortuently the man has no honor or shame what so ever and wont take any responsibility. He insults the memory of victims of the disastor and their famalies.
2. everybody knows it was arson by arab kids playing with fire
JEWDI knight ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (06.20.12)
no one has any doubts...arabs will always blame Jews as a their standard stupid knee jerk reaction...the arab kids did it...
3. @2 - Children playing with fire
P   (07.27.12)
Children playing with fire is not the same as the criminal act of arson. This has nothing to do with ethnicity.
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