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Egypt's Morsi goes from prisoner to president
Published: 24.06.12, 18:23
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1. bright future
daze ,   US   (06.24.12)
The right man won. Us egyptians can't wait for the yoke of sharia law to embrace us. Then we can live like iranians, but sunni style
2. Accused corrupt Chaim Ramon became Vice PM
They learned this ,   from Israel   (06.24.12)
3. From prison to PRESIDENT
Ajax ,   Israel   (06.24.12)
This is exactly whyShimon Peres does NOT want Jonathan Pollard released from prison.
4. if your administrative detention is called prison then,
observer ,   Egypt   (06.24.12)
in dead, he came from prison to presidency.
5. Morsi from Prisoner to President
Harold ,   USA   (06.24.12)
Mubarak jailed tens of thousands and the majority were very well educated and Dr. Morsi was one of them. Morsi is educated in the United States but he thinks the Camp David 1979 agreement has been violated by Israel by occupying the Palestinian lands. There is a clause in the 1979 agreement that a Palestinian State has to be established in the near future. Morsi, I think, only recognizes Israel within the 1948 borders
6. @3 amazing meds you are on!
7. from Prisoner to President
Nina ,   NYC   (06.25.12)
how many went in Israel from terrorist to PM or President?
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