Putin: Don't rush to strike Iran
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 25.06.12, 22:47
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1. The Spirit of Wisdom
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (06.25.12)
This meeting was very valuable. May the spirit of wisdom rest on the shoulders of President Putin and Prime Minister Netanyah in the coming days. The Iranian imbroglio can be solved peacefully. Russia has a great part to play in the peacemaking game.
2. Very interesting move by PM and what message to the US?
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.12)
This clearly points to a breakdown in US-Israel relationship. Thanks to Mr. Obama and his disasterous tenure as President. This message should be sent from shore to shore in the Jewish communities of the US. that the Govt. of Israel cannot give its full trust to this President.
3. its ISRAEL thats being fooled
Amos T   (06.25.12)
For everyone's benefit, its ISRAEL thats being fooled. There is a huge nexus that has formed between Obama, Europe, IAEA & Iran under the leadership of crafty Ashton to create an illusion that the problem is being solved to prevent an Israeli attack. All of them benefit if there is no war while Israel alone loses when Iran gets the bomb. Netanyahu is one of the few who can see through this plot (even Barak seems to have been taken in) but whether he has the guts to act alone is the question.
4. P5.1 & Ashton are back-stabbing Israel
Jonah   (06.25.12)
P5.1 & Ashton are back-stabbing Israel. Its been confirmed by journalists privy to the P5.1 talks that even though the talks are dead, the process is being being kept alive & dragged on indefinitely through "expert-level talks" and other such technicalities by Ashton solely to prevent an Israeli strike. Netanyahu and Ehud Barak should note the P5.1 devious tactics and take action against Iran on their own.
5. Does Bibi expect us to believe that?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.25.12)
Russia has been doing almost everything possible to help Iran build nuclear bombs. Does Bibi really expect us to believe Russia's government has now adopted the exact opposite policy? Bibi's statement is absurd. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
LINDA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.25.12)
7. Israel respect Russia simply because it's Russia !
Iranian Hunter   (06.25.12)
Israelis must always remember that Russia sacrificed a lot to stop nazi Germany while other european and USA are appeasing Hitler. Except for Churchill of course. Israel must also try to understand that Russia is also fighting Islamist even before USA, remember that these russians lost a lot by islamist in Chechnya and Afghanistan. And remember that Mother Russia is the ONLY one that voted yes for the birth of the State of Israel. There is simply too much sacrifices of Russians that in the end, leads to the weakening of islamists, and the strengthening of jews and christians. And the birth of Israel. Remember ! Israel's mother is Mother Russia, Israel's uncle is Uncle Sam. In the end, Mother loves children more than the uncle.
8. Russia has a VERY big role in Iran and world history.
Iranian Hunter   (06.25.12)
They have the power to weaken Iran, but at the same time they also have the power to strengthen Iran. This is a very troubling and scary moment for Israel. If Russia decides Iran should be strengthened, may God preserve us and help us. Because there is simply no way Israel can defeat Egypt, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the combined strength of the mujaheddin from Saudi, Pakistan, Afghanistan. It would need a big miracle to win.
9. Bizzaro Comments
Avramele   (06.25.12)
So Putin, Iran's protector is now considered by Bibi in full agreement with Israel on Iran? Is there anything the current government would not do to embarrass the American president? Compare the kid gloves comments of today with Bibi's Washington antics. Diplomatic speak - yes of course. Undercutting comments on your own tough policy - Nyet!
10. Russia a counterweight to USA?
Shep ,   Tennessee   (06.25.12)
Let's face the facts, Obama has encouraged the Islamic extremists to take over a number of former alies. Israel correctly sees Obama undermining their security and strategic military advantages. If it wasn't for Israeli ingenuity with technology and military hardware, they would already be at a disadvantage. This should keep Obama on his toes.
11. Russian hegemony
yousef ,   Palestine , Hebron   (06.25.12)
Russia,s interets in the deep medeteranian sea and Islamists spring is the main cause
12. Jews in the USSR were persecuted not heroes!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.25.12)
Today people who do not toe the Putin line have "accidents". No freedom of speech. Journalists get murdered. I think that both President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu seem to be suffering from the same memory lapse regarding Jews in the former Soviet Union. The terms Gulag (Natan Sharansky has first knowledge of how the Soviets treated Jews), the prohibition on Jews practicing Judaism and the prohibition of the Brit, seem to have been forgotten. Synagogues were destroyed. Add to this the memories of pogroms against Jews during the Stalin regime and how Holocaust survivors were treated by the Soviets have also been expunged from their memories. President Putin has abandoned democracy, freedom civil and human rights and is openly an ally with those who are trying to destroy Israel and wipe the Jewish people of the map! WHAT THE HELL IS PUTIN DOING IN ISRAEL? VLADIMIR, GET THE HELL OUT and take your stooge, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, with you. Go to Syria and help Assad massacre his people.
13. Putin - Pogrom
14. Putin = Pogrom
15. without russia irun would never have had
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (06.25.12)
such an advanced nuke program to begin with! our muslime in chief U.S. president embarrass's himself by his own actions!
16. Many jews that says Russia is not Israel friend is having ..
Iranian Hunter   (06.25.12)
a memory amnesia. There would not be even jews if it were not for the russians that defeated Hitler and his arab friends. Remember USA and Europe appease Hitler. Except for Churchill. There would be no state of Israel, remember it is mother RUSSIA that voted yes to the birth of state of Israel, while the rest disagree and backs the arabs. it is simply naive and arrogant and brainwashed statements if you say Russia do not have a big role in the safety, and success of Israel, and the strengthening of christians and jews all over the world. Some on the comments says USSR persecutes Jews. I do not live in USSR but i do know back then, it ain't better in Germany or Middle east for jews i can assure you ! USA helps Israel, true. But Israel must also always remember Russia have a BIG role in helping the state of Israel from it's weak beginning, and VERY BIG role in defeating Nazis and the weakening of Islamist in Afghanistan and Central Asia.
17. Was that Barack Obama visiting Israel???
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (06.25.12)
Wow....Putin took time out of his busy schedule to visit Israel. Obama just doesn't have enough time to get away from his golf game. Who is the President of the United States....leader of the free world. It's a good question....when anyone finds the answer.....please post.
18. Since it's obvious USA is strengthening Islamist. Israel
Iranian Hunter   (06.25.12)
needs to smarten up, and go closer with Russia and China. Not only this is a smart move, these two will be the next USA and EU in terms of economic power and military power while the EU and USA are going titanic and will be muslim in 2100. The chinese helps jews when Europa and middle east are persecuting jews. Read their history. The russians helps jews and christians more than the world wanted to expose, remember that the media are dominated by arab funded western medias. Europe never has a good history with jews, ever. the only exception is probably 1950-2012, but even now it is becoming clear they are going anti semitic again and joining with the arabs to kill jews err i mean zionist, not jews ( who believe this kind of lies ?)
19. Putin
Michael ,   Toronto.Canada   (06.25.12)
Truth in the Putting.(not Putin's words)
20. #8 Iranian Hunter We Israelite People
Have HAD MANY MIRACLES, From The Very Begining. Ha Shem Was,Is and ALWAYS WILL BE THE MIRACLE FOR The Jewish People TODAY As He Did For Moses and Aaron, Joshua , Jacob, KING DAVID AND KING SOLOMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Ye People Of LITTLE FAITH? How Do Think We Are Still Here? By our own account? ALL THINGS CAN AND WILL BE ACHIEVED THROUGH Ha Shem!!!!!! ברוך הא שם!!!
21. #13 Obama and Putin
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.25.12)
Historically, the US symbolized freedom and democracy while Russia was a cruel dictatorship. I don't want to insult anyone, but I think the USA is the greatest country, far better than Russia. But all this has changed under Obama, and this despite Putin's brutal invasion of Georgia. In the last three years Obama has killed far more people (especially innocent civilians) and started more wars than Putin. Obama has sold far more weapons and accelerated weapons proliferations far more than Putin. It is Obama, not Putin, that caused instability, nutritional insecurity and oppression of women and Christians in the world. It is Obama, not Putin, that loves using gun-boat diplomacy against his rivals. America is not Obama, and Obama is not America.
22. Israelis did all the talking ,...
split ,   US   (06.25.12)
Putin was listening and smiled ,... By the way the visit to Israel was ignored in Russian media and mentioned as a part of Middle East tour in with a stop in Israel ,...
23. All badmouthersREMEMBER Obama has never visited IL as POTUS
Alan ,   SA   (06.25.12)
I say Putin made a fine gesture in visiting Israel.. He honoured Soviet Jewish fighters in Great Patriotic War THANK YOU MR PUTIN.AND NAZDARVIA Watch Obama try a me2
24. I love the picture...Putin wondering about Sara's gushing
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.25.12)
25. Putin in Palestine ,...
split ,   US   (06.25.12)
Ynet is omitting a fact that Tuesday Putin will meet with Palestinian officials in Bethlehem ,...
26. 12 ,...
split ,   US   (06.25.12)
I don't get it why are you people keep making an idiots of yourself posting a comments like this one knowing that it takes few seconds to google out who hold a power in during Stalin's reign in Soviet Union ,... Google and check who's idea was it who created and who was in charge of Soviet gulags ,...,7340,L-3342999,00.html
27. #22 You expect Putin to talks a lot ? Putin is not Obama.
Iranian Hunter   (06.25.12)
28. Chaim @ 5, No, Bibi hopes that you are
leo ,   usa   (06.25.12)
smart enough to figure out on your own what Bibi cannot say in public.
29. #5, Chaim is 100% right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.25.12)
30. Putin is for Putin first ...
Galut ia ,   Selah   (06.25.12)
this is an interesting twist but keep eyes open... trust only God
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