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Erdogan: We'll retaliate over Syrian violation
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Published: 26.06.12, 13:37
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1. Congratulations to Syria
Ahmed ,   Tehran   (06.26.12)
Congratulations to Syria for shooting US-NATO stooge Turkey plane down ! Cowards USA, NATO & Israel afraid to face Iran & Syria. Fantastic work, long live Assad & Syria ! - Ahmed, Iran
2. NATO must not be trapped. Russia must stop er-dog-an
Iranian Hunter   (06.26.12)
i know that man's plan. He is exploiting Syria and wants to use NATO soldiers to die for Turkey. Not a single NATO bullet and soldier will be given to Turkey for its Syria annexation fantasy. Russia MUST annex Turkey if Turkey tries to expand its border. Make no mistake they are fascists that believes jews and christians must be under the rule and protection of a muslim leader. They are hypocrites. Why should er-dog-an complains Israel is occupying Palestine (false by the way) while they are occupying ORTHODOX BYZANTINE and wants to make Hagai Sophia as mosque? Where is justice and facts and where is the arab funded western leaders and media?
3. Erdogan: step up or shut up
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.26.12)
4. Turkey is trapping NATO, be careful.
Iranian Hunter   (06.26.12)
That man have a plan, he wants to expand border, he wants to use NATO allied defences when one of it's member being attacked. He wants to bankrupted NATO, expand border and makes Turkey into a superpower in the middle east. Make no mistake, NATO must smarten up, and tell that man to sit quiet.
5. Erdogan regrets now that he kissed Asad
Yusuf ,   ME   (06.26.12)
Just a short time ago he huged and kissed Asad and verbaly attacked Israel over the stupid flotila, now he understand what mistakes he made.
6. How Is little recep tayyip erDOGan
Going to respond? By having a gathering on the border With a HUMUS AND BREAD party? Where are The Pilots Who Were Shot Down?
7. Erdogan and Assad
A ,   Belgium   (06.26.12)
2 flea bitten, rabid dogs growling at each other, but neither has any teeth to bite with.
8. #1 Did You Know The Actions Of Your
ILLEGAL regime in tehran Is The Despot Pariah? Most of the World is Against your supremeless lead no where and your little bearded monkey! Starting in July More Sanctions Kick In for you and your countrymen, yet you cheer for More Death and destruction? I seriously Doubt All of iran feels as you do? We will just have to wait and See Won't We? May Ha Shem Intercede on the part of the JUST!!!!!! ברוך הא שם!!!
9. Erdogan is attempting to get NATO involved
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.26.12)
This is a fact. Turkey violated Syrian airspace by a considerable distance. Any of the weapons systems that could have been used do not extend as far as international airspace. Turkey is the aggressor. They invaded Syria, they are using their own territory to stage attacks into Syria - both are violations of the NATO Charter. Turkey has made some very serious enemies within NATO and they will block any sort of response under Article 5.
Daniel Rossi ,   Great Neck   (06.26.12)
You are not fooling anyone. Persians are NOT Arabs. If you make up a name for yourself, don't pick an Arabic name with an Arabic spelling. Typical Islamic BS, you talk too much.
11. #4 don't worry
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (06.26.12)
French Foreign Legion, SAS and Qatar/CIA are already in Syria attacking Assad's forces. NATO won't get officialy involved (unless Obama wants it) because Turkey started the war against Syria. But you have to admit that it is funny how Erdogan starts the war, but as soon as Assad slaps him across the face, Erdogan runs crying to his "big brothers" in NATO.
12. #1 - how's the price of tomatoes in Tehran, Ahmed?
William ,   Israel   (06.26.12)
Feeling the stifling effects of global sanctions where you have little friends anymore? I have two words for you regarding your claim: "Stuxnet" and "Deit ez-Zor"
13. #10 -Nasrallah of Hizbullah once said
William ,   Israel   (06.26.12)
"there is no such thing as Persian culture anymore", referring to the cultural genocide that occurred when Arabs invaded from the South, destroyed the remnants of the Persian empire, and replaced Zoroastrian with Islam and Persians with Arab. Many Persians still hold a grudge against Arabs for this, though the racist Islamists in Tehran have a different agenda.
14. erDOGan barks, cannot bite
Angelina   (06.26.12)
15. Like
Rob Ackerman ,   Johannesburg SA   (06.26.12)
Seriously, the only thing that could brighten up my day even more is if Hamas & hezbolla come to blows too… When both your enemies are fighting – make some popcorn I say :)
16. NATO must applaud Syria, and say BRAVO Syria.
Iranian Hunter   (06.26.12)
That will make Er-dog-an a little "hot". I repeat, nothing will happen. Er-Dog-an, you sit and be quiet ! Big brother Obama wants to get re-elected.
17. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.26.12)
He might try to organize a flotilla and sail to Latakia.
18. For Syria read Gaza??
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.26.12)
"Erdogan noted that Turkish Armed Forces "will respond to all violations on the Syrian border"" But does he agree that the IDF should respond to all violations on the Gaza border?Or is it a case of do what Erdogan says but not what Erdogan does? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
19. Sarah B no 17
Er=dog=an will not DARE to send flotilla to Latakia, because Assad the Lion will sink them all without even thinking.
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