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Deputy PM Clegg: Olympics will be 'a very British affair'
Nick Clegg
Published: 27.06.12, 07:11
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1. Is this news?
Simon ,   Tel Aviv   (06.27.12)
Why is propaganda about a sports competition in a mediocre foreign country worthy of an Israeli news website?
2. Indeed a GREAT nation.
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (06.27.12)
The most beautiful landscapes in the world............
3. israel will be booed
bill ,   canada   (06.27.12)
i read online israel will be booed when the israelis march in; oh well; jews can take it
4. Olympics
John Smith ,   UK   (06.28.12)
In Uk didn't hear anything in newspapers that Israel will be booed.Only Argentinians will disrupt over the Falkland islands.
5. #3 you read that on a Ynet talkback.
6. # 1 why not?Ynet reports a lot what the British do. Sorry a
Danielle ,   Essex/Tel Aviv.   (06.28.12)
positive story is not what you wanted to read today. If by mediocre foreign country you mean a friendly nation to Israel with trade links worth almost 10 billion dollars then, whatever. Stick with talkbacks rather than facts, Simon.
7. I'm going to check it out in summer, can't wait!!
Moshe and Leah   (06.28.12)
8. Bring on the games!!! I wish I could come!!!!!!
Brit lover!! ,   Kate Middleton lover   (06.28.12)
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