The Jerusalem challenge
Elan Ezrachi
Published: 26.06.12, 18:26
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1. Exclusion of Arabs is the policy now, theft of Arab land
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.26.12)
2. Arian claims to Volga river aren't new.
Miron ,   USA   (06.26.12)
Every time Roman Empire raises large army and occupies large number of lands they begin to want more. It's their damnation we neither part of nor can help with.
....DACON9   (06.26.12)
IF WE JEWS ON THE 4 CORNERS OF THE WOPRLD COMMENT TO AN ISRAELi they tell us... YOU (american jews) have no right to comment to us about our politicians and religious observant unless you live here, unles you serve in the IDF. We israelis dont want your money. WELL MR. AUTHOR, I DONT WANT YOUR STATE, NOR YOUR ARROGANCE I only want HASHEMS land. At least I am a JEW IN AMERICA AND CAN GO HOME. Your state takes your homes while you sleep. You eat pork while you pray for HASHEM TO SAVE YOU. When the world is against you then only then do you beg for american Jews to pressure our politicians.... AND YOU STILL DONT CALL OUT TO HASHEM instead you call out to the roman pope. You israelis lost the 3rd temple even before Hashem returns it.... I PRAY YOU ISRAELS WAKE UP MAKE TESHUVAH AND PROVE HOW WRONG I AM.
4. Only strong and undefeatable IDF will guarantee future of Je
E,M Jordan is Pales ,   SF   (06.27.12)
...DACON9   (06.27.12)
Yes when I was young and innocent I thought we are all JEWS, ONE NATION, ONE TORAH, ONE PATH. Then the glitter of fame,ego and money clouded our minds,we became a gold bracelet or a mercedes car or a movie star.WE BECAME ORNAMENTS TO OURSELVES TO OUR NEIGHBORS.Hashem became an ornament in our minds and not a central focus of our job to the world as Jews.We give up a Jew to appease the goyim not trying to appease our creator. WHEN WILL YOU STOP TO ASK YOURSELF.WHAT AM I doing in this world. Am I acting like a Hashems prince.What does 'GD' want me to do for "HIM" ?
6. Relax, Dacon 9 @ #3:
Israeli 2   (06.27.12)
Israel will have its 3rd Temple and all of Jerusalem when Hashem decides the time has come. In the meantime, the world burns, screams and collapses and so you seem as well. Just.....Relax.
7. Hear anti-Zionists: Shel zahav? Shel nechoshet? LO, shel OR.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (06.27.12)
8. Like #5 When I was young & innocent.
Mark   (06.27.12)
I believed that israel was an inclusive country, " a light onto nations" Over the years the veneer was dropped. I see it for what it is, racist, apartheid. Non-jews will alway be 2nd class.
9. Palestine: A Palestinian Perspective
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.28.12)
Im no economist..but Ive been trying to estimate the COST AND LOSS to ordinary Palestinians in East Palestine West Bank and those in Refugee Limboland of perpetuating the struggle and not negotiating peace when the opportunity arose around fifteen years ago Had we had a contiguous and connected East and West Palestine and worked and cooperated closely with all our neighbours we would have been able to absorb most of the refugees, create a vibrant progressive Palestinian society and economy one EQUIVALENT in size and GNP to Lebanon! In purely money terms we have lost over 15 years in the region of $ 750 billion...Greece EAT YOU HEART OUT Whats begiining to happen in East Palestine West Bank is a mere re hint of what we could have achieved..as for Gaza...a shocking tragedy As the song goes...Its almost Springtime in Gaza
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