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'Zionists to blame for world drug trade'
Published: 27.06.12, 08:44
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1. How much will they pay?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (06.27.12)
It would be funny to see if they actually would pay a Jew or Israeli if they submitted a study showing that everyone is effected by addiction. But I do appreciate the compliment that we zionists are pure and without affliction. I always keep forgetting that Jews are also responsible for idiots like this guy. Because if Judaism never existed, neither would Islam.
2. I was unaware of this!
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.27.12)
Where's all the money going? I would expect that with such deep drug-trade interests our entire economy could be doing so much better (and not just the select elite).
3. Why are we supporting any cooperation with these people?”
A ,   Belgium   (06.27.12)
One word answer, European diplomat: OIL. And thats the reason you will continue cooperating with "these people", regardless of the hateful and ridiculous garbage that comes out of their mouths.
4. Poor creature...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (06.27.12)
5. In other words.......
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.27.12)
The Islamic Republic has a serious drug problem on their hands. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, prostitution and human trafficking are growing problems in Iran. Instead of acknowledging and dealing with the problem, Iran's VP comes up with this idiotic explanation.
Pedro ,   Maputo,Mozambique   (06.27.12)
The bearded monkey says the Europeans keep all the rain for themselves, and now THIS... I wonder how depressed smart Iranians feel having to cope daily with the group of looneys, LOL
7. moron doing his best to adhere to talking points
rick ,   walnut creek   (06.27.12)
he doesn't know much. he's not bright. someone, working off a campaign developed for the saudis and the p.a. by an American p.r. firm, gave this moron some talking points. he's doing his best to deliver them to the promiscuous media.
8. But NO EU diplomat left !!!
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.27.12)
nor did any other .
9. He just repeats one of "Haaretz" editorials it seems
ab   (06.27.12)
10. Where can I get my money?
.   (06.27.12)
If they are f***ing ready to pay I have a few: my mother is a doctor in Israel and always complains about drug addiction of certain patients (actually both from secular and religious backgrounds i.e. those who are "good=Talmud learning). The last complain was 1.5 week ago: she told me the whole wild story about TWO drag addicted Jews. So where can I get my double money?
11. So who says Ahmedinijad or Khameni
So who says Ahmedinijad or Khameni was mistranslated when they called for the extermination of Israel ? Now in clear black & white - Iran deadly threat being whitewashed by Obama & Europe finally exposed: - Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi (one of the closest aides of Khameni) said today threats and pressures cannot deter Iran from its revolutionary causes and ideals, and stressed that the Iranian nation will remain committed to the full annihilation of the Zionist regime of Israel to the end. - Fars News Agency, May 2012
12. Why am I always left out?
Eldar ,   Haifa   (06.27.12)
All of these lucrative business ventures Jews are controlling - from Hollywood to slave trading to drug running to gambling. My question - where is my cut? Is it because I'm a leftist, non-Torah Jew that I don't get my fair share? That's it, isn't it?! Is this justice? Once again discrimination against the secular left!
13. The man knows what he's talking about
Einschwein   (06.27.12)
Has a pretty good understanding of what's going on in Lod, Ramla, Tel-Aviv, Natanya, though he's never been here.
14. Hahaha what next?
David ,   Israel   (06.27.12)
I can't believe that they spew out such garbage to the masses that people actually believe them. I really feel worried for Iranian Jews right now
15. The man sounds like Min. Louis Farakhan, Obama's friend.
Adam Smith   (06.27.12)
16. The Mullahs need to lie,anything but the truth for being
an opium addict capital of the world Their golden rule is to never look in the mirror after all they are the beloved of Allah! Useful idiots you mantra . "Not antisemitic just anti Israel" is wearing a bit thin. Got tge message yet ?
17. LOL! this guy is sick
Moragh   (06.27.12)
truly sick and I think one of his colleagues should take him to see a shrink. On the other hand if the shrink is already loaded then there is not much point. Wait until he overdoes his load then have him checked out. Poor dear, I hope his monkey friend Achmy hasn't hooked him onto it!
18. if it were only true but this
Barney ,   USA   (06.27.12)
putz is a complete idiot and iran has more than their share of addicts because their existence is hopeless under idios\ts like this
19. Was Rahimi on drugs?
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.27.12)
Mmm perhaps he believes that the route to certain promotion means Out AhMADinejading AhMADinejad! Rahimi is partial to drugs He hides them under his rugs He accuses the Jews And sends them abuse Of feeding his habit...which bugs!
20. E Mail Sent to the BBC Today
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.27.12)
Dear Sirs This morning I came across a rather disturbing article in the New York Times describing a virulently anti jewish racist speech by the Vice President Rahimi of Iran that was to do with the Narcotics Trade It probably is the most extreme anti jewish speech Ive heard (and Ive heard many) and the more concerning as this was from the Vice President of the Government of Iran Would it be possible to please write a piece about that speech so readers can understand and appreciate that Jews and Israelis have real and not imagined concerns about the regime in Iran
21. Thanks for the compliments !
Tzimmes ,   London U.K.   (06.27.12)
We have arranged for the sun to go down tonight,there is no end to our powers.
22. MEN BU$$INE$$
PHARAOH   (06.27.12)
23. Contradiction!
Vladimir ,   Yerushalayim   (06.27.12)
If the Iranean leaders blame Talmud and the Jews (superior race!) for all the evils, why do they receive with honour the Neturei Karta people who are among the real keepers of Talmud?
24. this is just crazy...
beary white ,   norway   (06.27.12)
If this idiot is a representative of his people, then his followers must be worse. How can anybody have relations with this complete moron?? Creature is correct name if him.
25. This page looks....
Edu ,   KH - HAIFA   (06.27.12) the funny page.
26. E Mail Sent to the BBC Today #20
ChanahS ,   Israel   (06.27.12)
It will be interesting to see if your letter is printed, or if your request will be carried out.
27. That VP is right, Iran has many drug, alcohol, prostitution
Iranian Hunter   (06.27.12)
If you have a good car in Tehran, you can find cheap prosti very easy. And also, if you want alcohol, you can find it very very easy. don't make me started on drugs. It's like candy, very easy to find. About jews, that lackey of the bearded monkey is just telling the truth of his twisted little belief that the jews are all the world's problem. People keep forgetting Hitler got his idea of yellow badge star from Caliph Umar, the second best caliph in Sunni Islam. And Hitler call his book Mein Kampf, which means my Struggle, struggle is another word for Jihad. Hitler adores Islam and bad mouthed Christianity, he says if german people were muslims, they would conquer the world.
28. Sad reflection on the people of Iran if this resonates
with them
29. The new Nazis, friends of Ahmadinijad kissing Naturei Karta
Chillul H '. They demonstrate against Israel on Shabbat and claim to be religious
30. #26- it won't be!!!
Idfmom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.27.12)
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