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2 Iranians face execution over drinking
Published: 27.06.12, 13:05
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1. They are NOT a rational regime
Ted Dexter   (06.27.12)
If the Ayatollah's are not taken care of now, they will use nukes later. They are NOT a rational regime....still stoning people & hanging gays & sorcerers in the 21st century. Iran already has enough 20% enriched Uranium for 4 nukes (just 1 is enough to wipe out Israel). Attack Iran now !
2. Execution for drinking alcohol
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (06.27.12)
Where are all the human rights activists to protest this or did they wear themselves out with their anti Zionist, anti Semetic,, Molotov cocktail throwing at the IDF rants?
3. Can't wait for condemnation from HRW,UNHRC,AUT,London school
of economics, the new South Africa "moderate Moslems " and the rest of the self righteous, self annointed human rightists
4. Dear fellows human beings
Sagi   (06.27.12)
This is Islamic enlightenment and sanctity of human life.
5. Flogging, then execution
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.12)
In the civilized world, that is considered torture. Oh, right! I did say "civilized," didn't I? That would certainly exclude Iran.
6. Persistant Consumption pf Alcohol?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (06.27.12)
But I thought there was no problem with addiction in the Islamic Republic? Or I guess it's our fault. Sorry, our bad... The Zionists
7. News from stonage. Iran is a disgrace for the human species
Neo ,   EU   (06.27.12)
8. Yeah ! Hang dem bastards
Johnny Walker   (06.27.12)
9. Alcohol punishment
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.27.12)
If only America had had such strict rules against alcohol making, sale, and use, Prohibition, which is truly beneficial for Society, would have been a resounding success. Unfortunately, the political and moral will for its enforcement was not there. I disagree with much of Iran's policies, but here, the Islamic government is doing something right.
10. No muslim can condemn
Iranian Hunter   (06.27.12)
Because these mullah or saudi sheikhs are doing what the hadeeth are saying.
11. To: Ted at No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.12)
I appreciate your concern, but it is misplaced. While Iran's nuclear ambitions are very definitely a threat, Iran does not yet have a nuclear weapon and, even if they did, they do not have delivery capacity. That's actually the tricky part. Besides, Israel can survive a first strike. And then G-d help the country that struck -- it will be destroyed. People underestimate Israel's capacity, will and resolve very much to their peril. But that is not the subject here. The subject here is a primitive, barbaric regime that considers claims there is no homosexuality in Iran (while continuing to hang people for it), claims there is no drug abuse in Iran (while hanging around thirty people a month for engaging in drug dealing and/or drug usage) ..... Iran is just such a vile and morally bankrupt nation, eradicating it would be a benefit to mankind, much the way eradicating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were enormous benefits to mankind.
12. Inferior culture by all standards
Leo ,   Canada   (06.27.12)
Killing instead of helping somebody for having an addiction. How can the people of Iran put up with this? Are they all brainwashed?
13. Did anyone say "Putin,Obama" ?! Guess not
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.27.12)
14. #1 - Iran not rational but neither is your post
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (06.27.12)
One nuclear weapon of the type that Iran is trying to build would not destroy Israel. Try 40 of them. And they presently have no way of delivering a nuclear bomb. But the Iranian is not rational and you are correct. You are well meaning, but spreading misinformation which is not good. So please don't do it ;-)
15. #14 Michael, talking about misinformation
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.27.12)
Just as one nuclear weapon isn't enough to destroy Israel, it almost certainly wouldn't take 40. According to my estimates, which are usually pretty good, it wouldn't take much more than you could count on one hand.
16. Jews to blame for Iranians drinking alcohol+eating too much
Sam ,   Canada   (06.27.12)
Jews also to blame for Iranian constipation.
17. I hope....
walt k ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (06.27.12)
That GB will never become an islamic r├ępublic... or the rope sellers will become very rich...
18. To: Michael at No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.12)
Michael, Iran is not trying to build so-called "dirty" bombs. They are trying to build Nagasaki-type bombs. Of course, those are considerably smaller and far less lethal than what Israel has in its nuclear arsenal, but it wouldn't require forty. But that's really not the point. Any country that launches so much as one nuclear weapon at Israel will not survive long enough to launch the remaining thirty-nine. Really.
19. To: Leo at No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.12)
I'm not sure that having an occasional drink qualifies as "addiction." If that were the case, you'd have to put the majority of people in the world into rehab. On the other hand, cigarette smoking, which is is far more dangerous -- both to the individuals who smoke and to those who must breathe in that smoke -- is commonplace in Iran. Are the Iranian people brainwashed? Possibly some. I think the vast majority have been cowed into acceptance of the unacceptable. Not sure which is worse.
20. #9 If America or Canada had such strict rules on Alcohol...
Leo ,   Canada   (06.27.12)
...there would almost be nobody left to enforce them.
21. Alcoholism was the national sin of ancient Israel and
Rivkah   (06.27.12)
is agreat sin in many countries. It is a source of much sorrow. One occasion of drinking a wine cooler that was illegal for someone of her age to drink resulted in rape and pregnancy for Sarah Palin's daughter by a rogue who now has imprenated someone else out of wedlock. Oh, the sorrow that even one drink can bring. Best not to drink alcohol at all until one is of age and then only with a meal and sparingly if at all. Alcohol is an addictive drug and drunkards do not enter into God's Kingdom. Taking three drinks of alcohol on separate occasions is not being a drunkard in my opinion, but Sharia Law is harsher than a lot of laws. Drinking in moderation is allowed in Scriptures. Drinking heavily is allowed in Scriptures for a heavy heart. Heavy drinking other than that can result in eternal separation from HaShem unless it is repented of and forsaken.
22. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.27.12)
You may remember that we had an episode in the United States called Prohibition. That ban on use and sale of alcohol simply drove it underground, and helped give rise to a thriving underworld and bootlegging operations. We're still suffering the consequences of that ill-fated experiment to this day. Bottom line: you cannot legislate people's health or people's morals. They'll find ways around such legislation. It is up to the individual not to engage in antisocial behavior (smoking); criminal behavior (using illegal substances) or behavior harmful to others (driving while intoxicated or under the influence). Finally, while I'm certainly not an expert on Christianity, I do seem to recall reading somewhere that Jesus turned water into wine. Not the other way around. And you might want to also read up on the Purim story.
23. #9 you are a idiot.
Michael ,   West jerusalem   (06.27.12)
Go move to Iran if you love it do much.
24. they can only blame themselves
courtney ,   usa   (06.27.12)
why would you live in a nation that has such laws to begin with
25. to 21 - grow up
courtney ,   usa   (06.27.12)
and recognize its the 21st century, not the days of ole when abraham lived 900 years following god. get real. too many of you in israel, why i will never go back for aliyah
26. 25 Courtney, USA: You are welcome to stay where you are.
Rivkah   (06.28.12)
If you don't believe in the Scriptures that are timeless wisdom and instruction, then you don't belong in Israel. Keep your worldliness and modern ways far away from God's people who want only the narrow path to eternal life. Most people like the broad way to eternal destruction. The Prophet Jeremiah said the old ways are the good way and people should seek the old ways. I prefer shalom peace, something you are not familiar with or you would not trade anything for it.
27. Good thing I don't live in Iran....
Malone ,   hfx   (06.28.12)
.....or they would of hung me years ago...I do like my beer...but then there's not a chance I would ever live in Iran/Egypt/Syria/lebanon,etc.,etc,etc,etc.,etc. and on and
28. To: No. 24
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
I think you are being a bit harsh. Why don't you temper your outrage with a little bit of reality? In other words, contemplate the possibility that these poor souls had no place else to go. It is extremely hard to obtain an exit visa -- or a passport -- in Iran. Why do you think so many Jews continue to live in that horrible place? It's not by choice -- it's by absence of choice. Please do keep that in mind. Iran is not the United States, where any citizen can obtain a passport and purchase an airplane ticket, mostly to countries that do not require visas. Grow up, honey.
29. 22 Sarah B., USA/Israel: I am Messianic which is quite
Rivkah   (06.28.12)
different from Christian. My Sabbath is the seventh day, not the first day of the week. I celebrate the Holy Days of the Lord, not the holidays of XTNS. The Holy Days of the Lord are the Spring and Fall Feasts of the Lord as well as the seventh day Shabbat. I do not pray to JeZeus, a sungod. I pray to Yahweh in the name of His Son Yeshua of Nazareth. It is true Yeshua of Nazareth turned the water into wine at the wedding of Cana and I believe it was not just grape juice but an alcoholic beverage. Drinking temperately is allowed in Scriptures. Perhaps morality cannot be legislated but it should not be rewarded either by making the immoral government heiresses and heirs for being fornicators producing bastard children and being alcoholics and drug addicts. Children born out of wedlock should be adopted by people who can afford to raise them or put into orphanages. The penalty for fornication should not be a government pension and free food. Half the children born in America today are illegitimate. States determine how many prisons to build based on the number of illegitimate males born in the State since 95 per cent of bastard boys end up in prison since being raised without a father is so devastating to the child's spiritual and moral and character well being. If BHO had been aborted, the nation would be better off for that.
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