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Iran: Ahmadinejad will attend London Games
Dudi Cohen
Published: 28.06.12, 00:02
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1. White Papers & Scotland Referendum 2014
Mike ,   Herzilya   (06.28.12)
The UK has no future. They let these murderous uncultured thugs to step ob British soil but forbid Tzipi Livni Gabi Ashkenazi and Moshe Feiglin from visiting the country. Britain who issued the white papers that resulted in deaths of many European Jews, will break up soon when Scotland will opt for independence in 2014 in a national referendum while London neighborhhood adopts Sharia law. we have a God-given natural right to our land!!!!
2. Boycot!!
Daniel ,   Netherlands   (06.28.12)
What a great loss to humanity and sports would be to have Iran boycotting the games.. a true sports superpower everyone will miss
3. Ahmadinejad would feel totally at home in
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.28.12)
the UK. Maybe he will be feted at Buckingham Palace
4. Awww!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
Isn't that cute? The Iranian team decided to bring along their little mascot. I wonder if they will dress him up like a bellhop and bring an organ grinder, too.
5. Some respect is nequired
Keren IL-BR   (06.28.12)
He is not a likeable person after all he said, though he is a head of State. He should be granted right to watch the games, support his athletes and be entitled with security.
6. Dhimmi Ashton & Dhimmi Charles
Dhimmi Catherine Ashton & Dhimmi Prince Charles welcomes Hadji Little Aytollah Mahmood Ahmdinjad to Dhimmistan aka London
7. UK: Arrest him for incitement !!! or boycott !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.28.12)
8. Can London cope with the stench?
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.28.12)
9. 40th Jahrzeit of Munich
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.28.12)
The Olympic Committee won't allow a minute's silence on the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre of Israel's Olympic team, but they do agree to hosting Ahmadinejad, who wants to nuke Israel?
10. Moral currency
PaulZion ,   Israel   (06.28.12)
If England allows him to enter the country and watch the games, then all their preaching of morality to us and the world is nothing but worthless verbal currency with no backbone to support it - but I guess we already knew that.
11. #4 you make me laugh
I have some great pictures of monkeys dressed up for a jewish wedding. Do you want to see them?
12. 'Diplomatic Immunity' ?(Personna non Grata !) !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (06.28.12)
13. To: Sherlock at No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
An easy way around that. Upon marching into the stadium, the Israeli team should simply stop, stand to attention, and remain that way for at least one minute. Perhaps someone in the Israeli delegation can play -- loudly -- a recording of the Hatikvah. If all of the Israeli delegation can do that, it will be sufficiently loud. Such an act will doubtless screw up the carefully choreographed opening ceremonies timetable, but who cares? Certainly not I. I will be far too busy scanning the rows and rows of dignitaries who will be attending the opening ceremonies, looking for anyone who stands to attention in acknowledgment. Those who do not will tell me all I need to know.
14. Wow nobody is blaming OBAMA!
sheik rattle & roll ,   usa   (06.28.12)
Where are the anti-American/anti blacks today?
15. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
Why do you (stupidly) equate being anti-Obama with being anti-black? Are you revealing a bit of your own bias, perhaps? Obama has been a disaster for the United States, and that would hold true if he were purple with pink polka-dots. You are the one being anti-black if you think that criticism has anything to do with his color. It has to do with his competence -- or, in truth, lack thereof. Obama is a bumbling idiot, and that would hold true were he to be white, green, orange, magenta or grey. Incompetence is color-blind. Unfortunately, you are not color-blind, as you so clearly reveal in your post.
16. #15 "Obama is a bumbling idiot"
Robert ,   Australia   (06.28.12)
Compared to the previous incumbent Obama is a ray of sunshine. That should be obvious even to the most vehement colour prejudiced individual.
17. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
Post 'em, sure. Are you certain they aren't of an Arab wedding?
18. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.12)
I'm not in the least bit color-prejudiced. That you would even mention such a thing leads me to believe that you probably are. Poor, poor pitiful you. Obama is an idiot. He could be as white as the driven snow, and would STILL be an idiot. Moreover, the previous occupant of the White House did not engage in ridiculous adventurism (Yemen, Waziristan, Pakistan, Libya), nor did he throw a loyal ally under a bus (Mubarak). I do not think that George Bush (Sr. and Jr.) were the best presidents the United States has had, but both were far superior to the incumbent.
19. #11 The Iranian monkey could have
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (06.29.12)
joined that wedding too. 5 monkeys would be more entertaining. Don't you think, Mr. or Ms. 6.28.12?
20. Its Honour I wish I could shake the hand with this man repre
peter vojta ,   prag   (06.29.12)
Its Real honour for hosting nation to have president of Iran visiting Games. Iran never attacked anybody, does not assasinates peope oversees, does not wage wars of aggression on its neighbours, does not have illegal WMD, does not support terrorism witout borders, does not treatten wars or military attacks...while Israel is quiloty of everything above.. peter czech
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