Wary of draft, haredim sign up for national service
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 28.06.12, 14:52
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1. fearing draft? hahaha, wake up ynet
hadad ,   u.k   (06.28.12)
2. Only modern orthodox or those who are on the way off
Chaim   (06.28.12)
Jewish fold. Hassidic and Litvish Rabbis are strongly against it.
3. This is great news!
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (06.28.12)
I for one think this is great! Good on those Haredim who volunteered. I think the rest of Israeli society would calm down about the Haredim & the Haredim would feel like they have more "skin in the game" & national pride if they continue this trend. While I'm a veteran, I understand that military service isn't for everyone & I hope that others can understand that & appreciate contributions made through national service.
4. Kol Hakavod to the negociators.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.12)
5. 2 Chaim Step by step one goes far.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.12)
If this experience shows to be without danger of corruption,others will follow,with G-Ds help.
6. #2, you know better
Naftush ,   Israel   (06.28.12)
The Modern Orthodox already enlist in military or national service. Those who are "way off Jewish fold" (sic), as you define it, are eager to join the army. What remains are real, honest haredim who cannot accept their rabbis' public pronoucements (or those made in their names by the "askanim") , consult their own rebbes, and go ahead with what was reported here.
7. Problem Solved
Yonason Herschlag   (06.28.12)
When studying torah is recognized as national service, then the problem will be solved.
8. Those "volunteers" are already corrupted
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.28.12)
by their "rabbanim" who showed them NOTHING of the real life .
9. WOW 77 big deal, time to draft the parasites
Haim ,   TA   (06.28.12)
10. #6 those who don't follow the ruling of their rabbis
Chaim   (06.28.12)
and are on the way "off" are far from being ultra orthodox. Only those will join the secular army or national service. So it's nothing really for the secular to get excited about. Mark my words. As long as the army will not run 100% according to Torah there will not be haredim in the army.
11. Harradi
Warren ,   Usa   (06.28.12)
Yes , you cowards can sit on your butts ,safe because the real Jews are defending your sorry lives.
12. Nahal Haredi
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (06.28.12)
My son was in the Nahal Haredi Netzach Yehuda Battalion. It is a fine unit and they should create more like it. Some of our relatives in Mea Shearim were not happy when my son showed up at the brit milah of my grandson wearing his uniform. Too bad for them! May this unit increase and grow from strength to strength.
13. Babishka #12 : Amen !
Ezra   (06.28.12)
14. Once more again, Israel needs a Constitution
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (06.28.12)
Principles must be constructed and writen in a Supreme Law. First of all rights and duties of all israeli citizens, regardeless, jews or arabs, religious or not, haredim or not haredim. Without this Constitution there is a danger of a possible catastrophe in Israel.
15. #1 - What did you want to say?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (06.28.12)
16. 8 Charles What is the use to make ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.12)
steps in the right direction,if you keep blaming?
17. 14 What is the use of passing laws..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.12)
that can not be enforced? Israel must strive to resolve differences with negotiating.
18. #14 Israel has a constitution long before any other country
It's called Torah.
19. 16 . Ora , You wrote
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.28.12)
"without danger of corruption..." They are already corrupted . They have to SERVE , ALL of them , WITHOUT any precondition .
20. #9 Parasites
Parasites are the secular who sit on Hashem's land, don't serve in the army, don't keep any of Torah commandments. WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE CHASING ARABS OUT OF ISRAEL IF NOT FOR THE TORAH? If they don't want to keep the Torah, disagree with Hashem's commandments, they should get out of Israel.
21. Good for them
R Narz ,   Toronto   (06.28.12)
To any of you nay sayers, I say, shame shame. Better any form of service than none at all.
22. 19 Charles, Yes chef!
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.28.12)
23. 77?
Jo Jo   (06.28.12)
Hopefully that will be the last. The secualrs made this state which put all Jews over the world in a constant state of war. They should "defend" Israel - not the ultra-orthodox who wished Israel had never been created.
24. whats the big deal?
dani   (06.29.12)
they don't have to be drafted if they don't want to. but if they don't serve, then they don't get -- no service, no social benefits. and, frankly, this situation is easily manageable. wealthy jews could set up charities to fund those who don't want to participate in national service or idf service.
25. 23 , jojo . You'll be happy to find a country ,
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.29.12)
the SECULAR made State of Israel , that will be the only to give you a shelter in case of .....Even with your hatefull ideas . Learn history , Jews were murdered worldwide long before the State of Israel was reborn . Remember only the Shoa , if you know what this was .
26. Ora , we need to understand the needs
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.29.12)
of "people" who share the ideas of this jojo ?
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