Lapid on Tal Law alternative: PM deceiving public
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 28.06.12, 19:21
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1. They will find many tricks.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.28.12)
In Europe, some Jews would cut themselves off a finger to avoid service in the military. Going blind on one eye was also a "trick" to get out from serving. Patriotism and service go together. Haredim are not patriotic, actually the opposite of it is true. So, expect endless tricks, stories of which will be passes on at the sympathetic dinner table.
2. Oh Enough! Just draft all of the illegal migrant workers...
Jew with Cojones ,   Israel   (06.28.12)
then we can all rest...regroup and find something else to argue about....
3. lapid's father helped olmert stay in power
marcel   (06.28.12)
You are in no position to preach to bibbi-your dad enabled that creep olmert to stay in power while 150 israelis got killed cause he has no idea of warfare and then all the allegations and concessions which would make ben gurion die in his sleep. You can take olmert and the 2 of you dine and wine and both go to hell with your advice.
4. #1: Michael in California:
Israeli 2   (06.28.12)
What in your leftist mindset makes you compare Europe to Israel??? Israel is the homeland of and for every JEW! All Jews serve in the armed forces of ISRAEL! - Somehow and sometime. ISRAEL is NOT Europe in case you haven't adjusted yet.
5. All Israelis must be drafted at the same age.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.29.12)
Any drop different of this is unjust. Haredim must be drafted BEFORE they marry,as all other boys in the army. If they are obliged to accept the laws in diaspora,so they must in Israel.Even more in Israel! I am against any previlege for any sector of society. Exceptions can eventually be analized case by case,but the rule must be that all will serve at the same age.
6. Bibi needs the Haredi votes - so !!!!
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.29.12)
7. #4 Israeli 2, The difference is in patriotism not location.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.29.12)
We shall see and I hope you are correct about the relevance of Israel to Haredim. My "leftist mindset" allows me to carry this hope. Of course, Haredim will be expected to give up the unpatriotic claim that prayer protects Israel from its enemies. You did not mean prayer is "Somehow and sometime" service to our Medina on a par with accepting the draft to military duty, correct?
8. In reply to Michael @ #7:
Israeli 2   (06.29.12)
Then....I am glad that there is a glitter of hope on both sides. Hope that leftists will not bash Haredim for their mindset and Haredim will not snide leftists. I have never mentioned "Prayers" as an alternative to military service. Prayers and Service go hand in hand. Not everyone have to be combative. There are alternatives... but all Jews in Israel MUST serve.
9. # 2
bobby ,   wetern galilee   (06.29.12)
Brilliant idea!
10. # 5
bobby ,   western galilee   (06.29.12)
Well said!
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