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Damascus hit 'too cruel for Mossad'
Smadar Peri
Published: 29.06.12, 11:31
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1. dead
Moischl ,   Lemberg   (06.29.12)
Only thing that matters is he's dead!
2. WOW! Even Hamas knows Israelis are
Israeli 2   (06.29.12)
not that cruel.
3. I know, it's as if Hifawi forgot to tale his 'Islam pill'
who'd of ,   thunk it?   (06.29.12) dare he not blindly accuse us, trying thus to confuse us, and create here a new fuss? (..."haggle, you have to haggle!...")
4. That is quite the compliment
SNS   (06.29.12)
5. Hit: Definitely NOT the Mossad
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.29.12)
6. Yes, this is all very interesting, but...
Corey ,   Canada   (06.29.12)
people will believe what they want to believe, regardless of the evidence. If someone wants to believe that the Mossad did it, then that's what they'll believe. For example, they could say that Mossad purposely killed him differently to make it look like the Syrians did it.
7. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.29.12)
Corey, you have been watching way too much television. Professional assassins get the job done, and get out. They do not waste time playing with the body of the victim, particularly in a foreign country which happens to be an impacable foe. The Syrians are known to be somewhat on the bloodthirsty side. Israeli assassinations are quick, silent and clean. Does it really matter what people want to believe? Some people want to believe that Elvis didn't really die and haunts American shopping malls. Some people believe that aliens crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico, and their bodies are kept are Area 51. So -- who cares what idiots think?
8. Agree with #1: dead is good
roxanne ,   haifa   (06.29.12)
9. # 6
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (06.29.12)
Who Cares by what hands he was killed whats important is the Dog is Dead
10. he was late in handing in his Damascus Library Books
Alan ,   SA   (06.29.12)
11. Far fetched perhaps ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (06.29.12)
Could this murder be a " Thank you" card to Israel for not being involved in the fight against the Assad regime ?
12. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.29.12)
No. Syrians are not in the habit of giving gifts to Israel. Your "theory" is beyondd far-fetched.
13. # 1 ,...
split ,   US   (06.29.12)
Lemberg, not Lviv or Lwów ? You're confirming everything my grand and grand grandma told me about her Jewish neighbors before WW I and an Austro-Hungarian occupation of Poland,... So much for Jewish patriotism ,...
14. # 6 - :))) ,...
split ,   US   (06.29.12)
15. Same reasoning supports Mugniyeh hit
William ,   Israel   (06.29.12)
It was very targeted, right next to the most secure area in all of Syria, and ONLY Syrian intelligence knew where he was. Yet, Hizbullah and Iran still blame Israel and threaten to kill Jews as a result.
16. Assasination
Joseph ,   Ny,NY   (06.29.12)
If you know how Dr. Yahya almashad was nurdered in Paris, or how the two Plaestinians priseners were killed with a cold blood with blow to the head with a rock, then you will understand Israel methods.
17. To Sarah the B
Joseph ,   Ny,NY   (06.29.12)
I do not care who killed hiim, But for sarah to say that syrians are blood theristy and the Mossad do things clean and get out is kind white washing Israel crimes. saying the muder is clean is outrages. But what do you expect form ignoranc and sarah the B. .
18. to Miriam # 9
Joseph ,   Ny,NY   (06.29.12)
This is funny, Mirim, now you have an pinion, you people in Florida do not even know how to vote, but, Every dog has his day Miriam.
19. You All Forget Other MURDERS On syrian
Soil? The Blood Thirsty persian arabs and their hizbullah Lap Dogs? But their is also another Twist? WHO Chops off heads and Video Tapes It? Bottom Line Though THIS TERRORIST IS DEAD, For That The World Is A Better Place! One More Down and Many To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.29.12)
Are you always this stupid, or are you putting it on just for us? Have you forgotten the 40,000 killed in Hama in 1982? That was Syrian-on-Syrian violence. How about the 20,000 or so dead (the real number is quite likely to be much, much higher) in the last year? That's also Syrian-on-Syrian violence. Seems pretty gosh-darned bloodthirsty to me. And do please detail the Israeli "crimes" to which you refer. Should the United States be haled into the International Court of Justice for killing the late, unlamented Osama bin Laden? Is that what you are suggesting? Is killing a cold-blooded terrorist a crime in your narrow view? When you're through struggling with that, would you like to discuss the hundreds of American (CIA) political assassinations throughout the world, which had nothing to do with combatting terror? Hmm? Would you? Would you? By the way, go back to school. Your spelling, usage and grammar is lower than that of a slow kindergarten student. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American. Talk about ignorance!
21. #17 speaking of ignorant
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.29.12)
Her English is far better than yours, and she is far more intelligent as well.
22. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.29.12)
Ahhh. Well, you certainly have explained the roots of your hatred of Jews. By the way -- there is a city called Lemberg in Germany, in the Rhineland, quite far away from Poland. You are SOOOO ignorant!
23. #16 - must produce facts, not conjecture
William ,   Israel   (06.29.12)
First, you must provide facts to your claims or lose your credibility outright. Second, out of the 64 years of war with Arabs, you can only point to 3 "brutal" deaths of "Palestinians" by Israelis? Conversely, I can count the brutal deaths at the hands of Arabs just today. Finally, even Hamas admits Israel isn't as brutal as you claim, so piss off racist.
24. #15 Also confirmed by Mugniyeh's wife
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.29.12)
Before Mugniyeh's Iranian wife ran back to Iran, she said Syrian agents killed her husband.
25. #13 Rotten apple falls from rotten tree
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.29.12)
What did grandma and grandpa do to save Jewish lives? Nothing? Did they rat on Jewish neighbors and steal their homes and belongings? Let's hear about their heroic acts and gestures of Polish kindness? I've asked this question before but you slithered away. So much for Polish humanitarianism.
26. to #17
steve ,   chicago   (06.29.12)
With one exception, Sarah B is correct when it comes to your comment. She is right and moreover this guy was not important enough for Mossad to take such a risk. Where Sarah is wrong: I think most people agree that the aliens who landed in area 51 near Roswell did in fact survive and quietly mixed into our population. Shabbat shalom, Sarah B!
27. #17 - keep your personal racism to yourself
William ,   Israel   (06.29.12)
The discussion here was on how assassinations take place and the level of professionalism (or brutality) that takes place. Sarah B was echoing Hamas' own opinions. This discussion had nothing to do with the killing itself and its justification. That's something G-d has to work out. Again, you claim Israeli crimes but have NO facts to back it up. Must be nice to make baseless accusations and refuse any obligation to prove your position...besides the general tirade you've learned from your BDS/ISM brethren.
28. #18 - "you people in Florida don't even know how to vote"
William ,   Israel   (06.29.12)
Any other disparaging remarks you'd like to levy against those who you disagree with? How does it feel to be in your ivory tower of hateful resentment - with other brain-dead anarchists? A bit chilly, I might imagine.
29. sarah b (7)
max ,   istanbul, turkey   (06.30.12)
unfortunately corey may be right. in the turkish press it is considered a mossad hit. people will believe what they want.
30. A rather brutal execution not Mossad RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (06.30.12)
I have to admit sounds rather brutal wonder what information they were after Mossad and or the Syrian version of Mossad so on any way my condolences sympathys to Hamas the family so on I am a civilized person these people were butcherers who did what they did just for pleasure in any case whoever did it may God have mercy up on them may they realize they should atone for such crimes but in any case Y Net likes to report this kind of news make it look good for Israel as much as possible yet still double cross many Jews who do not have high level access such as myself born in 1944 I am no high level Rabbi so on a low level member of my race people no identity such as most Jews no car no money not even $ 300 dollars to buy Lobsters never have I had money to buy Crab Legs EVER EVER EVER you get the general picture even my own family keeps me from money to buy Crab Legs and so Lobsters may be some times Crab Legs never any way they know the difference between Lobsters Crab Legs Hebrew Arabic based up on this as is all history even Adam Eve Jesus Allah Islam all religions L C L any way if you save me with a war I will help you get eat all the Crab Legs you want as well as Lobsters and so will even give you Gold just save me any way do any Caucasians offer this NO NOOOOO NEVER only I do ONLY I DO O I D besides did I not turn you on to HEMP teach you the value of HEMP although still a Arab Jew war is needed a Turkey Syria war T S W S T W possibly who knows any way Israel Syria war who knows no secret why needed RIGHT NO SECRET NOOOOO SECRET COMMON KNOWLEDGE alas I am not smart have no brains to under stand POGO HIDDEN JIG SAW PUZZLE GAMES not at all my eyes brains only have average ability as does my body asside from my desire to be good care about good people any way another lesson insight good not allowed he thought Arabs were good guys ??? the sheer irony both Arabs Jews think they are bad but hide it ??? any way I still hope that war happens then space travel the medicine to eat all the Crab Legs Lobsters even all kinds of barbequed rib meat falling off the bones any thing else you want to eat just save me !!! RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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