UNESCO makes Church of Nativity endangered site
Published: 29.06.12, 16:56
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1. Don't you read the Bible at UNESCO?!
Lyliane Altmann ,   Jerusalem ISRAEL   (06.29.12)
Sorry, UNESCO, Bethlehem is in Judaea and Jesus (Jewish) was born in Bethlehem, Judaea ! See images in ! And respect the Bible !
2. void created by Israel
Mike ,   Haifa   (06.29.12)
We cant complain about the UN slowly accepting Palestinians' position regarding cultural heitage sites. The reason this is happening is because othe void, political and diplomatic, that is created by the lack of Israeli soveregnty over Yesha. this void must be filled somehow. For forty years ever since the Egyptian Treaty we oursleves have been advocating the "RIGHTS" of the "PALESTINIAN" people. Imagine that instead of doin that, Israel went on a diplomatic and PR war and debunked the palestinian myths. Forty years of doing that and we wouldnn be here. Its time to admit mistakes and embark on a forty-year diplomatic and PR campaign telling the world this is OUR LAND!!!!!
3. heritage???? palestinian?????????
del patucco ,   GIBRALTAR,GIBRALTAR   (06.29.12)
4. Bambi the Hutu is either Animalist or Muslim,he doen't care
ab   (06.29.12)
for politicizing of this issue
5. congratulations to palestinians
moe shadid   (06.29.12)
its good step for palestinian rights
6. So the thieves get recognition for their theft
Tahl   (06.29.12)
Not only have the "Palestinian" people not existed during Jesus' time 2000 years ago, they didn't even exist 50 years ago, before the term "Palestinian" was re-invented. The so-called "Palestinian" people are nothing more than peasants who migrated to this place from neighboring countries in recent centuries, because it was more developed (thanks to work of the native Jews) than their own countries. They forcibly appropriated the land back then, and now they have nerve to appropriate the area's rich history to be their national pride, a part of their "heritage". Unbelievable.
7. The funny part about this whole story of
Dyslexic.. ,   Israel..   (06.29.12)
Jesus,is that the man was a JEW. Just a regular guy trying too pick up all the good looking Jewish girls in Jerusalem.The Christians in the West Bank are discriminated against by the Muslims and have left too go and live in the West,SAD BUT TRUE........
8. Can we presume
Arie ,   BaGolan   (06.29.12)
That going forward, since it is "Palestinian," Israel can stop subsidizing the electricity and gas that ISRAELI TAXPAYERS now pay for, security during large gatherings, clean up when PLO terrorists enter the Church and urinate inside the chapel, and of course, the roads that ISRAELI TAXPAYERS pay to maintain. I say go for it
9. If it is endangered
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.29.12)
Then it is because of Arab actions or inactions as the case may be.
10. Same church desecrated by the Palestinians
Carl ,   USA   (06.29.12)
This would be the church a bunch of terrorists holed up in and completely desecrated a few years ago? Wow, they really revered it back then! Wonder what has changed with this infidel site? Of course, now they will have more difficulty turning into a mosque as their ancestors did on the Temple Mount.
11. how long before it offends muslims
Barney ,   USA   (06.29.12)
for christians to visit?
12. Amazing how much hate US has against the Palestinian people
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (06.29.12)
The US has become very isolated in today's world regarding Palestine.
YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS: NO JEWS OR DOGS OR PIGS ALLOWED...christians must pay fees to enter their own shrine.. UNESCO IS A DUPE OF THE MUSLIMS...IT KEEPS (STEALS) 90% OF WHAT IT COLLECTS, THE LEADER DRIVES AROUND IN A $400,000 ROLLS ROYCE (ALA U.N. FREEBIE) IT IS A SCAM IT IS ANTI ISRAEL Being made up mostly of (corrupt) anti-semetic muslims and their claques.
14. Victory for People Who Worship There
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (06.29.12)
The people who worship at the church have the most primary interest. Those people are not Israeli or US politicians. The building should be protected from Israeli and US politicians and preserved for those who use it as a place of worship according to the traditions of the users since the place was built. No Israeli or Palestinian or US politician has the interests of the users primarily in mind. However, since the worshipers are primarily Palestinian Arab Christians, their wishes should have primacy.
15. More comedy from the U.N.
Steven ,   San Francisco   (06.29.12)
Next thing you'll know they be claiming Jesus was a Palestinian Arab. The Palestinian Arabs are experts at the lie and living the lie.
16. Muslims abuse all faiths!
Benny ,   Iran   (06.29.12)
Islam is against all faiths. For these Pal idiots who have shown their true cols to pretend they have a modicum of decency to take over Churches is beyond ludicrous. They turned the Western Wall into a latrine. They destroy Churches and put mosques on top of them.
17. They keep on forgetting that Jesus was Jewish
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (06.29.12)
The Palestinians are now telling the world they had actual Heritage in the land at the time of Jesus? He was not a Jew, but rather a Palestinian? Can anyone explain how this happened? The Palestinians are trying to change history and our heritage and we are just sitting ducks. Bibi, make it understood that it is impossible to have peace with these thugs and show the world who Jesus was (A JEW), in the land of Israel, including Hebron and all the land of Israel.
18. Jesus Christ was a Palestinian
Cynic #2   (06.29.12)
so what's wrong with preserving his birthplace as a world heritage. The Americans are disappointed, so what?
19. disgusting and outrageous!
kris ,   tlv   (06.29.12)
a fake, made-up nation called "palestine" NEVER existed and neve will! aside form that , the only reason the church faces "total destruction" is because the relentless Islamic Jihad against CHristians in by Muslims! It was Arab Muslims who held MOnks captive in this very same church several years ago! And how did the so called "Jordanians" (yet another group of fakestinians) treat Jewish sites when they illegally occupied Eastern Jerusalem? They destroyed every single synagogue and used Jewish tombstones to build their mosques and ave their filthy sewer laden streets- just like the Nazis! it's disgusting to see anti-semites in the UN reward these jihadist, genocidal people"!
20. give the morons a map
Golan ,   Modiin   (06.29.12)
I guess Jerusalem lies in Coele-Syria and Phoenicia.
21. So: pigs ARE flying after all !!?
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.29.12)
FO ,   Belgium   (06.29.12)
has the guts to tell that this is in total breach with the "MANDATE FOR PALESTINE" and of no juridical value, because violating International Law !
23. and more and more mooching and nagging
HaifaGuy   (06.29.12)
24. Bethlehem
Jean-Pierre ,   Austria   (06.29.12)
I remember when i was in Bethlehem in 1994, only for one night..and it was on christmas eve.. majority over there are arabs..and sadly..many of them dressing in santa claus suits are throwing fire crackers on cars and streets, being very violent.. Christmas is suppose to be loving ad caring, and Jesus who was born there was a Jew himself..and he was a loving Hebrew.. but sadly.. Bethlehem is a mess.. Palestine is only doing this to gain attention and slowly eat israel up..
25. Jesus was a Jew, and not a Palestinian
a   (06.29.12)
26. Since neither a "Palestinian" people nor country have ever..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.29.12)
....existed in recorded history, it's a bit strange why a non existent fictional "Palestinian" people that happens to be Arab speaking Kurds, Turks, Iranians, Berbers, Africans, Egyptians, Sudanese, Somalians, Tartars, Afghans, Bosnians, Albanians, Greeks, Balkans, Latins, Italians and Germans that arrived in Israel in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, can all of the sudden claim 4000 years of Jewish history which doesn't belong to these "Palestinians" in the first palce. And Jesus/Joshua WAS JEWISH. 1) Why is "Palestine" a Roman/Latin name? 2) Why is there no letter "p" in Arabic? 3) Nationalism is alien to Arabs who have, for 1400 years, lived as nomads and Beduins in multi-ethnic and multi-racial "Arab" empires whose majority population - locals, subjects, soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, mathematicians, physicians and merchants, were no ethnic Arabs, merely Arab speaking Persians, Kurds, Turks, Jews, Berbers and Africans. Why is that? 4) There is no "Palestine" in the Bible or the Koran. Why? 5) The Bible and the Koran BOTH admit that Israel is the Jewish homeland. How come? 6) Jewish/Israelite history started 2000 B.C.E in Israel - 4000 years ago. Arab history of the original Arabians, started in the 7th century C.E. 1400 years ago, in the southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula, hundreds of kilometers away from Israel, 2600 years AFTER the start of Jewish civilization. How can Arabs be the "natives" of Israel? 7) Most Arabs arrived in Israel as recently as the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. How is that ancient history and how does that make "Palestinians" the "natives"? 8) When and where exactly did a "Palestinian" state, republic, nation state, kingdom, city state, duchy, principality or empire exist in recorded history, what are the names of kings and dynasties, cities, towns, villages and currency and why is there not a single ancient civilization mentioning anywhere any "Palestinian" state, civilization, nation or people?
27. UNESCO swallows the lie.... again.
Jane ,   UK   (06.29.12)
The Church of the Nativity is the name given to the building constructed upon the traditional place associated with the location of Jesus' birthplace. At that time Bethlehem was in Judea, not Palestine. Jesus was a Jew and not an Arab. These basic facts are lost upon UNESCO and the anti-Israel agenda which increasingly associates politics with religion in its attempt to denigrate the Jewish heritage to the Holy Land. Since the Palestinian Authority took control of Bethlehem from Israel, the number of churches has dropped drammatically, with them being increasingly replaced by mosques. The Christian population has also fallen. UNESCO, if it had any sense of morality, would obviously see that the only thing in danger in Bethlehem is the overthrow of Christianity by Islam. It is a delusion to blame Israel, but hey, why let the facts get in the way of a UN decision. It hasn't bothered them before.
28. church of nativity
tarbouche ,   aswan   (06.29.12)
since when have muslims approved of jesus
29. Blindness in the face of facts.
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.29.12)
1. "These sites are threatened with total destruction through the Israeli occupation, through the building of the separation wall, because of all the Israeli sanctions and the measures that have been taken to stifle the Palestinian identity" What does the “occupation”, separation wall, sanctions and “stifling Pal identity” have to do with the physical church buildings? Wasn’t it Israel that opened the area and provided security during Christmas and Easter for all visitors? The ‘treatment’ by Israel is worlds apart from the arab (read Jordanian and “Palestinian”) treatment of Jewish sites. This arab treatment was exemplified by burning, total destruction of Jewish sites, and use of the building materials for latrines, etc. Not to mention the attempt to hijack them, declaring HaMachpelah and Ruth’s Tomb to be Muslim [only!]. 2. “it was not seen by the experts committee as being in imminent threat of destruction” This statement will be totally ignored by the world press. As the facts in the above paragraph (#1). As usual.
30. church of nativity
Yosef Y. MSc' ,   USA   (06.29.12)
And there is no one to blame, except the (then) Israeli govmt. - for giving away sacred Jewish lands, such as Bethlehem, in a futile and cowardly "land for peace" mentality, which may still be going on...
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