EU embargo already hurting Iran oil exports
Published: 01.07.12, 13:27
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1. Nice words but nothing but total destruction of iran will
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.02.12)
nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists around the world.
2. It's going to get considerably worse
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.02.12)
The noose is tightening around Iran. (Fitting, isn't it?) China is dragging its feet, but the United States has considerable leverage to exercise against China -- loss of "most favored nation" status; curtailing wheat and grain exports to China upon which China depends to feed its enormous population (or making them prohibitively expensive); loss of outsourced manufacturing jobs -- there's lots the United States can do to bring China to heel. The last thing on earth that China wants is to be cast in the same pariah role as Iran. No amount of oil (which is readily available elsewhere, anyway) is worth it, and China knows this. In any event, Iran is reduced to bartering with those few nations still willing to do business with Iran. The end of the Islamic Republic is nigh.
3. Iran is finished. Syria is finished. Lebanon too.
Iranian Hunter   (07.02.12)
The ONLY way these shia fanatics can raise oil to 150 is by attacking Saudi Arabia or Israel or join Syria attacking rebels. None of those options are good for both long term and short term. Which means they will provoke big riot in Qatif or Bahrain, or spreads chaos through proxy like Gaza or Lebanon. Saudi Arabia outsmarted them all. This is why the Sunnis won against the shittes. The sunnis are more cunning. Just like Yazid killed Hussein and makes him into a Hussein on a stick. So shall the sunnis ends Assad and Hezbollah and Mullahs. Tough luck shiites.
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