Former PM Yitzhak Shamir dies at 96
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 30.06.12, 22:34
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1. He was a great man & a great PM
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.30.12)
2. a great man
Fad Egypt   (06.30.12)
Shamir was the greatest PM in Israel history, he was true national likud leader with national values he stood up to the worst US pressure , he defended the building in Judea and Samaria , he was against the PLO state or meeting with Arafat , may God bless his memory shalom
3. Shamir
israel winicki ,   beer sheba-israel   (06.30.12)
Baruch Dayan HaEmeth. Ihie Zijro LiBracha
4. For once Peres says something right....
Mark ,   Lodz (in Eretz)   (06.30.12)
Rest in Peace and thank you for your contribution to the re-founding of our homeland - and not only, Yitzhak Shamir
5. Paragon of loyalty, brave warrior for Israel
observer ,   Egypt   (06.30.12)
In 1944, Shamir assassinated Walter Edward Guinness, Lord Moyne, heir to the Guinness fortune and the British minister resident in the Middle East. In 1948, Shamir assassinated Count Bernadotte who negotiated the release of about 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps.
6. I went to school with his nephews
Ivan Isherwood   (06.30.12)
in London
7. @2 the greatest PMs of Israel were:
Mr. Ben-Gurion and Mr. Begin. Mr. Shamir runs a very close third.
8. Baruch Dayan Emet
9. Clearly an Orchestration of the Tycoons and Moguls...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.30.12)
... to distract the populist from the socio-political agenda. And who better than the only right-wing leader who remained loyal to his ideology and did not implement conflicting policies to appease and seek "acceptance."
10. Lets not forget ...he went to Madrid which led to the Oslo
Al   (06.30.12)
accords which is bringing Israel to its knees. As I have always said, some Isreali leaders always get ahead of themseleves thinking they have to pine for the media and be the " purveyors" of peace. He was one of them The greatest PM ever in the history of Israel was Eshkol, when push came to shove he unleashed the army to deal with three Arab armies. He was also the man, a LABOR man that started the settler movement. He was a giant. Todays Israel after almost 36 years of RIGHT WING RULE is weak indecisive and simply doesnt want to defend itself. Its citizens are selfish, arrogant and foolish. In short you are in deep trouble. Its time to go back to the real zionist ideals of Eretz, Tradition and Values. You must return to building the land and making it a Jewish country and not an orthoquack schnorrer based and filled country.
11. May remembering him be of blessing: יהיה זכרו ברוך.
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.30.12)
12. baruch dayan emet תהיה נשמתו עדן וצרורה בצרור החיים
13. They called him the "do nothing" Prime Minister
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.30.12)
Bibi should only follow in his footsteps, except when it comes to Iran, of course. RIP Mr. Prime Minister.
14. A true & selfless patriot. Baruch Dayan Emet.
15. Shamir, a giant of a man!!
JBI   (06.30.12)
16. #5 You can only wish for a leader like Shamir!
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.30.12)
17. The last of a great generation
zionist forever   (06.30.12)
Shamir was of the nation building generation. He fought wars when needed but he was also not afraid to say to the international community in Israel we put Israel's interests first which is sadly non of todays politicians have the courage to . " The citizens of Israel will always remember the wisdom he demonstrated during the First Gulf War. He showed restraint and saved Israel undue entanglement in the Iraq War. This decision proved to be a brave and wise act of leadership. " Shelly Y either doesn't know what happened in 1991 or she is using Shamir's death as an attempt to indirectly attack Bibi because everybody knows she is against military action against Iran. Shamir was planning to go after Iraq when the bombs started to drop but the US was against it so he did a deal with Bush. Finding & destroying Scud launchers would be the priority for the coalition and the US would finance the development of the Arrow... pretty good deal on Israel's part so Shamir should be congratullated for his negotiation skills rather than shying away from a fight as Shelly would have us all believe he did. I just hope this man gets a PM of the same calibre as Shamir one day soon.
18. #5 - Fool
Devorah   (06.30.12)
You're just a fool. You don't even understand what you posted. Shamir never went to trial regarding Bernadotte. Regarding Guiness, good riddance to bad antisemitic rubbish. Shut up, and let us mourn the passing of Shamir. This doesn't concern you.
k ,   US   (06.30.12)
long life to Israel and may death come to the enemies of Israel RIP TO A GREAT MAN!
20. He wasn' t tall...
Yossef ,   France   (06.30.12)
but he meant big. Today is a sad day.
21. Z"L May G.d Help Israel we are
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (07.01.12)
sating witout lidership.
22. A great man passed away today>>
Kate ,   Israel   (07.01.12)
And without fearless shamir & Begin there would not be an Israel today. They don't make them like them any more. May his soul rest in peace Amen ve Amen
23. My true condolences. I really liked him.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.01.12)
24. rest in peace...
25. Rest in peace.
Vlad   (07.01.12)
One of the toughest PMs who could see it as it is. Truly a sad day.
26. Great PM?
Rolly ,   Tampa, US   (07.01.12)
I Mourn Shamir's passing but he certainly wasn't one of Israel's greatest Prime Ministers, that compliment goes to Ben Gurion and Golda.
27. Shamir never gave an inch to the Arabs
Dan Kelso   (07.01.12)
Shamir was the best PM Israel ever had. He never caved to world pressure on Israel. He stood up to Arab terrorism. He never gave an inch of land to the Arabs. I wish Netanyahu had Shamir's guts.
28. My opinion
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (07.01.12)
He was a patriot in clearly discernible ways, but a "TRUE" patriot would never give away Gush Kativ, and as Netanyahu is in clearly discernible ways a patriot, he would never have given away Hevron, if he were a "TRUE" patriot! In any case, may he be remembered for his good deeds...
29. The Great Itzhak Shamir Z''L
JUDAH THE LION   (07.01.12)
Shamir was great leader with balls. He will not take any nonsense from anyone. I only wish to have PM like the late DAVID BEN GURION, MENAHEM BEGIN< & ITZHAK SHAMIR.
30. May he rest in peace..
Yakov   (07.01.12)
He worked hard during his time here for Eretz Israel.
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