Fischer slams decision to increase deficit
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 01.07.12, 07:42
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1. Prof Fischer
Yoseph ,   Kfar Nachum, Israel.   (07.01.12)
Our Bibi is only really interested in his own political survival. He has no balls and no backbone, just look at his behaviour toward enlisting the haredim, pathetic innit. At every turn he needs advice on how to proceed, he is in my opinion pathetic.
2. Stanley Fischer has been correct so far
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (07.01.12)
The economy, exports, banking, money manipulation: important topics NOT to be decided upon by the unschooled, or inexperienced, or selfish. Amongst least capable to decide are the Politicians, Netanyahu , etc and the (relatively) ignorant public. proof: Look at the Western economic DEBACLE. In Israel we have been sucessfully led financially by Stanley Fischer's policies...which I don't understand in depth. So be it..Fischer has been correct for the last 3 years..that's the best proof. Let's continue to follow Stanley Fischer's ideas. moshe
3. the social justice mob condemn his balancing the books
zionist forever   (07.01.12)
The social justice crowd would have us lower taxes and borrow much much more money to pay for all their demands. Its been a long time since we had anybody if Stanly Fischer's calibre balancing the books and we should take his advice and not give into the demands of an unelected mob who are interested only in their own demands and would gladly see Israel become the next Greece if that was the price to be paid for their demands to be met. Somebody needs to stand up to this rabble.
4. we should starting praying for a good leader
anne ,   israel   (07.03.12)
may God finally give us a leader that will lead this nation to the right path..
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